Written by billy

22 Dec 2010

This happened about a year or more ago at the taboo adult cinema in birmingham. It was for sale and is now closed i believe, but I digress. I went infrequently and on this occassion it was a Friday night. As with the most recent of my other infrequent visits it was hardly packed and I was thinking why am I here as I watched the film and some others playing. There was probably about a dozen certainly no more than that there - all men.

Anyway late on about 9:30ish in walks a white guy and black woman about late 20s early thirties and there is the usual siesmic movement of guys to where they head. I hate that as it cant be comfortable for a woman and so held back and sauntered over. I should say at this point that I enjoy panties and stockings and was in a white t shirt crotchless pink panties and fishnet hold ups.

The couple sit down and she slides her jeans of and puts them on the seat next to her then her panties. I cant at this point see her pussy but there are noises of admiration from those near to it. After a short while a couple of guys put on the lights on there mobiles and I can see clearly a wonderful black cunt. She had it shaven underneath exposing her lips wonderfully and a neatly trimmed pubic heart above it. Her man got to his knees in front of her and began to lick her. I couldn't see but could hear him slurping along her and she was moaning. This got the other bravery level raised and a couple of them moved to touch her and undress her at which point she said "No - only watch you can touch my boots if you wish but no higher". Her man had raised her legs and parted them and they were resting on the back of the chair in front, every now and then he would stop licking her to make himself more comfortable and at this point you got a good view of a glistening pussy and i dont know if was my imagination or not but I swear I could smell her from where I was.

As he tongued her deep she was moaning and pushing his head harder down until he broke free and stood up. As he stood and undid his trousers the movement of guys around him to give him space meant that somehow I was now next to him. He turned his girlfriend around and had her kneel on the seat facing the rear. This gave me a fantastic view of her arse and pussy and he moved behind her raising her tshirt and unclipping her bra and raising that also freed her breasts. He moved and positioned his cock onto her pussy and slid it up and down without entering her. I couldnt believ emy luck as without pushing or forcing my way I had the prime view of the action. I saw his cock slide slowly into her pushing those lips apart, heard her gasp as he did and then watched as he broke into a rythmn. Her bare breasts where being admired by other guys and one guy got brave and touched it tweaking her nipple. No objection so he moved closer and offered her his cock to her lips I watched as she opened her mouth and took his cock into it then felt her being moved as others git brave and moved to touch her tits some where masturbating next to her. I returned to watching her lover enjoying her cunt and felling brave moved my hand to cup his balls as he moved back and forth. He seemed happy with this and I kept my hand there and my other tracing pattenrs on her back. I suddenly felt him start to speed up and then could feel his balls pumping cum into her. When he had finished he handed me a condom and indicated I should take a turn - needless to say I did I slipped on the rubber and entered her in a flashi slid easily into her and as i fucked her could feel his cum run from her and onto my balls and thigh and as you can guess with thaat kind of incentive i didnt last long firing my evenings pent up load into my condom and resting inside her.As I was cumming I steadied myself by placing my hands on her back and this was soaked in cum it felt like everybody had cum on her - I loved the feeling. I stepped aside and watched as another guy was invited into her and watched him last about as long as I did and saw a couple of guys sucked off and cum over her face.

Suddenly she moved turned pulled her tshirt down over her cum filled back sat back down and proceed to dress her bottom half. I felt it was only fair to the guy to offer my mouth to him as a thank you but as I turned saw that he was already being thanked by another guy. About 5 minutes later they stood up and left I heard them as they sat there say they were off to the spotted dog a pub nearby and about ten minutes after them and allowin gmy time to relax and take in what had happened I left also I dropped into the spotted dog but couldnt see them = though what I thought Id say I dont know.

I havent been back to Taboo as to be honest I doubt it would have been anywhere near as good again.

I hope you enjoyed this and it is fact.