Written by bsd

2 Mar 2008

I had always got on well with my MIL. Occasionally would see her tits sway under her night dress. And sexual double meanings were never lost on her. She always managed to flash her slip and would manage to mention her medium sized breasts when she could.

For a long time id lusted after her and even though she was a moral woman who couldnt understand those who messed around with others. One weekend she and my father in law were staying over with us for the weekend. My wife and father in law were gone to bed as the were working the next day. I was sitting opposite he noticed her slip as she crossed and uncrossed her legs as she did a crossword.

I offered to give her a hand and sat beside her punt my hand under the newspaper and rested it on top of her skirt over her pussy. After awhile I moved the paper to get a better look at the clues. at same time I applied pressure to her pussy. She said nothing. So I started to caress her pussy through her skirt. Eventually she said I wouldnt find the answer doing that.

I said it was what I was looking for. I kissed her and buried my tongue in her mouth. She responded took my tongue and started to rub my cock through my trousers. I opened my trousers and she took my cock in her mouth. I think it was the first cock she ever sucked. I pulled up her skirt tore a whole in her pantyhose and started to finger her. she was sucking so gently and licked my leaking cum . I managed to get her tits out and to suck her nipples.And she was moaning as I fingered her now soaking cunt. We kissed intently and played with each other for ages. She wanked and sucked me till i spurted a jet of cum.

It would be another day before I got to spread this moral womans legs and to fuck her hard and cum in her.