Written by jock69uk

26 Feb 2008

Driving away it felt very surreal,my cock was still throbing so I knew it had happened but the whole thing seemed unreal.I harboured real doubts whether Dee would actually go through with next Tuesday .Later that evening however a phonecall from my mother confirmed that she had spoken to Dee who was delighted with the kitchen,and was looking forward to it being finished Tuesday next!!!

I decided to arrive around 9.15 and before leaving had a relaxing shower paying special attention to the important bits ,selected my very best boxers ,then donned my decorators gear.As I approached her front door I couldn\'t help but wonder what the day had in store,and as the door opened with the first sight of her I knew it would be good.She looked fantastic,a beaming smile crossed her face,beautiful hair and perfect makeup,she looked a picture. Having closed the door she plated a kiss on my lips ,gently sliding a tongue between my lips.I\'ve made coffee in the kitchen she said follow me.She was dressed in a white silk blouse,black linen trousers which looked as if they had been sprayed onto her backside ,the ensemble completed by black patent heels and a huge black chunky necklace,she looked sensational and as she swayed her hips I nearly came where I stood.

As if she had eyes in the back of her head she said \"mind the steps ,you know what happens when you ogle my bum!\" I just laughed and said you know me too well.As we entered the kitchen she turned kissed me again helping me remove my paint splattered shirt ,as it dropped to the floor she sterted to nibble my nipples and her hands immeditely went for the waistband of my jeans qickly undoing the buttons ,I kicked off my trainers and as I sat on the stool she slipped the jeans off.Sitting there in only best boxers and socks only one thing for it the socks had to go. Now you look more comfortable she said lets have coffee,having poured us each a cup she hopped up onto the next stool,put her leg between mine and started to stroke my thigh as we chatted.As on the previous occassion my cock started to respond immediately,as the boxers started to bulge she slid her hand inside them and grasped my cock,she leaned across brushing my cheek with her lips and murmered don\'t you just love an ever ready cock.Quickly sliding from her stool she lowered her head and sucked my throbbing tool into her mouth,gently bobbing up and down,she seemed in a trance I can only imagine that she was being severely rationed by her old man,it was as if she hadn\'t had any for years.After a couple of minutes she lifted her head and reaching for my hand said follow me.

As we enterd her bedroom she told me to lie on the bed and she proceeded to remove her blouse and trousers,then she put her shoes back on ,and facing me asked whether she looked ok? ,picture this a beautifully manicured 50 something dressed only in whie bra and thong,holdups,high heels and a necklace and she wanted to know if she looked ok,phenominal I replied but I don\'t think you need the bra,she just laughed reaching back to release the clasp she said I forgot your\'e a tit man.As the bra released her glourios breasts sprang free in all their magnificent glory her large nipples erect,she then joined me on the bed .In an instant she removed my boxers and had my cock back in her mouth,my fingers tweaking her monster nipples which seemed to get even harder,leaving her nipples my hands explored her backside sliding between her rounded cheeks ,she groaned as my finger tips traced gently around her puckered ring,her hips gently pushing back allowing easier access to her slit which was allready silky and very moist.My finger slipped in and immediately found her swollen clit as I gently rubbed she shuddered one that travelled from her toes ,as I continued the gentle manipulation she released my cock from her mouth looked up and said I\'m going to fuck you senseless today.She pushed me down onto my back and as she straddled me eased her thong aside and impaled herself on my prick,this first one is just for me she said,just lie back and leave it to me.She was like a woman possesed as she launched herself onto my body,each thrust felt as if she were trying to smash my balls up her fanny,she was totally gone,just murmering fuck me,fuck me hard come on give me your cream,as she increased her tempo I was so intent on watching the contortions of her face ,eyes closed ,head thrown back and listening to the filthy language pouring from her mouth that I was unusually nowhere near coming,she however was approaching her climax fast her hips were thrusting like pistons ever quicker,her language choicer and several decibels louder,she was in another place.Suddenly her knees left the bed ,she supported herself with her hands on my hips and the soles of her feet ,riding me like a jockey,her cunt gripping my cock like a vice,she was fantastic an animal ,rutting like a stag ,she started to groan it\'s coming ,fucking hell its big,yeeeeees its here ,her head came forward as she pounded away give me that spunk give it me nowwwwww,screaming she climaxed,going faster still she stripped my cream from me,as I shuddered she slowed her pace but seemed to increase the length of each stroke and tighten the muscles in her cunt,this combination took me to a place I had never been my balls were twitching and carried on pumping even when she collapsed onto my stomach.Eventually the shocks subsided and she opened her eyes and grinned,leaning forward she kissed the tip of my nose and said how good was that,now thats what I call a fuck,I just smilled inanely and said it can\'t get better than that,we\'ll see she said.

Finally when my heart had stopped trying to push out the front of my chest she slid off,nestling beside me,her hand again reaching between my legs.Whilst cupping my balls gently she asked whether I had enjoyed myself as much as her ,I could only reply saying that I had lost so much spunk I thought I would struggle to ever come again,Oh I think you will she winked,but you\'re right I will have to go to the bathroom,my poor cunt is drowning!!When she returned bringing two glasses of white wine she still looked a million dollars,handing me the wine she hopped back into bed,snuggled down and we relaxed with the wine and a cigarette,leaving me to finish the ciggy she drank the last of her wine and returned her wicked fingers to my cock.Being a woman the questions started ,What turns you on? she said everything you\'ve done so far I replied ,no what I mean is how should I look dress wise,you\'ve done ok so far I diplomatically replied,what about schoolgirl?no not for me ,french maid ,no,policewoman, no,I know she said Hooker,my dick must have twitched slightly in her fingers,you dirty bugger she said,so its short skirts,tight jumpers ,loads of makeup,thigh boots,skimpy underwear is it? any answer became irrelevant,my cock gave me away it was bone hard in her hand,so she said slidding down to yet again swallow my prick ,your wish is my command,with that she focussed all her attention on blowing me to heaven,amazingly quickly con sidering how much spunk she had taken I felt more sap begining to rise,so did she,releasing my cock from her mouth she just said stand up infront of me,she sat on the edge of the bed,pulling me to her she placed it back in her mouth,fuck my throat she muttered around my cock,now and hard,lets have some more cum,yet again I was gone ,my cock in her mouth up to my balls,I fucked and she imitated a vacuum cleaner,slurping madly until I gushed yet again,I grabbed the back of her head pushing in the full length,pumping cream in seemingly by the gallon,she just smilled,swallowed and kept on sucking until not a drop was left.

I told you I was going to fuck you senseless,she said laughing and boy am I enjoying the challenge.It\'s years since I had sex like this,i\'ll have to think back to my creative days.Christ I thought I\'m in trouble she going to fuck me to death .As I got back onto the bed the phone rang and she went into the lounge to answer it ,rest at last,more to follow no doubt!!!!