Written by Horny

13 Jun 2011

OK so Im there on the floor by now with my guy pushing his very hard cock in and out of my open wet pussy. I can feel his balls slapping against my thighs. Hes holding my breasts in his hands and pushing hard into me. His brother is smiling away wanking his cock and pushing it into my face. Pushing back the hair from my face. God its a big one and hard! I get to work sucking it hard and tasting its goodness.

His son, Mark only just 19 moves into the room. Fucking hell hes says. I cant believe your both doing her. Rob looks up and says, son shes fucking lovely and you dont miss out on this sort of opportunity. Why dont you get your cock out and get an education. The guys pull away from me and Mark starts to undo his jeans. Rob gestures to me to help. So on my knees I move forward and pull the jeans and his pants down. His hard cock bounced out and I took it by my hand and started to wank it. I could feel it growing and he threw his head back and said to me I dont think I'll last long. I lick around the tip of it carefully and then licked up the shaft taking it into my mouth not taking my eyes off of his. The guys walk off for a while getting a beer and a fag. But they are watching. Encouraging him and telling me to give it to him good. I pull Mark down and tell him to go down on me. He was reluctant saying I stunk of cock. The guys laugh and tell him to get on with it. I push his head down into my pussy and rub myself onto his clasping my legs tight around his head. He soon gets into it when he feels me starting to cum. In fact I think hes starting to like the taste sucking away pushing his tongue into my hold. I am soon on top of him cock intside, me 40 riding the cock of a young fella. screaming for him to push harder. Trouble is he is still small. Soom the guys are back. Rob pushes his larger cock into my mouth and I can taste his precum,I almost gag at the size hitting the back of my throat its makes me more horny. I say I want more cock, fuck my arse too. Mark says what? Soon there I am one up my pussy one in my mouth and one pushing his hard cock into my little brown hole. Oh yes, I love this. Unfortuantely MArk feeling the other cock moving inside me cums really quickly I need more and Rob soon replaces him into my slopping pussy with his hard cock and the two guys give it to me. Banging away, me screaming to a cum and them groaning and gasping till they fill my lovely holes with their white stickness. I collapsed into a heap. Sweat running down between my check and tummy. Cum running down my bum and thighs. You are such a dirty whore but we love you rob said. Mark smiles at me and said, Ive only ever had sex once before this was amazing any chance I can fuck your arse sometime too? I laughed and said to him only baby if you get down on me now and clean me out of your uncle and fathers spunk. And he did x Since that day he often pops round and fucks me. Hes fascinated with anal fucking and cant get enough. Ive often joked with him all I need now is his greandfather to shag me!!