Written by studly_dudley

5 Jun 2008

As you may recall, my 51 year-old mother-in-law Maureen had just fucked my brains out, the first time she had taken the lead with her 26 year-old son-in-law.

I was first to shower and be ready to take her out for lunch and when she came downstairs I was amazed at her appearance.

This women who had been so averagely bland and quiet, now stood before me made up with a dark blue dress which buttoned all the way down the front and black tights.

I soon held her tight and kissed her passionately, I loved feeling her bottom and feeling for the outline of her panties.

"Come on if you are taking me out" she said

We drove up the coast and had a walk along the beach, I was surprised when she put her arm in mine and held it tight, but if it made her feel good and me get into her knickers, I was happy too.

I did enjoy her being close to me, her perfume was over strong as she nuzzled my neck at times, but again, this afternoon was for her.

We made our way to a small pub and enjoyed the meal and idle chat that we made.

As we finished and made our way out f the pub, Maureen again took my arm and whispered that she felt a bit tipsy from the wine.

Returning to the car, I had a plan...

After driving for about 20 minutes, I found a small track that led off the road and aimed the car along it as the hedgerows closed in.

A bit further and I stopped the car in a little sun trap.

"Why have we come down here?" Maureen asked looking out of the window

"So I can pay you some attention" I replied

"You did enough of that during lunch which was lovely" she continued as she leant forward and kissed me.

I know I had only had her earlier, but my cock stirred once more!

As she pulled away, I kissed her again, my lips lingering on hers.

After a while she pulled away and we chatted for sometime, enjoying the warmth of the sun through the windows.

Kissing her again, I felt her breasts through her dress!

Unbuttoning a couple of buttons to show off her bra, she said "Didn't you have enough this morning?"

"I can never get enough of you" I replied

"When was the last time you had sex in the car?" I continued

"I haven't" she said

"What about when you were courting?", I asked

"We didn't have a car until we were married" she said

My hand moved to her leg, I loved the feel of her tights and her nylon slip underneath her dress as it rode over her tights!

"There's not much room, is there?" she said

With that I eased her seat flat and returned to her breasts inside her dress before undoing more buttons on her dress, down to her waist as I kissed her again and searched her mouth with my tongue.

She pulled away saying "Someone may see us?"

"What down here?" I calmly replied before undoing the rest of her dress buttons and opening her dress fully!

I looked at her plain white bra, her white nylon slip and her black tights which were now showing a fair amount of her thighs!

Kissing her again, I soon had her breasts free of her bra and feasted on her nipples with my mouth, tongue and fingers which made her moan softly in my ear.

Again her nylon slip against her tights held my attention before I eased my fingers up her thighs and between her legs, rubbing her intently.

Pushing her slip up to her waist, I could see her white panties beneath her tights and I nuzzled between her legs with my mouth and kissed her inner thighs feeling the nylon against my lips.

Easing my fingers into the waistband of her tights, I pulled at them and she lifted her bottom allowing me to ease them down her legs.

I eased her right foot out, but her left proved more awkward as the nylon had twisted upon itself and I left it as I became frustrated.

Looking at her legs, the whiteness and cellulite was now a contrast to how they looked, perfectly clad in her tights.

Her very plain white panties of the type I had known she wore since seeing them in the wash basket so many years ago. This women didn't believe in any frills.

Rubbing her pantie material into her entrance developed a wet patch on them and I kissed her between the legs pushing the material into her entrance as I did.

Then easing her pantie leg to one side, I finger-fucked her and gave her my tongue!

She always enjoyed this and began moaning and holding my head to her.

Briefly I pulled away to pull her panties down, she was only too pleased to lift her bottom to assist me and again I eased them down her legs to her feet, taking her right foot out, but allowing them to hang round her left ankle with her tights!

Again back to her pussy with my mouth and she began bucking into my face!

My tongue and jaw ached as I continued and I wanted her so bad!

Moving over her side, I stood between her legs in the footwell and unzipped my trousers and pulled them and my shorts down to free my stiff cock out at her!

"There's not much room" she said adjusting herself in the seat.

"Put your feet up on the dashboard" I said guiding her feet.

Her pussy seemed to look up at me as she spread her legs and I eased forward, opened her up with my fingers and guided my cock to her entrance!

Thrusting in made her moan, only half in, I pulled out and hard in again, all the way!

I began gently thrusting in and out, her appearance splayed out in front of me adding to my excitement!


I stopped, pushing myself as low into the seat as I could, but catching out of the corner of my eye, two young women with small children no more than feet away from the window!

"What's the matter?" said Maureen before hearing the voices!

She looked at me intently as she tried to move her feet, but couldn't as there was no room!

The women laughed, obviously realising what was happening before disappearing.

I began thrusting into Maureen once more spurred on by the excitement of the close encounter!

"NO NO WE CAN'T" Maureen blurted, but I was too far gone as I fucked her hard!

Pushing my cock high into her, holding her hips I banged away, able to stay hard having already had her earlier!

"IT'S BEGINNING TO HURT" she continued, but I was now ready to cum in her once more enticed by her nylon tights now brushing against me and her panties hanging from her leg!

I came with such an intense feeling, whilst I think Maureen was just pleased the assault was over!

We lay together for a while before we tidying ourselves up and the drive home was done with much silence.

Although I wanted to go in once we were back at hers, she said she had some things to sort out and was soon inside, making me wonder what the next visit would bring?