3 Nov 2017

Hi again. I wrote recently about how I was unfaithful to my hubby Mike, with Tim his best friend.

Well when I showed the story to Mike he was reading the story intensely. When he finished reading it, he said did you really fuck Tim again the following morning? Rather embarrassing I had to admit to my unfaithfulness. Mike seemed to be annoyed but then with a huge smile on his face said you are so horny. Then we went to bed and had the best sex I have had for years. Well I thought if writing a story about being unfaithful gets me to have `great sex` I should write another. Mike s` away until early next week so I have told him wait for second unfaithful story.

Back in 1984 I was only 19 years old and had just moved into Mike`s own house. Life was so good , we were madly in love. Sex was incredible for me. At this young age I was inexperienced (I had my first sex when I was 16) Mike was not my first and I guess I had had around 10 men/boys fuck me. At this age I thought it was expected of me to fuck each boy I was going out with. I now know differently.

I had a trim figure with quite large breasts. I know all the boys loved them. Also not did I fuck boys I also had 3 men fuck me...Some as old as 40. I found the best sex was with the older males.

Back to the story. When I was seeing/dating Mike I was also seeing Dean. Mike was the real dream, but

Dean I found interesting. Dean was engaged and was due to get married the following year. But we were secretly seeing each other. Yes, of course we had sex ,and yes it was good. I felt terrible because I loved Mike so much ,but I was only 19 and wanted to live life to the full.

I had living with Mike for about 6 weeks when I was contacted by Dean. He said he missed me and wanted to see me again...I know I should have said No. But I was curious and stupid in each measures. Then Mike told me that he had an interview for a dream job this coming Friday evening...He had to travel 60 miles to see the CEO for the interview. He guessed he would return at about 11.00. I telephoned Dean and asked him to pick me up about 200 metres from my home. Dean was on time and picked me up at 7.00 and he drove to his house about 5 miles away. In the car he kept on touching my legs...I did have a mini skirt on so there was plenty of leg to touch. I loved my legs being stroked. Then he went further up and fingered my already wet pussy. He was an expert of fingering! All the time he was saying about the first time we fucked. It was at his mates flat one Saturday afternoon. All I can say that he was clumsy . He just wanted to get his knob in my pussy and come as quick as possible. But we did fuck three times that day! I also remember his mate kept coming into the bedroom where we were fucking? I found this a turn on and secretly wished we could of had a threesome.

When finally arrived at Dean`s home we ran up to his bedroom. We ripped off all our clothes and jumped onto the bed. Dean`s knob was longish but very thin. I decided I wanted his knob in my mouth. Not being too experienced with blow job I started to kiss the top of his knob. Well totally unexpected Dean`s knob exploded huge amounts of sperm all my face and partly some in my mouth...The taste was horrible. Now I thought what about my pussy it needs some serious fucking. But again to my surprise Dean pulled me to be on top of him and very firmly put his knob inside my pussy right up to his balls! He started to fuck me very quickly. My breasts were bouncing up and downwards. He used his hands to hold onto my breasts. I loved my breasts being held... (Mike has always told me that my breasts are connected to my clitoris) Dean was fucking so fast. I know my pussy was loving it, the noise was strange his knob making a squelching noise with every thrust from Dean and the bed head banging against the wall. But we did not care, my pleasure was intense. We went on fucking for ages. Dean`s knob fell out of my pussy several times each time we quickly put his knob back in by now my gushing pussy! But eventually Dean`s knob exploded and released his sperm this time all in my pussy. I could not believe how sperm he had left in my pussy. My pussy seamed to be full to the top! At this stage in fucking I had previously experienced with` my old man fucking` my pussy being kissed! I loved it when the old lover sucked out his own sperm and transferred it to my mouth. I told, no insisted Dean to pass me your sperm from mouth to mouth. I find it strangely erotic . Also Dean had to empty my pussy of all his sperm...Which he did in about 5 minutes...That was so special for me.( possible hint for Mike when he reads this) So here I was being fucked by my ex lover and being unfaithful to my hubby to be. Time seemed to run by us...Dean insisted one last fuck(third in total for him) I thought I had plenty of time so I agreed for Dean to fuck be doggy. I did this because I knew it was his favourite position. No need for fore play, my pussy was still wet and Dean`s knob was semi hard. But I made a disastrous mistake I let him fuck me at his pace. To be honest I was getting bored of this fucking and started to feel very bad of what I was doing. And time was flying by. But eventually Dean came again. I was ready to go home but Dean insisted that I stay a little longer. He had a surprise for me. Surprise is an understatement .He had videoed ( well for one hour) our sex fucking. Again he insisted that we should watch us fucking. It was the first porn video I had seen. The quality of the tape was poor, but you see it was me and you could definitely hear me making moaning noises.

I remember looking at Dean`s watch and said I must go now! I thought I would have enough time to get home, shower and be in bed ready when Mike returns. Dean drove me to my pick up stop and I kissed him good night, thanked him for an incredible sex. Then I firmly told him to marry Rachel and have a good life. And that's exactly what he did.

As I was walking to my home I was stopped in my tracks as I saw Mike`s car in the drive!! What am I going to say? I quickly decided to partly tell the truth. Very luckily for me Mike`s had been offered the job, huge increase in salary and title of Sales Director. He was cocker hoop , very happy indeed.

He was telling me about the job, with a huge smile on his face. After about 20 minutes when he had cooled off about his new job ,said where had I been? I told him that I had been out with Dean for a drink only. I could sense he was disappointed with me. Its a good job I did not tell him that Dean had fucked me three times !

To celebrate Mike`s new job we had a quicky sex. My pussy was already sore from Dean`s knob. But Mike`s is much bigger and it left me with an extra sore pussy.

So Mike what do you think about this story? Michelle xxx