Written by sweater lady

15 Oct 2009

A true story about what happened in a shop .

Saw this lovely nautical hooped sweater in a really nice mens shop window ,so i went in hoping that they may have one to fit my slightly curvy frame,i'm a size 14/16 with some still firm 38dd breasts not bad for mid fifty not that my husband would notice, more interested in sky sports or golf.

There was nobody else in the shop ,a really fit young guy came over and asked if he could help,I,told him i liked the jumper in the window and he asked what size my husband was ,no i said it was for me and we both smiled,so he picked one off the shelf and suggested i try it on in the fitting room and led me to the rear of the shop ,i closed the curtain and slipped off my jacket ,but it was too small so i leaned out of the fitting room and asked if i could have a larger size ,he asked how much too small and i stood there in this white and red hooped jumped really clinging to my dd's,he just smiled a really super smile and said" i think it looks amazing".No i really need a bigger size and he went and got the next one, on passing it to me his fingers stroked my hand and he just looked in my eyes,i didn't know what to do ,here i was, never ever looked at anyone but my husband in thirty years of marriage flirting with someone younger than my son.

What the hell i thought ,and whilst he was stood beside the still open curtain i took the small jumper off and heard the huge intake of breath from him .I then said the most stupid thing''are you ok"he looked at me and just replied "you look fantastic "and he came into the fitting room closed the curtain went behind me i could feel his breath on the back of my neck and he slipped his soft young hands around me and worked them up over my heaving breasts,i opened my eyes and looked in the mirror and watched him as he slowly carressed them over the lace of my black bra ,kissing the back of neck all the time ,i was so far gone now and he turned to me and told me was going to put the back in 5 minutes sign on the door.

He returned and just kissed me full on the lips with pure lust,it felt fantastic. My hand reached down and stroked the front of his suit trousers and it felt rock hard ,his hand had slipped down and started to lift the hem of my skirt and he slipped his hand up my legs and he again did this huge intake of breath when he reached my stockings .I broke off and dropped down on my knees looked up at him at the same as i undid his belt and pulled his trousers down to reveal a huge bulge in his calvin kleins ,reaching my fingers into the waistband i yanked them down and this beautiful thick young cock jumped free,how quick was i to close my lips round this gorgeous beast as i pulled the foreskin down to reveal a purple head which just got harder a i flicked my tongue in and out of the tip it was obvious that he was not going to last long so i set to sucking him harder and harder and sure enough i soon felt that vein starting to thicken and he started to pump and pump so much come ,as i swallowed and swallowed .

I stood up and he just looked dazed as i turned to him and said my husband is out at rotary tonight and gave him my address and told him to be there at seven thirty

More to follow