Written by AJ

11 May 2009

As stated previously had just shagged my mother in law but she was feeling bit guilty.

I took her head and moved it towards my cook as I got there I let her go ,she looked at me and said you are a bas!!!! then she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it after 5 minutes or so I ook her off my cock and bent her over the settee and slowly started to fuck her she was soon moaning into the cusion and telling me what a rotten bas!!!! I was so I stopped fucking her and made her face me as she calmed down I told her she had a choice she could leave now and it would never happen again or she got on her knees and begged me to fuck her like the slut she will be if we keep on .

She looked at me for about a minute then got on her knees and begged me to fuck her are you sure I asked ,yes she said !What about your husband i asked ,I dont care I want you to fuck me now! ,Do you agree to do what I want when I want it ,Yes anything she said,Ok I replied I want you to say fuck me any way you want master.And I had such a buzz as she stayed on her knees and did it.

So I left her on her knees and went to the kitchen where I got a cucumber when I walked in and handed it to her she just looked at me ,Get on your back and start using that on yourelf slut I said she laid back on the floor and gently started to run the cucumber round her pussy and in a couple of minutes she came big time on the floor as she lay there I put her over the settee and started to fuck her hard and fast calling her every name I could think of and getting her to call me master and fuck her harder,I shot loads of cum up her and made her get on her knees to lick me dry.

We lay there for a while and I asked did she know what the rules were now ,she replied yes so I squeezed her nipple till she yelped and said yes what ,Yes Master she replied!Good I said when we are alone you will always call me that are we clear ,Yes master she said.

Good now what I want you to do is go upstairs and start sucking your husband for me I will be up in about 15 minutes and I want to hear you fucking your husband then tell me in the morning how it felt to be fucked by him knowing you had just been fucked by me,in the meantime you will know that you daughter is being fucked as well now go ,More to come