Written by Rory

21 Jun 2011

Diane my mothers friend had not only become my cleaner but also my lover, not only teaching me more about how to satisfy a woman but getting a young,hard cock and a lot of love in return, she'd had a difficult marriage which came to an end when she caught her husband in what can only be described as a compromising position with two men on their bed, perhaps that explained their difficult relationship.

After their breakup Diane spent a lot more time with me, most nights she would spend in my bed, often instigating sex, it was great, she also started to change, she wanted to do things that till then she had only ever read about, and others that she had not experienced since she was much younger, I was only to happy of course, to go along with her wishes.

The first time anything different happened was when we were returning from an evening at the cinema, we went to a local beauty spot, we parked up in the car park away from the few cars that were there, we started to snog and very quickly her top and bra were off, quickly followed by her jeans and panties, she then wanted to go for a walk, she slipped her coat over her shoulders and we walked along a path between some tree's with her body on display. I was surprised by how many guys appeared out of the tree's having a good look at Diane as they passed her, as we were about to turn back a guy appeared, walking in the opposite direction with his erect cock on show, he stopped saying hello and how good Diane looked nearly naked, and what a sexy body she has, we walked back to the car together and parted on our return to the car park.

Back in the car we couldn't wait any longer, we rapidly had the seat reclined,with my hard cock was buried deep inside her, and her legs wrapped around me pulling me even harder into her, as I exploded, flooding my cum into her, I saw the guy that we had met earlier standing watching us, wanking his cock furiously, as Diane watched he came spurting all over my car, slipping just her top on we drove home with her telling me how much she had enjoyed herself, behaving she said, like a slut.

A few weeks later we did something else that neither of us had done, we went to a porn cinema, we were both very nervous but were put at ease when we entered the sex shop by the manager, who explained that we could do anything that we liked or absolutely nothing it was up to us, we found a seat near the back of the small room and watched the very good film, which soon had us both well turned on, I could feel my hard cock trying to burst out of my jeans. Looking around Diane saw many of the guys had their cocks out, wanking, she said she had never seen so many lovely hard cocks, looking behind us we saw that there was another couple in there, her small pert breasts were out with her not wearing a bra, two guys were fondling them, one of them also had his hand up her short skirt fingering her.

Turning Back to Diane I removed her top and bra letting her breasts spill out fondling and kissing them, She lifted her bumo help me, as I slipped her skirt and panties down, slipping my fingers into her wet pussy, she was obviously feeling as randy as I was.

A guy came and sat next to her, his hand finding its way to her leg, when she didn't move he he got braver with his fingers stroking her now very swollen lips, his fingers buried deep into her till I saw her shudder and squeal as she reached her orgasm, I was still hard, my cock was throbbing, seeing this, Diane, smiling at me stood up, bending over the seat, I didn't need another invitation, standing I pushed my rock hard cock into her, fucking her hard, she started saying, my bum, my bum, she had never asked me to do that before, pulling out of her pussy. I quickly pushed hard into her arse, she gasped loudly as I entered her, pushing into her tight hole, it didn't take long before I reached my climax flooding her hot bum hole with my cum, looking around I saw a group of guys standing watching us with their cocks out, all wanking furiously. It was a great afternoon but I have to say we didn't see much of the films.

Turning to Diane