Written by JackT

2 Feb 2012

(from Jan 26). It took a few days for Hels to come out on the delivery circuit with me. on the Saturday her hubby could cover her in the shop as she had explained to him that ‘this delivery side could really take off’ long before the supermarkets dominated the market local firms did offer personal service. In our case it was to customers ordering a case or more. this meant you needed to be strong enough (as I was) to carry the stuff to the customer’s house. Hels complimented me on my physique. It also gave her a chance to get to the other 3 shops as I delivered for them too. in this pre Xmas period there were plenty of orders. On the way to the first drop she explained that she might make this role permanent. I explained that I would be going back to college at the end of the xmas hols. ‘you’re not irreplaceable you know. plenty of young men would fill in for you.’ I felt a pang of jealousy and got a bit of an insight into her persona. I was just a fuck and she was right, someone else could do that job. ‘but lets not forget to enjoy the moment’ she said as she stoked my balls as I drove.

By 11am we’d finished the drops. ‘lets find somewhere to stop’ she said. ‘for coffee?’ I asked. ‘no!’ she said. ‘I need some cock’. Eventually we pulled into a local beauty spot. There were 3 or 4 other cars in the car park, all apparently empty. She pulled me over towards her and started kissing me and unzipping me. ‘come on, over here’ as she clambered into the back. ‘you’ll get filthy’ I said. ‘I’m already filthy, you should know that by now’ she said with a wink. In the back of the van I fucked her from behind with her leaning on the back of the front passenger seat, her tits swinging freely and her skirt up over her back. She still had he knickers on, I just pulled them to one side. Anyone who walked in front of the van would have copped an eyeful. For the first time I got a really good view of her soaking pussy. It was lovely and hairy – as most were then – and dark, unlike her bottle blonde hair. I love dark pussy. It was intense, particularly with the risk of some passer by seeing us. And I soon felt the sap rising. I could tell she was coming as I filled her up. Immediately after I pulled out, spunk and pussy juice dribbled out of her. She just pulled her knickers across her opening and dipped down to take my flaccid cock in her mouth. She licked me clean – something I had not experienced before then she grabbed a load of tissue from her handbag and positioned it in her knickers. ‘come on, work to do.’ So we set off for the next store.

Towards the end of the afternoon we got to York. Jen was expecting to see me but it gave her a surprise to see her mum with me. as I loaded the van with the deliveries for that area Jen and Hels drank tea in the store room and chatted about the orders. The truth was that Hels thought Jen could be promoting the delivery option more. Jen didn’t seem to careless and her heart didn’t seem to be in the job. It was certainly hard to imagine her being involved if her parents hadn’t been. ‘this place needs a shake up’ I overheard her telling Jen. ‘When Jack here has finished Uni I’m going to get him to help us expand’ this was news to me, maybe just a veiled threat. ‘why don’t you dump that excuse for a boyfriend or yours and go out with someone smart like Jack here?’ she asked her as I was handed a mug of tea. Jen looked at me uncomfortably. I felt uncomfortable too, and tried to make an empathetic face for Jen. ‘Jack, what are you doing tonight boy? How do you fancy taking my daughter out to the cinema or something?’ ‘Mum!’ exclaimed Jen ‘I’m seeing Mark tonight, you know I am’ ‘well tell him you’re coming over to see your parents and you can go out with Jack instead’ ‘I can’t do that, we’re meeting friends’. ‘ok, but don’t forget who pays for this flat of yours (she pointed to the ceiling where Jen’s flat sat above). ‘that doesn’t mean you get to live my life for me’ retorted Jen. I liked her for that. But I also liked how Hels was trying to set me up with her daughter, despite having my spunk still in her pussy. We set off for the York deliveries. I smiled at Jen as I left with a shrug of the shoulders. She reciprocated. She had held her ground, but somehow I felt that the embarrassing episode had helped us make a connection.

On the way out I heard Helen on the phone to her hubby at the main shop ‘just leaving York darling. Yes, she’s fine do you want to speak to her? If it’s alright with you I’ll get Jack to run me straight home. Send Fi home if she’s still peaky and you can lock up tonight?’ I soon realised that this was for me. with her husband out of the way until sometime after 10pm she was free to spend time with me. we did the York deliveries and I drove her home. We got there about 7pm. ‘come on you’ she dragged me upstairs ‘we both need a shower’. Their house was sumptuous compared to what I was used to and they had an ensuite with a magnificent walk-in shower. I had never seen one before. We washed each other down, Helen taking particular care to wash my cock. She took me into a spare bedroom and we climbed into bed. It was the first opportunity for us to explore each others bodies properly. She really did have a great figure ‘I work out’ she told me. ‘in our gym in the garage’. With the freedom of a bed instead of the van and with her husband out of the way we had fantastic sex. We 69’d (something my girlfriend was too shy to do) and she encouraged me to finger her arse as I fucked her. Eventually I had a couple of fingers in her arse and my cock in her pussy. ‘you can fuck me there if you like’ I certainly hadn’t experienced anal before and I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass. It felt a little strange but I soon got a rhythm going and before long spilt my load into her. ‘now lick me’ she instructed. ‘You may have come, but I haven’t yet.’ She guided me down between her legs and I started to lick her soaking pussy. I could see spunk oozing from her arse and she fingered her clit. ‘finger my bum’ she instructed. I did as she asked. With her fingers on her clit, my tongue on her pussy, clit and fingers, and with me having two fingers knuckle deep in her bum with my own spunk dribbling out of her she came. And something I had never before experienced happened to me – I came too, barely ten minutes after emptying my balls into her arse I shot my second load over the sheets without even having touched my cock. ‘that was a waste’ she told me, with a cheeky smile. ‘there’s plenty more where that came from’ I told her. ‘I hope so, we still have an hour or so yet’.

And so it continued over the Xmas and New Year. I would see the daughter Jen every other day when I went to the York branch. She seemed to be warming to me and her mother told me that her boyfriend had pissed her off at Xmas by buying her a crap present! I was a little reticent, knowing that I was shagging her mum. To be honest, I was happy with keeping at that. But Hels organised a post New Year dinner at a decent hotel for the 12 owners and staff. ‘I’ve booked you a room’ Hels told me. ‘so you can seduce my daughter’. There were no spouses (apart from Hels hubby) and I was seated between Hels and Jen on a large round table. I did my best to chat up Jen but was somewhat distracted by Hels hand fondling my thigh under the table from time to time. Towards the end of the evening as we all went into the bar I pulled Jen aside and told her that I was disappointed that I hadn’t had a Xmas kiss from her. She pecked me on the cheek. ‘is that all I get?’ I asked. ‘Yes, perhaps you can get more from mum’ ‘what do you mean?’ I asked. ‘oh come on, she’s all over you’ ‘really? I dont think so. She’s a bit flirty, I’ll give you that but thats all there is to it. I think she likes me and I think she wants you and I to be an item.’ I lied. ‘well I don’t want to get hurt again, so don’t hold your breath. Goodnight.’ And with that she went to her room.

In the bar were Hels and three others. I told her that Jen had gone to bed and that I think I’d upset her. ‘So has hubby. He pissed again. ‘Come on you lot. There’s twenty quid left in the kitty. Get yourselves a taxi out of that. Goodnight. Jack, (to me) are you sober enough to give me a lift home? I need to work tomorrow and I don’t fancy spending the night listening to my husband snoring. The others didn’t know that I was staying there – due to my favoured status. We left together but Hels pulled me into the lift once out of sight. ‘lets go to your room’ she said.

Within five minutes I was lying on my bed semi naked. Hels was in her underwear giving me my first (wonderful) blow job from her. The bedside phone rang. It was Jen. ‘Hi, she said’ ‘Hi’ ‘thought you’d still be in the bar with mum’ ‘no, no. I didn’t hang around. She’s gone to bed too I think’ Hels broke off from sucking my cock. ‘Jen’ I mouthed to her. ‘I can’t sleep’ Jen said. ‘Me neither’ ‘Sorry if I was rude earlier, I’m just upset about splitting with Mark’. This was news to me, I hadn’t realised they’d actually split. ‘I never realised’ I said ‘I’ve not told anyone, especially not mum’ her mum was back working on my cock. ‘fancy a night cap?’ she asked. ‘Yes, great I said. See you in the bar in two minutes?’ ‘I’d prefer something here’ she said. We can raid the minibar’. ‘ok’ I said. ‘be there in a mo. Which room?’

Hels was pleased to see me pull my clothes back on and head to her daughter’s room. she was even more pleased to hear that Jen had split with Mark. ‘I’ll wait a few minutes, then I’ll go to my room when the coast is clear’ she whispered as I left the room to have a nightcap with her daughter, my cock still semi hard. ‘Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.’ She said. That left me with a wide range of options!