Written by jock69uk

17 Apr 2009

Lindas mother took care of me coming by delivering the best blow job ever then left her daughters bed to be replaced by her daughter,she was worried how I would take the evenings events,christ an 18year olds dream come true and she was worried!!

Linda and I saw a lot of each other over the next three months but sadly her mother never got involved again ,in fact I saw very little of her. When we met she was always friendly and polite but never gave any indication the night had ever occured,Linda on the other hand continued her one woman quest to fuck me senseless,thank god.She was always up for it and was energetic if not creative but christ could she go.Summer arrived and we formed an office cricket team,playing every week in a league then partying after the game,Linda and other girls from the office used to support the guys and then we used to make a night of it in the local pub,or at whatever club we were playing,the joy being with Linda it always ended with a mindblowing shag,and as we were top of the league it was her reward for our success.

In the middle of June Linda said she was going to Germany for two weeks to see her old man,such is life,I couldn\'t help think the life of a monk beconed for two weeks.The gang arrived for the match on a beautiful summers evening,I felt a little bit lonely without the lovely Linda,but what the hell it\'s only a couple of weeks,we fielded first and after about an hour I noticed Linda\'s mum arrive at the ground.She looked incredible in a demure summer shift dress,very understated but very sexy,she walked around the boundary saying hi as she passed \"I\'ll get you a drink at the interval\" she said continuing around the ground toward the pavilion.I must admit to being intrigued as she had never been to a match before,anyway we finished our overs and left the field.As promised she had a pint ready and I sat down for a chat\"what\'s brought you out tonight \" I asked,\"just fancied a change \"she replied,\"any chance of a lift home? \"of course\" I replied ,I told her I had to join the lads and would see her after our innings.When I met up with the team they all started to take the piss,\"the mother in law here to keep an eye on you then?\" no chance I said ,but it didn\'t stop the banter,in fact they were queing up all evening to have a laugh,including Linda\'s mum!!

I was at the bar getting me and her a drink when she appeared at my side,\"phone your parents and tell them your staying at a friend\'s tonight\" with that she joined the lads to continue the banter.I phoned home as ordered and after about an hour we took our leave,to a chorus of jokes much to everyones delight,if only they knew!! We got on the bike and quickly drove out of the ground,no sooner were we on the open road she slipped her hand under the waistband of my trousers,and started to massage my cock ,I couldn\'t wait to get to her home to see what the hell was going on.After a delightful half hour of gentle cock massage we arrived at her home,\"where\'s your son I asked \" she replied that he was with his father for the night,as soon as the front door closed she placed her hands around my neck and gave me a long passionate kiss,\"well young man I\'ve got you to myself at last,and done it by convincing your mates your under the thumb,great move eh?\" I had to admit very clever,\"so what\'s tonight all about?\" I asked \"I wanted to sleep with you again,and what\'s more I think you want to as well,yes?\" \"absolutely\" I replied \"but what about Linda\" \"she won\'t be an issue she\'s in germany and will be for good in the next few weeks\" she replied ,in the next few minutes she made it clear she had talked to Linda\'s husband on his last leave and convinced him that unless he found quaters for her in Germany he could end up loosing her.

\"So my young friend if you fancy it I will give you the best sex you\'re ever likely to get ,and by the way I enjoy fucking as much as my daughter\" with that she took my had and lead me to her bedroom.Her room was immaculately tidy,obviously prepared for this evening ,she lit the candles which were placed around the room,and asked me to open the bottle of red wine on the bedside table,whilst I did this she slipped out of her dress,unlike her daughter there was nothing tarty about her underwear,matching briefs and bra in black silk,reaching into the dresser drawers she retrieved a matching garter belt and black silk stockings,which she slowly inched into making sure I watched every slinky action ,\"I want you to remember this night forever\" with that she slipped her feet into black patent shoes with the highest heels I had ever seen,she looked stunning.She then started to remove my clothes, knocking my hand out of the way when I attempted to help,slowly she removed every stitch \"now lay on the bed and I will pour our drinks\" She passed my drink then joined me on her bed as we chatted her hand found my cock gently bringing it to life whilst chatting and sipping her drink,putting her glass on the cabinet \"slide down the bed and lie on your back \" she said, when I was in position ,cock standing to attention she squirted baby oil on my stomach and started to slowly rub the oil into my balls and cock\' sliding her tiny hand up the shaft and around the head,which seemed to grow with every movement,she just seemed intent on giving pleasure,just when I thought it couldn\'t get better she straddled my thighs leaned forward and sucked the glistening head into her mouth,just the head ,her lips teasing just behind the head slowly bobbing back and forth until I thought I would explode ,sensing this she released her mouth leaving a bight red lipstick collar around my shaft,easing her tits out of the bra cups she placed one gently toward my mouth,\"just take the nipple,gently just tease it \" she murmered,as I teased her nipples they grew ,hard and changed colour to a deep red ,standing proud of her full but still firm breasts,her breathing got shorter and faster as the niffles grew \"now I want you to remove my knickers and eat my pussy,be gentle and get me wet so we can make love\" her wish was my command,she lifted her hips allowing her knickers to slide away,once gone she opened her thighs inviting attention.She was very trimmed the lips exposed and as my tongue entered her I knew she was already extremely damp,she inhaled as my tongue explored deeper,and when it found her clit she gasped and gently pushed her pussy toward my mouth,as my tongue gently flicked her clit she moaned ,quietly initialy but quickly increased in volume as my tempo increased until she climaxed shaking and trembling as the waves of pleasure went through my tongue \"fucking hell that\'s one thing I don\'t have to teach you,that was fantastic \" lifting my face to her she kissed her juices from my mouth,pushing me onto my back she hopped on top slipping my cock into her moist pussy in one easy move,as she buried the shaft she smiled \"god that feels good ,I\'ve thought of nothing else since the last time it was in \" I was about to ask why she had avoided me since that day but she just placed her finger to my lips and started her ride,gradually building speed using her hips to strip my cock ,she seemed to know as I was approaching my own climax and shifted her position lifting from her knees and onto the soles of her feet ,the shift allowing her to tighten the muscles in her pussy grabbing the shaft tighter ,lengthen her stroke and quickly she stripped the spunk from my body,the sensation was like fireworks exploding in my head at the same time as electric pulses were ripping through every fibre of my body ,she was totally in control,\"yeees baby give me it all,fill my body let it all go \" leaning back to massage every last drop from my balls,sinking back to her knees she leaned forward planting a deep kiss on my lips,\"let\'s hope that\'s the first of many \" she said her face wreathed in a smile,\"you believe it\"was all I could gasp still glowing in the joy of sex,slipping down my body she slurped my cock into her mouth,quickly and expertly bringing it back to its bone hard best,I couldn\'t resist ,asing behind her she reached between her legs to guide me once more into her,this time I set the pace , she let me have my head and her body,following my lead she answered each thrust as she neared her own climax her head came back\"I\'m coming oh god I\'m coming ,don\'t stop pleeese fuck me ,harder ,harder \" now she was lost,bucking like crazy I thought she was goung to snap my prick clean off,I grabbed her hair pulling her hair as I shot another load deep into her .As I released her hair she slipped forward onto her stomach,looking over her shoulder \"fucking hell thank god for young men,all that energy,who\'s a lucky girl?\"

Whilst we got our breath back we enjoyed a glass of delicious wine ,snuggling together on the huge bed I was amazed how easily we chatted,for the first time I looked closely at her body.It really was amazing how similar she was to her daughter ,slightly taller,shorter hair,but physically,very alike.Her breasts were fuller and just as firm,her stomach had that delicious soft curve,and her hips just softer all in all a stunner,\"do you mind if I ask how old you are\"I said ,\"not at all I was 40 last birthday,in fact that was the night Linda tied you to the bed,you were my present\" I could not believe it \"you\'re kidding \" my face must have been a picture,\" why so surprised ,don\'t you remember about 9 months ago ,before Linda came to work ,I used to come and chat to you every day,why do you think that was?\" I thought you chatted to everyone,I said ,anyway I didn\'t really know you.She just laughed \"Margaret said you were shy\" I must have looked vacant \"Margaret ,your filing clerk at the previous office,you know the one who danced so close at the Christmas party you got a raging hard on ,and still you didn\'t take the hint she wanted to fuck you?\" As I lay there open mouthed \"you realy didn\'t know ,christ ,well she\'s a friend and by the way she still fancies you,anyway chatting toLinda after we had finished a couple of bottles of plonk,and I just happened to mention I would love to fuck you ,that\'s when we hatched the plan ,I couldn\'t believe it but what the hell I loved it\" I was amazed that women of her age talked like this and my face must have transmitted this \"well my young lover you\'ve a lot to learn about us older girls,whatever you youngsters think we still have all the same urges,don\'t have half the hangups and tend to do it rather than just talk about it ,so what do you think now?\" I smiled \"I think I\'ll let you do your worst,and go with the flow ,I\'ve had a brilliant unexpected night and hopefully we\'ll have loads more\" laughing she jumped off the bed \"I fancy a sandwich,sex makes me ravenous how about you?\" as I nodded my agreement she started to put on her underwear,even the belt and stockings,seeing the surprised look \"well you never know you might just want me again and I will always try to look my best!\" I was alredy swelling as she left the room,fucking hell I thought all my dreams have come at once ,please god don\'t let this end.