Written by Sarah

12 Jun 2018

This happened a month ago on our Anniversary weekend in London.

I was having a late lie in bed, walking feeling a little horny Tony had gone to collect tickets for the show later, so I found one of my sex toys in the case, laid back on the bed gently caressing my clitoris with my rabbit having a little orgasm thinking of one of our favourite fantasies we have on sexy night's to heighten our fun.

The one on my mind as I was getting wetter is of having another man have sex with me along with my husband Tony.

Eyes closed in a world of desire as I slid the rabbit into my very excited vagina I sensed I was being watched, opening my eyes was suprised seeing watching me, the cleaner he had come in with it being a contact card not key, full of apologies he said still looking at me with legs apart toy doing it's work, he said I'll call back later.

I asked him not to and come over and suck my nipples, still in a trance he I had one hand on rabbit purring away up me my heart racing I tracrdvthe outline of his erection freeing it from his trousers I started gently rub, he soon gained confidence moved between myopen legs lowering tongue to lick me as I removed the toy I could feel another orgasm building as he started lick and suck me then in one quick movement he moved up entered me thrusting quickly as I screamed with another orgasm as I felt him come up me, as he slid out fastened his trousers saying you thank you will pop later.

I laid there satisfied by a man who I did not know his name and did not need to.

I showered. Tony arrived with the tickets saying you look nice and fresh.

On the way to the theatre in a taxi I whispered in his ear I have a treat for you, taking his hand sliding it up saying that's a nice surprise no panties, then parting my legs he felt the stickiness of arousal and sperm, saying what's caused this.

With husky words tell you later and removed his hand.

Back at the hotel room I had to tell of the morning adventure ha was so aroused pushing me onto the bad sliding the dress up as he went down on his knees to start licking me just as had been earlier as I told him of my suprise erotic encounternTony saying he can taste the mixture of juices this thought making me squirt on his face, on Tony entered me he did not last long due to the excitement.

But we have had many a long sexual session just on that morning in London.

We carry on with our fantasies and our fantasy of me with 2 men will happen as this encounter has just shown us nothing changes between us on more intense orgasms.