Written by annonymous

3 Jan 2018

My name is Mark and until recently I was married to Shirley. When we first married we were saving for a mortgage so lived with Shirley's mum and dad. Shirley's mum was Hilda, who was slightly overweight, with bright ginger hair and she had lovely huge tits and a perfect arse. I called her Ginger, not Hilda, as so did her husband. While we lived with them they had the main bedroom which was down a small corridor and to the right. What Ginger did not realize was that a wardrobe was at an angle at the end of the corridor, that she kept highly polished which acted as a mirror. Many a morning I would watch her take off her night dress and play with her tits give her cunt a little fingering and admire her body in a mirror.

Eventually we got our own home and moved out. We would often visit the in laws or they would visit us and my MIL would always make sure I saw he in her bra, much to the dismay of my wife who would say "mum Mark can see your bra " to which Ginger would reply " he has seen it all before and they are all the same". Well they weren't all the same, as over the years Gingers tits had got bigger and my lust for them grew bigger and bigger. Many a night I had a wet dream thinking of those gorgeous tits. I regularly had a mind blowing wank thinking of holding and sucking those tits.

After a number of years my in laws bought a house next door to my wife and I, and I saw more of those bra clad tits and round arse. When we went to dances I always rubbed against Gingers tits whenever possible and I would take every opportunity to rub against her lovely arse when passing her. She always smiled but never said a word. One afternoon i knew they were upstairs and climbed the stairs without calling. When I looked into the bedroom my in laws were talking and my father in law had his back to me and Ginger was stood slightly to the side of him wearing only Panties and a suspender belt. Her tits were huge and saggy with large nipples surrounded by an extra large brown areulo, i was mesmerized, but they were still not aware of me. Then Ginger bend slightly to join her stockings to her suspender belt which made those big tits swing from her body and hung down. A position I absolutely adore. I quickly retreated to my house and had a long mind blowing wank

My marriage came to an end after my wife's 3 year affair with a lorry driver came to light and she moved out. A year later and my father in law passed away and it was then, just Ginger and. I was still executive of my father in laws estate and one day I had to get some papers signed so took them next door. My MIL was not downstairs so I shouted up the stairs that I had papers to sign. Ginger shouted back that she was just finishing washing her hair and to bring the papers upstairs. When I got upstairs she came out of the bathroom wearing trousers and topless with only a towel around her shoulder held tight in the middle of her chest with one hand. She leaned forward to sign the papers and I had a glorious view of those big saggy tits through the "v" in the towel above Gingers grip. Her tits had swung forward and were resting on my forearm. The only thing between me and those tits was the thickness of the towel. A voice in my head said " you always wanted to hold those tits, so slip your hand under the towel and cup those big tits in the palm of your hand" but another voice was saying " don't, she will tell the family and friends" then she straightened up and the moment was gone but my cock was rock hard. Ginger looked down at my cock and walked back into the bathroom.

That evening we sat talking and i was still kicking myself for not taking my chances. I though its now or never. I brought up the subject of breast feeding and asked if had breast fed her children. I then plunged in and said I was a breast man and how breasts gave me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. Ginger said "interesting", so taking that as a hint I said that she had given me a lot of pleasure that afternoon when I saw her great tits and on all the other occasions I had seen her tits.. She said "god, I wish you had said years ago, I have noticed that you quickly get a stiffy whenever I show you my tits. Come on lets go upstairs so I can sort you out"

When we got upstairs she took off her top and her big bra clad tits were inches from me. She said " you are only going to play with my tits nothing else" I nodded and slipped my hand around her back and unclipped her bra, god what a beautiful sight it was to see those great tits. Those tits were silky white which made her nipples look darker, I caressed them sucked them kissed them licked them and all the time Ginger moaned. I moved my hand to her pussy but she pushed me away. I kissed her passionately and again tried to touch her cunt, but again was pushed away. I sucked and kissed her tits for what seemed ages, and I was getting lovers bollocks. I had to come soon. I whispered that my cock and balls were about to explode and pleaded that she wanks me. She agreed and I stripped off and lay on my back with my cock erect. Ginger leaned forward and took my swollen cock in her mouth and cupped my balls in her hand. She then expertly gave me a minded blowing blow job. I came quickly into me mouth. She kept my spunk in her mouth then opened her mouth to slowly let it run down her chin. God that was a sexy sight.

I then rolled her over and slipped my hand up to her cunt, she had gone commando, I lifted her dress and there before was the brilliant sight of a ginger cunt with large pink lips. I lay between those thighs and drank in the taste, smell and sight of that ginger cunt. I sucked her swollen clit as if I was dying of thirst and Ginger bucked and groaned louder and louder until she had an orgasm and my face become covered in her love juice. By now my cock had regained it hardness and a mounted Ginger, making sure we both comfortable because her cunt was very tight. It was that tightness that made the fuck one of the best I have ever had. We both came, she thrashed around screaming and panting. I came next it was so explosive, my whole body went stiff and my spunk came in waves.

We have since explored each others bodies and had some brilliant sessions of sex. She is an absolute brilliant lover and a loving and loveable mother in law. Long may her ginger cunt grip my cock