Written by Kelly

24 Jun 2009

Hi all , Kelly here again , i have been reading evryone's comments and was surprised to see how many of you are into watersports , was not expecting that kind of reaction as they were quite tame compared to some of my horny pissing stories i`v already posted. One day when H was at work i was really horny and soaking wet due to a big load of cum he had fired into me before going to work which really was adding to the two loads from the previos night. He had woken up just before his alarm & had a boner , he also loves the smell of my pussy if theres cum still running out from our last fuck so he gave me a good but quick hammering then shot off to work. So there i was with the remnants of 3 loads of cum running out my pussy & that smell was lush , the more i breathed in that spunky scent the hornier i became. So decided time to get my rabbit out & fuck myself & fuck myself i did , it felt so good to be already fucked & stretched to be doing it again with my toy pulling it out every so often to clean up H's spunk . I came 3 times on it but my lust was still not satisfied so i put a porn film on that had women pissing on eachother `piss & mix` its a must see & one of my favourite porn dvd's as i'm bisexual. I watched the film all the way through those dirty bitches pissing & fucking with strapons , boy did i enjoy that cumming and squirting all over the bed till i was drenched. Once i was finished i lay back lit a cigarette and text H to give him a full detailed account of what i had just been up to knowing that would make him horny as fuck instantly. I went through for a shower to freshen up and when i checked my phone there were 2 filthy texts and a very nice mms pic of H's big throbbing dick telling me i better see to that later in all holes after getting it like that. This made me horny as fuck again and i so wanted to just lie back for the rest of the afternoon and fuck myself but instead i got myself all dolled up and ready for him coming home. Luckily i did not have too long to wait & by the time i had finished , i heard the car pulling up and looked out our bedroom window to see him getting out the car ,my pussy had that familiar tingle anticipating what was going to follow. Just as he walked in the door our phone started ringing in the hallway which sat on a table that looked right up the stairs. It was his friend calling for a chat so he just sat down at the table to talk , i had an idea , i appeared at the top of the stairs posing for him , he started rubbing his cock through his trousers as i was standing with my legs spread wide in my tightest jeans and just my bra , i'm a tidy size 10 so anything i wear looks hot on me. H obviosly didnt see the big black bin liner and big bath towel i was standing on & i coudnt wait to see his reaction when i just let go and pissed myself feeling it spreading through the crutch of my jeans & down my legs mmm it was so fucking horny and so hot it just kept flowing the steam was rising off my jeans by this point. H had his rock hard cock out and was wanking (still on the phone).I then took my soaking wet jeans off and threw them down the stairs at him which i found amusing because there was not anything he could do about it but i knew when he did get upstairs i would be in for a really hard fucking. After 5 minutes i heard him say goodbye to his friend , he was up the stairs and up me like a rat up a drain pipe calling me a filthy slut & fucking me really hard before pumping yet another load of his thick cum right up my tight cunt. Soon we were both in the shower kising & having fun rubbing our bodys together when i told him to turn the shower off i then got on my knees in front of him and said 'piss all over me and i mean all over me so he done as he was told and pissed all over me on my tits , naval , cunt , thighs , legs , face , hair everywhere even right in my mouth it was just so horny even though my eyes were stinging like fuck with the piss but i didnt care i just rubbed it all into my body with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other and squirted again.H then pulled me up by the hair & spun me round then using my creamy mess as lube sunk his cock straight up my ass,my god he was solid again & what a fucking stretching he gave my tight ass , my cum was running down my legs i was soaking again with cum & piss "thats it fuck my fucking tight slutty ass yes fuck it fuck it hard" i said, just as my legs were about to buckle under me H shot yet more of his hot spunk deep in my ass, fucking yes that was amazing. We then got showered together and went to bed. We had originally started our filthy antics at around 10pm and his last words to me were 'let me cuddle in tight to you babe and we can go to sleep happy and satisfied - its 3.30am' i was really surprised by the time it was it did not seem that long/late which just goes to show that time really does fly when your having fun , was one of my favourites but still many more , keep reading , Kelly .