Written by Baldygit

11 Jun 2018

Follow up from first sloppy seconds with ex wife. At time in our early twenties wife slim with 36dd tits, firm and big nipples.

We go for a night out in Whitley bay, me not drinking as having the car, she was wearing a white camisole, no bra short skirt.

Standing in a quiet corner kissing and lifting her top up at one side caressing her tit, she whispers in my ear that a guy is looking at us so I gave him a flash of her tit.

We then move to another bar bit of the same, only now she tells me she is getting wet with guys ogling her tits as her nipples are as hard as fuck, she goes to toilet and comes back pushing her knickers in my hand, my cock went hard straight away.

As it was a warm night we went for a walk along beach front, we find a door way she goes down on me, few minutes later a guy passes by and says nice night for it, I get her to stand up and bare her tits and cunt for him, he has a quick feel and for some reason leaves.

We decide to go back to car meaning to find somewhere to fuck, ( long before dogging worse luck) about 10mins into drive she spots a guy walking on his own tells me to offer him a lift.

He accepts saying lost his mates and is going to central station in Newcastle but not sure of way.

He gets in the back we start chatting my ex easing up her top but he cannot see this, I start feeling her tit he now starts to see me, he sort of leans forward a bit, I tell him to start playing with the other tit, this is the first time she has 2 different hands on her tits, her nipples are as hard as fuck, she's panting like fuck, she shouts stop the car and can I get in back? (Luckily it was a quiet road)if your going to fuck him I say, oh fuck yes i am she says.

The guy can't believe his luck as she gets in back and tells him to get his cock out, she then just straddles him and guides his cock up her and cries out fuck that feels fucking great and starts riding him for all she's worth, I'm reaching back to stick a finger up her arse, that sends her over the top and shouts fuck I'm coming followed by this stranger asking where to come? We both say shoot it deep inside. We then take guy to train station on way the guy can't get enough of her tits. She also flashed a few guys in another car.

Boy did I enjoy watching her getting fucked and my second sloppy seconds.