Written by Studley

28 May 2008

Many thanks for the kind reviews, I wasn't sure about sharing these experiences which happened 22 years ago when I was 26 and Maureen was 51.

Life brings many twists and turns though as will be shown as this experience continues and we have to make our choices in the directions we take!

Anyway the next morning I rang the door bell to Maureen's at about 9 as I was so excited about seeing her

She was surprised to see me so early

"I wasn't expecting you until lunchtime" she said inviting me in

"Harry is at work" she quickly stated

I took in her appearance as she was still in her nightdress which made her look older as it was not very flattering, down to her feet and a high neck!

"Look at me, what must you think of me?" she said nervously playing with her nightdress

"You look absolutely fine" I reassured her

No sooner was the door closed and we were kissing!

I began to feel her breast through her nightdress, but she pulled away saying "not here" and led me through to the middle room

Looking at her bottom I could see her white knickers and felt her bottom as we walked which made her smile

Once in the middle room, we began kissing once more

After a while she pulled away and said "you are eager today?"

"I want you so bad" I replied

Again our mouths met as I continued and she began moaning softly!

Moving my other hand to her bottom I traced the outline of her knickers!

She pushed herself hard against me rubbing against my cock!

"Not here" she said and taking my hand she led me upstairs to her bedroom

I quickly took in the room, her double bed with father-in-laws PJ's laid on a pillow, her chest of drawers with some clean underwear and perfume on top.

"Come here" said Maureen taking me in her arms and holding me tight

Her lips met mine and seemed more urgent than before

"You are a bit overdressed?" she whispered

"You had better do something about it then?" I replied

As good as everything had been, she had never hardly touched me as I had to make all the running and her hands shook as she attempted to undo my shirt buttons

"It's OK" I reassured her and sure enough once the first two were undone she was soon taking my shirt off!

She ran her hands over my chest and kissing her I said "now my trousers!"

Again her hands shook as she attempted to first undo the button on the waist and then slide the zip down!

She eased my trousers down and as her head was level with my cock, I eased her head towards it with my hand on her head!

She felt my cock through my shorts with her hands!

I could have died and gone to heaven, this was the first contact she had initiated in all this time!

Pulling my shorts down, my cock sprang out and she held it in her hand and began wanking me!

Again I eased her head to it before I felt the warmth of her mouth around my cock!


Slowly she began to fuck me with her mouth, her free hand cupping my balls!

It was all I could do to stop myself coming!

Must hold it, I kept thinking!


It began to get too much!


"She wouldn't want me coming in her mouth" I thought

"MAUREEN PLEASE!" I said once more

Still she continued

I placed my hands on her head to indicate it was OK to stop, but this only seemed to encourage her!


After a few seconds, Maureen was making for the tissues on her bedside table and cleaning her mouth

"You don't swallow then" I thought to myself with an inner laugh

I kissed her neck and thanked her for the best feeling I had ever had!

"I don't normally do that" she said, "I don't know what came over me, I just wanted you to come!" she said without looking at me as if embarrassed

I kissed her neck before she turned round and led me to the bed

As I lay on the bed, the only problem with me coming was that I was in no way ready for any more!

Maureen made me lay on my back and she began to wank me once more!

Slowly and deliberately!

It was having an effect as my cock grew bigger!

Pulling her nightdress and knickers off, Maureen straddled my head and encouraged me to lick her pussy which I eagerly did until a while later she pulled away and lowered herself onto my cock!

It felt so good as we moaned!

She rode my cock for over 10 minutes fucking my brains out!

I had never seen her like this before!

Managing to stay hard as I had already come, I could feel her vagina muscles gripping my cock!

Her breasts swayed in front of my face as she moaned louder

This women who had always been so quiet, smart looking and I had so much respect for, now couldn't get enough of my cock!

Seeing the enjoyment on her face made me feel so good!

All of a sudden she went stiff and climaxed!

Flopping on top of me with me still in her I cuddled her tight

After a while she looked at me and smiled

"Where did that come from?" I asked

"I've wanted to do that to you for so long" she replied

"Anytime" I smiled at her and we both laughed

Sometime later, my cock flopped out of her

"That was fantastic" I beamed looking at her

Maureen just smiled

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked

Again she just smiled, she never did say how it made her feel, maybe it was denial about our relationship

"You need to get back to work" she said

"I've taken the day off to take you out" I beamed

"That's nice" Maureen said

This was the first time she had actually admitted anything

We stayed cuddled up and kissing for some time before we showered and got ready to go out...