Written by Soulmate2

10 Jul 2016

A little background.

We met at work, me being a contractor doing work in the building where Jacqueline worked, the girls used to meet around 10ish for tea break and a chat. Got to know the manager well and worked it to joined the girls for tea break when I could, they were a mixed bunch and always good for a laugh, got on well with Jacqueline who seemed friendly with a very pleasant personality.

After the girls had gone, talked to the manager about things that needed to be done in the building and I think she could sense my interest in Jacqueline who I knew was married, had watch her come and go and was attracted to her from the first sight, sometimes she would come to work looking worried, not happy, but whenever she met anyone she always had a smile for them, including me which gave me a inner glow as she always used to stop and chat for a moment.

Now Jacqueline was very attractive, about my height, shoulder length straight blonde hair, shapely figure, ample breasts and a lovely ass, always looked good even if she always wore jeans, a natural attractive women who used very little if any make up, I put her age around the early thirties which was a bit of a downer as I was nearing 45 at the time. The manager had said the Jacqueline was going through a bad time with her husband, who she had heard was a bit of a bastard, added that you wonder why Jacqueline stayed with him, she a lovely looking women who does not look her age and could find somebody better. So I learnt that she was a good looking 38, only six years younger than me, perhaps she was within my reach.

Over the next two year we got to know each other, she knew I was going through a messy divorce, we talked openly about her early life with her husband, before the other girls arrived and when we could get a moment alone, we shared our problems. Had no intentions of getting involved with a married women, divorcing my ex was bad enough, but there was bond developing between us, sometimes the tears were not far away in her eyes as we talked about her life with her husband, he was the only man she had been with, met at school, married, two children by the time she was twenty, he controlled her life, possessive, not allowed out on her own, if she went on a girls night out, he would bring her and would be waiting for her outside to collect her, was later to learn that in the early days of their marriage he had been abusive to her

Things changed the day of the function, as I had offered to help prepare for it, do the lifting being the only male, was invited to join them. Kicked of around 2pm, about 100 attended, Surprised and delighted when the girls who had help set it up returned after changing out of their working clothes, and having a few glasses of wine, they had decided to represent the changes through the years, one was I think a Flapper, from the roaring twenties, black band around her head with a feather stuck in it , tight black skirt with stockings, as I was to find out later after a few more glasses of wine she was careless when sitting down and I had a quick flash. The visitors did not seem to notice or bother them that most of the girls were very merry and maybe to some of the men over friendly, found out later that when they went to change they had a bottle of Vodka, before they started on the wine. We had the twenties girl, a thirties girl in a long flowing dress, a punk, a land army girl and to my delight Jacqueline was a sixties girl, sleeveless tight black top, clinging to her ample breasts, short white mine skirt, bare legs and knee length black boots, she looked wonderful, the first time I had seen her not wearing trousers, I wanted her more than ever, not to just for a quick fuck, or a one night stand, wanted to make love with her have her to myself. Throughout the day we did get close, never over the past two years had we kissed or even held hands, but today felt a strong overwhelming desire to be with her, despite my divorce and she being married wanted us to be one, my feeling towards her had grown stronger every time we met, felt sure she had feelings towards me but could not be sure,

Towards the end of the day many people gathered for photographs, we managed to be side by side and as the photographer urged us to get closer to get us all in the shot, Jacqueline slid her arm around me and pulled me closer to her, but she also gave a little tug pulling me into her, the pleasurable erotic feeling that shot through my body I could not describe, here was an attractive married women who I desired, wanted to be near me, returned the gesture, slipped my arm around her waist and pulled her close, felt the warmth of her body for the first time, the aroma of her perfume was intoxicating , as the group wandered away we stood for a moment, arms around each other looking into each others eyes

giving each other a little hug as we parted. Was no to know it then but that little gesture was to change our lives forever