Written by Soulmate2

11 Jul 2016

When the function wound down and we had tidied the place up, it was suggested that we all go to the local pub for a meal, most readily agreed as they all had been drinking a fair amount of wine. Now the girls aged from 19 to 60 most of them married or in a relationship, being the only male took the flirting and suggestive comments with good humour and maybe some males would be in erotic heaven with all these merry tipsy women around, drag one down an ally, rip her knickers off a fuck her silly. Not me, too slow to take advantage, not brought up that way, and going through a messy divorce didn't want any more hassle, being chased by a pissed off husband, happily return the banter and flirt a little with them but my eyes were focused on Jacqueline and maybe the feelings inside my heart too.

It is difficult to describe the day and many would never understand it, the warm sunny day with the drink and the occasion was a pleasant experience with I'm sure some sexy thoughts. To describe all the girls would take to long, Jacqueline you know, more than a couple I'm sure were not happy at home, one, Kate, who turned out to be a brilliant sexy singer later in the pub, was later to learn that her husband had put her in hospital when he hit her, Karen who was the youngest at 19 was dressed as a hippie, shaggy jeans and a loose flower pattern top that came down to just above her knees, she was tall, nice long legs, pretty face with long dark hair down to her waist with a flower in it, plenty of eye makeup and loose hanging beads hung round her neck, now Karen and I had had a little moment earlier in the day, taking empties into the kitchen, Karen coming out with a tray of food, normally would have stood aside to let her through, Karen stood in the door way and lifted the tray and said, come on, come through, now Karen is not short in the breast department, the loose top not revealing much but a nice view all the same, we lingered for a moment in the doorway, the door was tight, but not that tight, Karen pressing herself against me holding the tray above my head, as a true gentleman, returned the complement and pressed my hardening cock against this lovely young body, with the comment, which was quick for me. "The pleasure is all mine" to which she replied "don't be too sure". Placing the empties in the bin, did that just happen, two thoughts came to mind, first that this young bitch is going to lead some men into trouble, second, I know her parents quite well but then a third thought, would I refuse a night with this sexy fit, well stacked young girl ?