Written by jock69uk

21 Feb 2008

I guess most mothers are the same,unrealistically proud of their offspring,and only to happy to offer their friends the offsprings services in the DIY stakes!!!

My mothers hairdresser was probably 25 years younger than her very good looking with a great personality,and unfortunately mentioned she needed some decorating finishing as her husband couldn,t be bothered.Immediately my mother offered my services and the first thing I knew about it was a phone call asking me to pop around to her friends to tell her what materials I would require,for a quiet life I said I would call in that evening.

I was surprised when I arrived to find she lived in a very nice ,large detached house with well tended gardens in a super area,hairdressing must be profitable I surmissed.She must have seen the car arrive as the door opened before I could ring the bell,I had only briefly met her once before and couldn,t believe how good she looked,mentally chastising myself for being a perv I followed her through to the kitchen,to view the job,nearly falling down some stairs due to payin to much attention to her backside and not enough to where my feet were going! The job was decorating the kitchen,so whilst I did a quick measure up she made a brew,we chatted whilst I wrote out the materials list and I only hoped she had not noticed my furtive glances down her ample cleavage as I explained what she needed.She certainly was very chatty infact could only be described as a very nice lady,but fuck me was she fit,only about 5ft 4in tall but had agreat figure,curves in all the right places,a fabulous backside and great tits and to top it of beautiful hair and makeup ,all good except sitting opposite your mothers friend with a raging hardon can\'t be right!! I just hope it would subside before I had to make a move,not to worry talking paint for a few minutes did the trick and I beat a hasty retreat before my evil thoughts got the better of me. I agreed to do the job the following Saturday,fortunately she said she was working and would have to leave as I arrived.

True to her word she let me in on Saturday,told me where everything was and immediately left for work as she got in her car I couldn\'t help seeing a fleeting vision of stocking top as her skirt rode up just as she closed the car door. She certainely had an amazing effect on my cock as it was rock hard yet again,thank fuck she\'s gone I thought as I would probably have fallen off the ladder and broken my neck.

I immediately started work painting the ceiling ,which due to its hight required very large steps,with the radio blaring out I quickly got into the swing and cracked on with the roller.Time flew by and before I knew it it was mid afternoon and I only had one path of ceiling left to complete,this I had left because the ladder was to short and would require me to put the it on the work top the climb from there.I knew this was dangerous and can\'t imagine why I left it ,probably thinking that an altrnative option would come to me it didn\'t so lifting the ladder I said a little prayer and hoped for the best.As I climbed the ladder I was silently cursing my mother for getting me into this in the first place,20ftplus above the ground painting became very slow and precise so as not to get the balance wrong and tip the ladder,as I was starting the last square metre the door opened and in walked the vision not seeing me at first said she loved the job ,turning she saw my precarious position and asked if she could help ,just stop the ladder base from slipping whilst I lean to do the last bit I said as I spoke I looked down at her and once again my eyes went instantly to her cleavage,rapidly averting my eyes it was to late a massive hard on began to develop,undetered I carefully finished the painting ignoring the throbbing hoping she did the same. With a final sigh I finished the job and passed the tray of paint ,roller and brush down to her yet again gazing at her glorious chest and further reenforced my discomfort.

I could feel my cheeks glowing with embarassment as I descended the ladder ,jumped of the worktop and moved the ladder,hoping that during this time my hardon would subside and leave me a little dignity,if anything it got worse,fortunately she seemed not to notice saying she loved what I had done and would make us a coffee,telling me to sit in the adjoining conservatory she removed her jacket and put the kettle on.Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil she chatted about her day and I just willed the hardon to fuck off,as it refused I crossed my legs as she arrived with the coffee giving me my coffee she sat directly opposite on the other sofa.Her skirt as earlier in the day rode up exposing yet again the merest hint of stocking top an involuntary twitch of my leg as my cock got even harder,a smile crossed her face just before she said you are a randy sod I noticed the bulge this morning, been there all day? I started to stutter an apology but she just laughed and said don\'t worry I\'m flattered at my age and I won\'t tell your mother at this we both laughed and i felt a little more relaxed.

She had finished her coffee and ptting her cup on a side table slowly slid forward on the sofa,showing just a little thigh then standing directly in front of me she said uncross your legs,in a trance I obeyed she then dropped on to her knees and slowly traced the outline of my still rock hard cock thruogh the material of my jeans with one finger,my this must be uncomfortable lets just take him out ,slowly she unbuttoned the fly and waist reached into my boxers and released my cock immediately tracing gently around the bell end with her well manicured fingers,deep red nails around a throbbing purple knob.I stammered what if your husband comes back,she smiled and said don\'t worry we won\'t be interupted.Getting to her feet she said don\'t move I\'ll br one minute in the blink of an eye she returned carrying a small bottle of baby oil,taking up her previous position she opened the bottle and gently squeezed a small amount of oil into her hand almost immediately smearing it gently down the shaft,asI entered heaven she gently massaged my tool,saying she could not decide whether I was a tit or an ass man as on my previous visit it was her ass that caused my problem but today she thought it was her tits!! I just murmerred both, good she said now take off my blouse all the time gently massaging my cock looking directly into my eyes just apparently anticipating my pleasure.Removing her blouse exposed the most amazing breasts clad in sheer langerie the ba bearly covering her erect nipples as I moved to feel her she said just unhook the bra as the clasp opened her breasts sprung free ,they were magnificent ,heavy smooth orbs with the most amazing nipples,deep red and standing proud,she smilled at my reaction don\'t worry you will get to touch ,not to day ,this is all about me satisfying you. With that she stood and lifting my legs onto the sofa she straddled my legs skirt ridig high now exposing thigh and her panties stained dark with her juices.I could not take my eyes off her ,in turn she started to lengthen her strokes moving one hand to cup my balls,she murmered I want your cream all over my tits it was taking me all my time not to do it then she must have sensed this as she slowed down her hand now hardly moving the other just carressing my sack.Whilst she did this she looked directly into my eyes,drinking in my pleasure ,it\'s so good to be with someone who really wants me,I do I do I murmered ,don\'t I know it she said,it\'s my day off Tuesday can you come round early,as early as you like I said,good now I\'ll tell you what I\'m going to do to you on tuesday,as she started to speak she increased her spead her left hand cupping my balls a little tighter her right moving in long urgent strokes from tip to base slightly twisting in the middle of each stroke.All the while she is graphically detailing what she intends to do to me on Tuesday,her language deteriorated with each stroke,this prim middle aged lady is promising the ultimate day of debauchery and filth in graphic detail ,her own breathing matching mine,short,sharp almors gasping,she senses I am at the edge,she slides higer up my legs pumping harder ,give me the spunk,yes now her hand now a blur her attention only now on my cock,she feels the first surge before the ffirst glob appears,she sighs as it screams from my cock,arcing to land on her shoulder ,the next two having ledd force land on her glorious chest the residue into her lap covering her skirt.My head is back ,body shaking as if an electric shock is continually running through my body,she looks up as our eyes meet I tell her that was the most erotic happening in my entire life ,she smiles and says just wait for Tuesday,with that she leant forward and planted her lips on mine,her erect nipples pushing into my chest,her tongue parting my lips and gently exploring my mouth.

After a minute we separated,she stood straightened her skirt helped me do up my jeans kissed me again and said Tuesday can\'t come quickly enough don\'t be late,we will have one hell of a day.So mum does know best!!!