Written by Sweater lady

22 Oct 2009

This is the 3rd part of how i ,married 50plus went to buy a sweater in a menswear shop.

Closing the door i hooked my hands around his young neck,mark ,i found out his name later,pushed his tongue deep into my mouth ,i sucked it so he got the idea that this was going to be full on .His hands slipped down the back of my thin silk dress feeling the bra straps, then they went on down over by cheeks, his fingers stopping when he found my suspender straps and a intake of breath from him signalled that he liked what he found hidden underneath.

His hands slowly lifted the hem of my dress and carressed the stocking tops and the naked skin above them all the time our tongues working overtime on each other ,i suddenly thought what the hell am i doing with a 27 year as he explored my stockings i then felt him press his groin into mine and my mind slipped back to the changing room and sucking on his thick hard cock,his finger started to stroke underneath and his finger found my soaking wet pussy ,he slowly and gently stroked through my briefs finding my pussy with every stroke my breathing got deeper and i pulled away and took him by the hand and led him into the lounge .

Sitting on the sofa we continued snogging like teenagers his hands now stroking my breasts,my nipples getting harder and harder ,this was the most amazing evening of my life ,my husband out at rotary and i was getting more satisfaction in ten minutes with mark than in 30 years with ken, i had never been so turned on as marks hands opened the buttons on the front of my dress , letting the black lacy bra holding my dd breasts in ,he quickly eased the nipples out of one cup and dropped his tongue down and flicked it gently ,i was so turned on ,i stood up and dropped the dress to the floor ,standing in my sexy underwear in front of somebody new for thirty years.

Sorry have to go ,will continue tommorrow

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