Written by Gigi69

7 Oct 2016

See I am a woman of morals and deliver what I promise. Questionable morals in some people's eyes but I think you'd all agree that you like my morals.

So on with my Teutonic lover. I agreed to meet him at his house one evening when he was on his own at home.

I came in from work and got ready. I had a hot scented bath, shaving my pussy so it was soft to the touch. Satisfied, I got out and proceeded to moisturise my body, massaging the thick cream into my breasts and nipples, pinching my nipples as an extra treat, the thrill of the touch making my pussy wet.

My body feeling good, I sprayed perfume and proceeded to then apply my makeup; thick black eyeliner and mascara making my come to bed brown eyes look like dark chocolate. Finishing off with pink lipstick making my pout sublime and knowing that he loved the way my lipsticked mouth looked on his cock, I began to choose my outfit. I would be driving so I had to be careful.

Out came the crotchless frilly knickers, the boned corset and suspenders along with the seamed black stockings and killer pointed ankle-strap, stilettoed, vertiginous heels. Hair up and coat on and I was ready.

Smiling to myself and with my coat undone, I locked my front door and walked to my car only to bump into an old friend. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he saw me. I said in my deep and husky voice, "Hi Alan" and he nearly came there and then I think. (Every time I've seen him since he smiles and remembers!). I digress. My lover had no clue I was driving to him like this, I texted that I was on my way and left.

I got to his house and sauntered in. Without batting an eyelid I asked him to take my coat and walked towards the kitchen leaving him stunned in my wake. I reclined on his kitchen table so he could see me in my full glory and asked him if he liked his present and if he'd like to unwrap me?

As I've said previously he's a cool customer but god was he hot for me and I for him.

He got his camera out and began taking photos, gorgeous, sexy photos. Turning me on more and more.

He started to kiss me, starting from my feet, letting his tongue trail around my ankles, the cuff of my ankle strap turning him on. He ran his hands up and down my body just repeating the word gorgeous.

He kissed me hungrily and I kissed him hard back, feeling his body and that beautiful cock. I pushed him away wanting to lick, kiss and suck his cock making lip stick marks all over it.

The noise he made as I unzipped, freed and breathed against his cock made me so wet. I gently licked the tip of his cock - imagine licking an ice cream - and with my wet lips I teased and sucked all the while licking, the head of his cock teasing him until my greed got the better of me and I began swallowing him to the base of his cock. My hand getting wetter and his cock feeling as if it was in the wettest, vice like grip, I proceeded to lick and suck his cock until he pushed me away, on the brink of cumming.

He lifted me from the bench and took me onto his sofa, opened my legs and began to lick my pussy, now wetter than ever. The crotchless knickers turning him on more than ever he stopped and thrust his cock deep inside me.

The feeling of each ridge of his cock inside my dripping pussy tipped me over the edge - he's the only man to hit that sweet pussy spot - and as he fucked harder and harder with my pussy spasming and gripping him harder, he came hard, shooting his warm cum deep inside me, shouting as he did.

We lay there and after a while went up to his bed and fucked more, me looking like a slut and him using my pussy and ass again like one..,,,,

More - like him and me - to cum!