Written by Jim and Annie

7 Jan 2018

Ive always had a little soft spot for my MIL shes in her late 50s but can still turn heads, ive had many a fantasy when fucking Illie my wife that i ws fucking Annie , in the summer Annie asked me to decorate her spare bedroom Illie was going away for the weekend with the girls , i popped around to see what Annie wanted, all greed i went to B & Q for all the bits on the wy back i phoned Annie to drop the bits off for early start the next day, Annie was chilling with a large G & T , she asked me if i wanted one , then 2 then 3 getting s bit merry and flirty , Annie said my daughter says your are the king of your bedroom , you like to dominate , i was shocked but there again mothers and daughters hide no secrets , she said i havent had a man in ages and then she madecs play for me , one minute drinking G & Ts next we were kissing and she was rubbing my bulge in my jeans , she suggested going to her bedroom , we stripped off , annie had some classy undies and s trimmed pussy , more snogging , then she wanked me , then took me in her mouth i suggested a 69 , best for both of us , her pussy tasted so sweet and she knew how to suck cock , i told her i wanted to fuck her from behind , she was ready for me , i slipped in fuck me she was wet , i was slamming into her, she looked back saying fuck me fuck me , i was getting close i told her i was going to come she said come on my tits as i was wanking she was playing with her cunt , my cum face started twitching and my come hit her lovely tit the spunk splashes set her off and she came , we calmed down i felt a bit like billy big bollocks big smirk on my face, the rest of the evening we enjoyed each other company in a adult way , she sucked me off and i oraly did the same to her, Illy like to dabble with the Anal , and during my stay i was rimming her arse a little finger play which she liked , she said ok you dirty bugger you can fuck my arse but take it slow , i did and when i was balls deep she was loving it , i spunked up her arse , the weekend was great , decorating done and a rooted my MIL .......result