Written by Brian

22 Aug 2017

My mother in law is small, slim and looks around 60. When her husband died she was very lonely and during one visit she made it clear she missed him very much. She sobbed and I gave her a loving cuddle and when she looked in my eyes I couldn't help leaning in and kissing her full on the lips. She slapped me hard and told me in no uncertain terms what a scumbag she thought I was. 2 weeks later she called me and said things were too uncomfortable and I needed to go round and apologise to put things right. When I got there she greeted me wearing a really sexy tight dress that to be honest a 40 yr old couldn't have pulled off. She made a coffee and sat down opposite me and when she crossed her legs I noticed the dress ride up to just about show her stocking tops. I tried not to stare after the previous encounter but could feel my cock getting rock hard. She picked up my cup and went to the kitchen and after a minute she shouted me. She was bent over the table with her dress fully lifted exposing her stockings and suspender belt. I came behind her and groped her sopping wet pussy until she squirted all over the floor. Grabbing her breasts I pulled her panties to one side and entered her hard and rough, which caused more squirts and groans. Over the next hour I licked her pussy several times and fucked her in every position until she couldn't take any more. When I shot my spunk up her she almost screamed the house down. Now we fuck every week and have moved onto anal fingering and will try full very soon. She wears the sexiest lingerie imaginable and is now 86!