Written by Kirsty

9 May 2012

The final straw that persuaded me to do something happened just over three years ago. Catching the bus to work, and being asked by the driver for my bus pass. I was put out, upset, but knew he was right, my face did look as if I was pushing sixty. It was my own fault, almost 30 years of smoking had taken it's toll and at forty seven I was paying the price. I'd tried to stop before, because of the health issues. This time I was determined to quit, save the money I spent on ciggies and spend it on my appearance. I spoke to my GP and got nicotine patches, as for my lined face, he was honest, the damage was done. I discussed it with John my husband, the outcome was if I saved all the money I'd have spent on smoking, and used some of my savings I would have cosmetic surgery. I managed to quit but it took over two years to save enough money to go ahead.

By then I'd become a bit paranoid about my looks, if John fucked me doggy I accused him of doing it that way so he didn't have to see my face and we stopped having sex. I had always adored sex, seeming to miss it more than John and if he was at work, down the pub playing Pool or out Bowling I would take the opportunity to masturbate for an hour or two. The smoking had probably helped keep me slim and I actually had quite a good body for my age, 5' 5” tall, my 32b tits firm and perky, my bum pert and legs shapely but in need of toning. Friends who'd quit had all put on weight so I joined a local Gym where the company I work for had negotiated a discount for staff, going two or three times a week, persevering despite noticing that blokes would often be watching me bending or stretching, with interest. That is until I turned around, they saw my face and would look away quickly. A couple of the fitness trainers were great, helping me, designing a regime to keep my weight down and improve my lung and general fitness.

By the time I had the surgery I was almost fifty but my body was almost as trim and toned as it had been in my late twenties, hard work but worth it. I took two weeks off work, following the clinics advise avoiding vigorous exercise, heavy housework, and sexual activity (not much chance of that we hadn't had sex for about a year) for the initial two weeks after surgery. By the time everything healed the girls at the office said I looked at least ten years younger than fifty, John just said I looked nice. Thousands of pounds spent and the best he could come up with was “Nice” and he still showed little interest in sex. He seemed to prefer Bowling to Balling. It was about six weeks before I returned to the Gym. No one recognised me until I spoke, and my two favourite trainers both thought I looked gorgeous. For the first time in years I felt attractive and sexy. I had a new, younger more fashionable hair style, started wearing a little more make up, more stylish clothes in keeping with the new me. I felt flattered that the guys didn't look away, instead their eyes following me, enjoying the attention.

With my new found confidence I bought two or three thong leotards to wear at the Gym and some quite skimpy, high cut, bikini pants to wear over the top to keep myself decent. I trimmed my pussy at first before deciding it was easier to shave and keep it hairless. I was getting chatted up and asked out which boosted my confidence even further. The only invitations I accepted were from Luke and Jake the two trainers and I went for a drink with them one night. I found them both very attractive, despite or perhaps because of their ages, Luke is 19, Jake 21 and found I was fantasising about having sex with them.

Two or three days later I had gone to the Gym,. It was close to closing time and I had deliberately stayed as the few other people left. Luke had gone into the mens changing room, Jake was advising me about something, his hand touching my thigh. I felt all goose pimply, my pussy getting wet, sure that he'd see a damp patch if he glanced down. My nipples which are small but sensitive and get very hard when I'm sexually excited, were poking through the tight lycra. I still hadn't had sex with John and I think that maybe deep down what I did next was because I needed reassurance that I was desirable. What better way to prove to myself that I'd still “got it” than to have sex with a young lad less than half my age. I parted my legs further. I could feel the material pulled tight in my slit. I put my hand on his, moving it closer to my pussy looking him in the eye so he'd know it was intentional. His hand was almost touching my slit, I could see a nice bulge growing in his shorts, then he pulled his hand away. I thought I'd gone OTT and frightened him off, instead he said he'd better check everyone had gone and lock up. I really wanted him and I was sure he'd got the message.

While he was gone I took off the bikini pants. I slipped a finger inside the leotard, pulling it to one side and touched my pussy, I couldn't believe how wet I was. I heard him returning and, quickly pulled the leotard further aside, sitting on it to preventing it slipping back. Sitting up with my knees together hiding my smooth pussy I waited until he was standing in front of me. “Now where were we?” he asked, probably testing the ground. I looked at him, his fit young body, muscular thighs, broad chest. “Um. I was just about to ask if you wanted to fuck me” I replied confidently though inside my heart was thumping and I had butterflies in my stomach, letting my legs fall open revealing my cunt to him. He looked over towards the men's changing room. “Luke's still here. In the shower” he reminded me. Not that I'd forgotten “He can fuck me too if he wants to. Come on I'll ask him”. I stood slipping the straps from shoulders, pushing the leotard down to my waist, uncovering my tits. I took his arm and walked (dragged) him to the showers. Luke had his back to us, water streaming down his beautiful naked body. He turned washing his hair, eyes closed. I saw his cock, hanging between his legs a good 8 inches flaccid, his heavy balls swinging below.

I had to have him. I took off the leotard, kicked off my trainers and now naked entered the showers. I stood watching him for a few moments then touched him. He jumped as I put my arms around him, rubbing my tits against his back. “I thought you might need a hand” I murmured, running my hand over his flat stomach to his cock. He'd turned his face into the spray, washing the shampoo from his hair and eyes, before looking over his shoulder, telling me a hand was always nice. I could feel his prick stiffening as I stroked it, I nuzzled his neck, rubbing my tits against him harder. “My pussy's been very neglected and needs some attention. I think you've got what it needs ” I said huskily. His cock getting harder in my hand gave me his reply. “Jake's going to fuck me too but it will need both of you to satisfy me, I'm so horny” I whispered. Jake joined us standing behind me, touching my bum. I reached back with my other hand, finding his cock, pleased by what I found. Already fully erect, sticking up proudly as I wrapped my fingers around his thick 7 inch shaft.

I asked them both to soap me, they poured shower gel on to their hands, I stood out of the spray, one either side of me. Four hands on my body, soaping me while I held their cocks, slowly wanking them. I felt them washing me, hands caressing my tits, brushing my achingly hard nipples, hands massaging the gel into my shoulders, my back, fondling my buttocks, two hands parting my legs from behind. Slippery fingers between my legs from behind, teasing my anus, sliding into my cunt. Luke crouching in front of me, soaping my legs, working up my thighs, closer and closer to my pussy. I moved my feet further apart, as he slipped his fingers into my hole from in front, both finger fucking me. I reached for the shower, adjusting it to spray me and wash off the gel. Moaning with pleasure as I felt more fingers sliding into my pussy. I put my hand on Lukes head pulling him to my pussy, telling him to suck and lick my cunt. With mouth and fingers, between them they brought me to orgasm.

As soon as I came I pulled Luke to his feet, put an arm around his neck. He's about 5 foot 9 inches tall, a strong lad, who I'd watched doing weight training. I raised my leg and he held it. I took hold of his cock, a good 9 inches of rock hard young man meat, lifting myself up until his prick slipped between my legs, sliding along my gash, stimulating my clitoris further. Still wanking him I asked him to pick me up, lower me onto his cock and fuck me standing up. I hung on to his neck, his hands under my thighs, spreading me as he lifted me. I lent back looking down as I felt his cock touch my cunt. I saw my fleshy labia parted like a flower either side of his prick, his large cock helmet, opening me. Jake turned off the shower then put his arms around me from behind, playing with my tits, supporting some of my weight as I lent back against him. I watched almost in awe, as Lukes magnificent 19 years old throbbing young cock entered me, my 50 years old cunt, stretching to take him.

I wanted him inside me, wanted to experience being fucked by his large cock. I felt more slide in my hole and began to move, rocking and bouncing on his cock as he began to fuck me. He fully penetrated my love hole, it felt absolutely wonderful, filling me, stretching me, arousing me. I let go of his neck letting Jake take my weight until I was laid back almost horizontal, Jakes hands under my shoulders, his cock near my face. I wasn't sure if I could do it but I wanted to take Jakes cock in my mouth and suck him while I was being fucked. I trusted that with Luke supporting my bum and Jake my shoulders, they were strong enough to support me. I reached for his Jake's cock, drawing him closer, then let my head fall back, mouth open. He had to stoop a bit to keep his hands beneath me, but he slipped his cock into my mouth, I clamped my lips around his thick pole sucking him into my mouth.

Years ago, before I was married, a boyfriend had a copy of Deepthroat, we'd watched it numerous times, and after much practise I had mastered the technique. It was a skill that had made me a very popular girl. Although it was a while since I'd done it I was sure I hadn't forgotten how. I wrapped my legs around Luke holding him tight, only slackening my grip as he moved, thrusting in and out of my cunt. My arms above my head holding Jake, head right back, throat in line with my mouth. I sucked his cock deeper, breathing through my nose, felt his cock touch the back of my mouth, the doorway to my throat. I moved my arms, pulling him closer, the tip of his cock going deeper. I almost gagged, lack of practise, but remained calm, relaxed overcoming the gag reflex. I swallowed, sucking and drawing his cock further into my mouth and down my throat until his balls rested on my nose. The fitness training certainly paid off, I’d have struggled to do this twenty years earlier, but my muscles are now toned and my lung function much improved. I sucked his cock as if my life depended on it. I could feel my pussy, wet and slippery, my cunt muscles rippling along Lukes shaft, a fluttery feeling inside as my orgasm built.

I sucked and swallowed Jake's cock, moving my head so his cock slid back and fore, encouraging him to fuck my face. He understood, and holding me steady, began driving his cock in and out of my mouth while I sucked. I was close to cumming, clamping and unclamping my legs in time to Luke's increasingly hard and frantic thrusts. I could hear them both breathing, soft groans and louder grunts, indicating they were close to climaxing too. I am not sure who ejaculated first it was almost simultaneous. Luke I think, his thick cock pulsing in my cunt, pumping his young spunk into my old cunt. My body flushed and glowing, cunt muscles milking him as he ejaculated as only a young guy can, four or five heavy loads, thrusting into me each time as he drained his balls, flooding my eager cunt with his seed. Moments later Jake came in my mouth, the first load straight down my throat, slowly withdrawing his cock as I parted my lips, the second spurt filling my mouth with his tasty sperm, two subsequent jets drenching my tits with spunk, a final one splashing my face and hair. Luke's cock was still in my pussy and hard, still fucking me. I was nearly at the point of climaxing, I gasped at him not to stop, to fuck me hard and deep. My orgasm hit me, wave after wave of exquisite pleasure coursing through my body, leaving me sobbing for breath, shaking with gratification until he withdrew his cock and gently lowered my feet to the ground, Jake supporting my back and helping me up.

Their spunk seemed to be everywhere, dripping from my cunt, running down my legs, more dangling from my labia, a white string of spunk swinging between my legs until it dropped to the floor. More on my body, in my hair, a large blob flowing down my right breast, dripping from the nipple. I showered letting them wash me, wondering if they could get hard again and if we had time for seconds. I dried went to the ladies changing room, checked the time, deciding I’d better not risk it and we'd already talked about “Next time” I just had to be patient, relieved that in future my pussy wouldn't be so lonely. I got home just before John who had been to Pool or Bowls, I forget which, but they keep him out several nights a week, and conveniently the occasional tournament, sometimes away for whole weekends.

I have told Nicky who, though she is about 10 years younger than me, is my best friend what I'm doing and enlisted her help, getting her to cover pretending I’m out with her on a few nights, and sleeping over, in exchange for telling her exactly what I get up to. A number of women have said I look even younger now than when I had the surgery and how good my skin looks. They have asked for my secret, lots of young cock and regular spunk facials, I could tell them.

Either Luke, Jake or both fucked me whenever they were on lock up duty. I suppose it was inevitable that they would boast to their mates that they'd fucked me. Not that I'm complaining where that has led. I've probably been fucked by about a dozen guys now, all under 25, less than half my age. The only exception has been Pete, the owner, who is in his thirties and discovered what was going on a few months ago. He fucks me or I give him one of my special deepthroat blow jobs, two or three times a week, sometimes in my lunch break. Pete's involvement led to me being “Blacked” and servicing a number of Bulls and some other very enjoyable things, but that is another story.