Written by Starangel75

4 Oct 2012

I've been poorly for a few months and awaiting results of some test results. My fiancé god bless him refuses to have sex with me in fear of hurting me- (as u can gather; I've had lady issues) I'm highly sexed and all this refusal has been driving me crazy. Avoiding porn, even snuggling up as I feared getting turned on, the rejection had now started to drive me crazy!

My sons long awaited delivery of his now iPhone was long overdue and while the wk end crept up my fiancé and I had a night on the town, Saturday morning, feeling a little worse for wear we lazed in bed. I heard the door bell; reached for my dressing gown and flew down stairs before he left his calling card. "Wow, I'm here!!" "oh" he replied "you've nothing on your feet, be careful" as I ran down the drive way.

"It's ok, we've waited 2wks for this" "the new iPhone? Ummm I'm supposed to be at home, it's my day off but I've got a lot of catching up to do, people are going crazy, anyway... Sign here"

As I reached for the small divice and pen a gust of wind blew my (not so secure) gown open... "Whoops, sneeky little invite for you there wasn't it?"

I caught the temptation in his eye as I quickly grabbed my gown and scribbled my signature.

"I bet your glad u came in work now?? You could finish off your shift on a better high than a quick peep show? I'm sure you have a 'special' delivery in there for me?" (Gazing at this trousers)

He turned walking back to the drivers seat placing his equipment securely inside the van and shouted, "wait for me then!"

My heart raced as my fiancé was tucked up in bed and the delivery man had yet to know my non descriptive plan....

He followed me inside and I turned to kiss him folding my hand under the growing bludge in his trousers, my pussy was longing for some action and I needed to feel his hard cock inside me!

"Follow me, I have a surprise for you too"

We entered the bedroom and my fiancé looked in amazement at my guest... "Well if your not giving, I've got a willing participant! I suggest you get up out of bed and sit over there. He's mine and you my bitch can watch!"

I slowly stripped my delivery man from his uniform and slipped off my dressing gown, kneeling; I took hold of his cock, this was about 7" and quite thick, licking one stroke of the full length of his cock I was eager to push him on the bed and ride him but I needed the other half to feel as needy and desperate as I had been. I sucked his cock and felt his pre cum in my mouth which drove me wild, his fist full of my hair rammed his cock deeply down my throat, I could not only feel but hear myself gag on the thrusting movements yet filled with adrenaline and excitement I wanted him to rag me around and fill his cream down my throat. Pulling back I looked up at him and begged "cum in my mouth, show that useless shit how much you can milk in my mouth" my fiancé sat highly aroused by the view o my mouth being fucked by another man- he took hold of his cock and began to wank himself. "No" I yelled... "Just fucking watch" stepping up from my knees I reached inside the bedside draw for handcuffs. I demanded the delivery guy to cuff my man with his hands behind his back so he couldn't wank. I lay smiling and laughing as my man shook his head at me! Reaching for the whip I lashed his thighs, " wanker!!! That's all you are, refusing me of sex??? This will teach you" again I struck the whip across the bottom of his feet! Bending down to kiss him I spat in his face and clarified " watch this nice young man fuck me, never refuse me again!"

My pussy was so wet, I looked at the delivery man and said "are you going to be a good boy and luck me clean before fucking me or do I have to whip you too?" I lay on the bed looking at his throbbing and very inviting cock errect and ready but needed to feel his tongue lick my pussy clean.

"Fuck your wet" "mmmmm your turning me on, now shut up and lick it!" His fingers slid in and out of my pulsating hole, I could feel my cum dripping down my legs and see it shining all over his face. I felt too wet to be fucked. Turning over my arse tucked in his face- "your gonna fuck my arse but first, lick it" I reached between my legs and places two fingers in my pussy, I came again whilst pushing my arse in his face. Guiding the way I reached for his fat cock and slowly guided him into my arse. "Ughhh, fuck me hard" I had longed for this and needed some filth. "Fuck my dirty hole" I glanced over to the chair where my finance was handcuffed, his pelvis thrusting and his shaft shining with the pre cum of excitement. Looking in his eyes I begged my delivery man- fill my arse! His hands wrapped around my tiny waist he pulled me harder with every thrust onto his cock as he rode me slipping his balls as he shouted "fuck I'm gonna come, fuckkkk" we lay for a few moments then I released my finances hands from the cuffs demanding him to clean up the mess. "Lap it up bitch" straddling his cock I enjoyed the pleasure of the delivery man watching me fuck my fiancé.

I'm so glad he had orders to catch up on, what a treat!!!