Written by swweater lady

23 Oct 2009

True story about what happened when i went into a menswear shop to buy a jumper

Continued from last night

As i stood in my sexy underwear in front of this 27 year old i was shaking as his hands reached out pulling my buttocks towards him,his head reached down and kissed the front of my briefs his tongue slipping slowly down to the soaked gusset while his hands caressed under the back of them feeling my naked skin i felt his fingers slip round to the sides and he eased them down over my stockings and onto the floor ,i felt his breath on my skin as his lips kissed my pussy slowly i felt his tongue ease down and he found my lips he flicked his tongue over them as they got wetter and wetter,and with very quickly he found my engorged clit, god did he like this ,flicking it like mad and then sucking it i didnt know what was going on ,i was always a one orgasm girl because once ken shot his load that was it .

But mark was only interested in my pleasure and boy was it good ,and i just let his mouth go to work on me as he explored me at this point i felt his hands pulling me round and put me down on the sofa ,he dropped onto his knees and continued to eat me out i lifted my legs and rested them on his shoulders giving him better access to my pussy he pulled me forward and i felt his tongue go on past my pussy to my anus ,his tongue moving all the way to my clit and then back to my hole ,it was amazing as his tongue really searched my anus the whole area soaked with my juices ,he then put one finger inside me and found my g spot ,i just groaned like mad as his fingers went to work and his tongue stated to dart in my virgin arse hole as his tongue pushed in i just exploded with the biggest orgasm of my life i just screamed like mad as he didnt stop his tongue working on me and his fingers soaked with my juices flicked on .

I pushed him away as i grabbed some air and told him it was now his turn and made him stand up in front of me and told him to take off his clothes ,which he did very swiftly down to his briefs,which looked liked they had a tent pole in them ,he went to take them off but i wanted to do this and reached into the waistband and yanked them down and his gorgeous young prick sprang free , pre come oozing from the end already, my tongue flicked out,it tasted so sweet and pulled the foreskin back exposing the beautiful head glistening and sank my mouth down over the whole end ,flicking the glans underneath making mark shudder i just wanted him inside me, to feel what it was like ,i looked up and let his prick out my mouth and told him to fuck me ,the lust in my eyes said it all as he lifted my legs up and sank his beautiful cock deep into me ,i gasped as he pushed it in all the to his balls and then pulled it all the way out and then sank it all the way back in , my husband had never fucked me like this and i looked up i saw our photos on the wall but here i was stockings on, been fucked like mad and boy did it feel good as his banged deeper and deeper into me ,how to be young and virile .

Mark told me to get up ,he wanted to fuck me doggy fashion ,i got up and braced the sofa end cushions as his slipped his rock hard prick back into my soaking pussy his fingers released the bra clip and my dd\'s fell free his thumbs rolling my nipples making them even harder ,i could feel his bell end rubbing up against my clit as his shagged me like mad i found myself telling him to fuck me harder ,i never said anything to ken in all our married life but i just wanted to be fucked like never before ,marks hands stopped playing with my bouncing breasts and he gently eased my buttocks apart a finger came down to my clit and covered itself in my juices this he then gently smeared on my anus making it soaking wet an eased a finger into it ,slowly he wiggled it around gently putting it in deeper ,i knew what he was going to do ,never in my life before had this ever entered my head as something to do and ken had never even touched me there ,my virgin arse was going to be fucked.

Mark pulled his prick out of my pussy and i felt him slowly rub his prick against my hole, very slowly and gently he eased his head into my anus the bell end went in and the muscles clamped around it as he pushed a little further in and he continued to ease him self into me until i felt his balls against my cheeks ,i felt so full as he got into rhythm slowly fucking my arse ,it was amazing and very quickly he was fucking me good and hard ,i could tell that i wouldnt last very long and he continued to pound me as my orgasm hit me ,clamping his prick deep in my arse as my juices poured out of me.

I told mark that i wanted to feel his come inside of me ,so i sat back down on the sofa as he eased his prick back into my sloppy pussy, he reached his mouth down and he took a nipple into it and sucked like mad on it ,almost painful, but still with great pleasure as i wrapped my stocking clad legs around his back so he couldn\'t escape as he fucked me like mad, his young prick pounding my pussy like it had never been fucked before in its life,i soon found his buttocks clench and his prick harden and then mark released his come into my womb ,pulse after pulse i thought it would never end , i could feel it seeping out of my pussy and down my legs onto my stockings ,he stayed inside me for a very short time ,kissing each other like mad our tongues exploring each others mouths ,i could feel him getting harder again and i told him i wanted to taste him ,he slipped out of my pussy and i took his glistening prick in my mouth a mixture of his come and my juices ,i never had done this before and it felt incredible as he got hard again i sucked and sucked like mad ,mark told me he wanted to come over my tits and it didnt take long of hard sucking before i felt that he was nearly there ,sure enough just as he was out of my lips he let go , come flew everywhere into my hair ,into my eyes over my nose i looked a real sight ,he told me that he was sorry but i just started to giggle ,totally fucked and covered in spunk how much better could it get

We cuddled and had a little chat and i thanked him for coming round as i didnt think he would ,he told me what an amazing woman i was and how much better i was than girls of his age ,he got dressed and went home i sat in the bath for a very long time ,my body buzzing all night

On saturday ken said he needed a new jacket so into town we went and into a menswear shop to be greeted by a very nice young guy who looked at me and smiled knowing what a great time we had just had