Written by buildertype

6 Aug 2018

I ( Dave )work for a busy company which does involve me doing site visits and have been there about 5 years now and when interviewed for the job there was also another Woman ( Tina ) who started at the same time as me and we got chatting and have remained on speaking terms . We have met up on various company social events over the past few years where Tina has met my Wife ( Amy) , after the first time they met , Tina said to me you have a good looking Wife there , Dave ! , she is pretty and has a great body , I said thanks ,told Amy and didn't think any more of it .

The next time we met up Tina who is not really my type she is petite , flat chested , , likes to smoke where as I or my Wife don't, she is also a bit of a tom boy , but she greeted me with a hug and a kiss, which I was ok with but never try to dwell on these things with Amy there as she can get a bit jealous . I turned around to see Rob who has just started taking Tina out as they are both divorced and I introduced him to Amy , now Rob is a bit of a bad boy and likes to chat up the ladies and the next thing he had hold of Amy and they were kissing, again I thought no more of it the moment passed and on the drive back home , Amy was asking me about Tina and Rob, when Tina surprised me by saying oh that Tina fancies you !

I said oh yeah really ( jokingly) , she said us women can always tell, I said well , I am not interested I am married to you, as I added well enough of the other guys I work with fancy you as they keep saying about you whenever they see you and Rob was soon diving in to kiss you and I left it at that. We have still met up at theses events or bumped into Tina and Rob shopping and Amy says the same old thing , she fancies you , as Tina always grabs me for a hug and a kiss, which I just laugh off after, as I always bat back well you always seem to kiss Rob when we meet up , just to pull Amy's leg so to speak.

Well the other week I was chatting to Tina at work about Hot tubs as I had heard she had bought one a little while ago and was interested in hearing the costs, pros and cons of having one , as Amy has mentioned getting one in the past. Now as we have been having all this glorious hot weather , Tina said to me well why don't you come over to our house and you can see our hot tub and Rob will show and tell you all about having one, so Tina said come over Saturday night with Amy bring your swimming costume and we can have some drinks and a BBQ.

I got home said to Amy about the invite she didn't seem overly keen but I said well Rob will show us and tell us all about the costs and how they work , chemicals needed etc, an you can see for yourself what you think and how much room they take up before we think about getting one all over a drink and a BBQ, so Amy said oh ok then, we will go .

On the afternoon of Saturday Amy had a bath washed her hair wanting to look her best as usual , she asked me what should I wear so I said just a skirt , top and bikini as we will be going in the tub anyway so its not a fashion show, we got ready and decided to cycle over to them as they are only 2-3 miles away from us via the woodland path between our houses , so we wouldn't have to drive in case we had a drink or two.

We arrived at their house, while Rob hugged and kissed Amy , Tina gave me a hug and kiss , we were given a drink and as Rob showed us the hot tub , he was keen to see Amy get undressed and join Tina in the tub, he was explaining about the cost and chemicals to me, when he turned his head to see Amy bending over to get out of her mini skirt , he nearly choked on his beer as he saw Amy's bikini had tucked itself between her bum crack, I had to admit it was a very nice site for sore eyes.

Then Amy stood up turning around to get in the tub and Rob spluttered in to his glass as he saw Amy's boobs in her bikini top, it was a bikini I had bought her previously but not known to Amy I had cut the label out as it was a size smaller as I knew she would look great in it , as I wanted to see her show off her body , but it was the first time she had worn it . I wasn't sure if it was for my benefit to show how good she looks or to show Tina her body or if she had some sort of attraction to Rob, as Rob is a tall , slim guy , can be a laugh and likeable bloke and as Amy would say he was ok looking , as the bikini top only just covered about a 1/3 of Amy's boobs , Rob I could see was keen to get in the tub.

He took his shirt off , telling me to do the same so we were down to our shorts and we got in he sat next to Amy as I was sat opposite next to Tina as it seemed to be right to do as the girls had sat facing each other, I noticed Rob had his hand in the water between him and Amy as they seemed engrossed in a conversation , Tina leaned over to whisper to me I think Rob likes your Amy, as I felt Tina's hand slide over the front of my shorts and give my cock a squeeze. As Tina went on to say think Rob likes her boobs as she has got my share there as well, Tina took my hand to pull it under the water and between her legs where I found she no longer had her bikini bottom on anymore, so I slipped a finger into her pussy as she whispered mmmmm, lovely ! Dave !

Then Rob spoke to tell the girls I think its time for these bikini tops to come off as this is a no bikini tub and laughed, Tina was reluctant as think she felt inferior to Amy's bust , but Rob insisted and in a flash he had pulled Amy's bikini top off her chest to reveal her boobs now sitting on the water. So Tina took hers off to reveal her flat chest and two pert nipples standing up , I watched Amy look over and saw her putting a hand down on to the front of Rob's shorts as she took a sip from her drink , but something made her stop and I noticed she smiled at Rob and mouthed the words its big , Rob !

Tina had now pulled the string loose on my shorts and had her hand inside stroking my now hard cock, then she leaned in to whisper to me , Amy will get a surprise in a moment as Rob said think its bikinis and shorts off time don't you ! Dave ? I said its your tub and your rules, Rob as he stood up pulled Amy up with him and proceeded to undo the strings of her bikini to pull it free and drop it on the patio before pushing his shorts down his legs to step out of them, well I don't know who was more surprised Amy or myself as Rob's cock was in no comparison to the rest of his body it was certainly big at least mine and a half again in length and width.

I looked at Amy's face to see a smile appear and I said to Tina I guess that was the surprise then , I said to Tina I am surprised you can get that all inside you I am no where near in size to that , then Tina knelt in front of me pulled my shorts off my legs and pulled my cock above the water and placed her lips over the head of my cock to suck it . This was enough to set Rob and Amy off as he pulled her on to him , Amy straddling his legs as he held her bum and sucked and bit on her boobs and nipples , stopping to kiss every now and then as I stared over the top of Tina's head at them , I could see Amy was rubbing her pussy back and forwards over Rob's hard cock now.

I got another surprise as I looked around at hearing some noise to see Tina's step son's Pete (20) and Nick (25) and daughter Lyn(22) all stood watching and cracking open bottles of beer from the ice bucket, the lads began to strip to just their shorts as Tina's girl Lyn got down to just her bikini, she gave me a smile and said Mum is good at that isn't she , Dave ? , I just nodded , as the lads spoke to Rob an said see what you mean about this one cracking body on her , Rob !

I was wondering what Amy might do , if she would stop or not but I then noticed she had taken the head of Rob's cock inside her pussy and was still wriggling her lovely body down on to his length, I thought God that must be stretching her but Amy was in no mood to stop. Then Tina popped her head up looked behind her and said I want some of that and straddled me now as I bent my head to suck and nibble on those perky nipples of hers, she said I love that Dave don't stop, as her pussy slipped down over my cock this time .

I put my hands on Tina's bum to lift her up and down on my cock and found it so easy with her being so petite , I knew Amy is slim , but it was not as easy as with Tina , I also had to admit to myself it had always been a to do thing for me to fuck a small lady lifting her up and down on my cock so I was pleased to be able to do that. It was proving to be a really good night with Tina bouncing up and down on my cock and I was able to look across to see Amy taking the biggest cock I have seen ( not in a porn film ) just a few feet away from me , as Rob was telling the lads how good it felt having Amy on his cock as they all chatted about her body , I was only catching snippets of chat between concentrating on Tina riding my cock as I sucked her nipples and kissed her.

I was getting near to blowing my lot as Tina said to me she wanted to cum now as she said will you cum now please , Dave , fill me up,, we came together and Tina crushed her lips against mine ,holding on to me tight, as I looked over to see Amy standing about to hold the sides of the tub as Rob stood behind her his cock stood out proudly in front of him , as Amy bent over now I could see her pussy now gaping and looking red from the fucking they had been having as he pressed the head back inside her as I watched its length disappear.

I saw Rob holding on to Amy as he fucked her his cock pulling a long way out before filling her to the core once again , Amy was gasping for breath I wasn't sure if it was the heat or just Rob's cock doing that to her, I saw Pete get in the tub and he whispered something to Rob who took a look at me before nodding a yes to Pete , I wasn't sure what was said but was about to see. As Pete hopped out went to Nick to chat and I was then distracted by Lyn getting in the tub to sit next to me , as Tina said get your bikini off in here Lyn ,you know the rules , as Lyn undid her top it literally sprung off as she has a large pair of boobs 40+ as I recall Tina telling me one day , I wasn't sure where to look now.

Tina got off me said to Lyn shall we get him hard again and you can have a turn , really Mum , you are naughty, Lyn said ! , I now sat back to watch Tina and Lyn both licking and sucking at my cock , I glanced at Amy as Rob was still fucking her but think he was getting near to blowing his lot, then hearing the lads chatting I looked to see they were stood at the edge of the tub, cameraphones in hand as Amy was now swapping back and forwards between the lads sucking their cocks .

The next noise was the sound of Rob coming inside my Wife , as Pete moved around to record the sight of Amy's pussy gaping as it began to leak Rob's cum now as Rob pulled his cock free and held it there in his hand pumping the last drops of cum onto Amy's bum. Rob then pulled Amy to stand up and I watched him kiss her as I heard him say to Amy these 2 want you now, but you have the rest of the night to pass , as he took a bottle of beer to drink ,, passing me a bottle as well , Rob said alright mate !

I watched Pete now pull Amy down on to his lap his cock sliding easily inside her wet pussy as his hands and mouth found her boobs, but he didn't possess Rob's staying power and soon had cum inside her , to be swiftly replaced by Nick as he too had Amy knelt on the seat as he fucked her from behind with Amy pushing back for every thrust forward he gave her ,he lasted a bit longer than Pete. I had my own distraction now as Lyn sat on my hard cock and I was now busy with her lovely pair of boobs as Tina was squeezing and playing with my balls so as not to be left out and to make sure I had a load to fire into Lyn's tight warm pussy.

We stopped for some food and drinks now and we all sat back relaxing before Rob took Amy back into the hot tub and they again provided the entertainment as Rob fucked my wife in front of us all while Tina was sat on my lap with my fingers playing with her clit and rubbing her pussy as she was kissing my face and neck. The lads and Lyn had necked too many beers to stand up and gradually they went off to bed or just fell asleep where they sat Rob and Amy finally exhausted themselves as Tina took me off up to her bed where we fell asleep in each others arms only to be woken up by Amy laid on her back between us in the morning as Rob worked his morning glory into my wife's pussy.

The bed was really rocking as Rob fucked Amy and Tina and I both joined in by sucking one of Amy's nipples each which were now starting to look red , then Tina came round the bed to take me off to the shower where I picked her up and we fucked under the cool water on our hot bodies, when we came out Rob and Amy were laid on the bed , Rob's cock still looked big as it laid on his inner thigh . We did get to leave them after a late brunch and by the time we cycled home Amy was now a bit saddle sore and not from just the bike .

Amy is still not sure about buying a hot tub mainly due to the room it will take up but has hinted that she wouldn't mind another hot tub session , also both Tina and Rob have said we are invited round any time we like , so you never know , sorry a bit long winded but I thought I had to give you all the details , Dave