Written by Lucky Lad

23 Jun 2015

It was an event that had been brewing for a long, long time.

I had met my now wife about 18 months ago, and we had enjoyed a healthy sex life from almost day one. But she was never what you would call adventurous. I was quickly introduced to her family, and spent weekends staying in their spacious house, in an up market area of Bristol.

From the very first meeting with her parents I was attracted to her mother. She was not fat, just well toned, a nice trim figure in fact, not over endowed but an obvious handful, and always dressed immaculateybu whether in jeans and a shirt, or a designer outfit, in fact she was everything a young man would want in a cougar.

In the early months that I was visiting, Shirley would always make me very welcome, but that was it. But as time went on, she became a lot more casual, and would often wear a shirt top, with no bra, casually exposing her breasts. As time went on, she became more sexual towards me, the casual brush against me, and the joking tweak of my arse. This continued for some time. Then my girlfriend got a job local to her parents, and was there full time 7 days a week. Being a freelance designer, I could juggle my working week, and would often go to stay of r a few days mid-week. On one such occasion, I was sat in the lounge reading the paper, when shirley came in, dressed in just a skirt and blouse, and sat opposite me, starting up small talk she constantly crossed her legs, clearly showing she was totally naked under her skirt. After about 10 minutes of this, and my cock beginning to get harder, she just came out with the question every young guy thinks he will never hear.

"Well" she said "you have seen the goods, now would you like to fuck me?" She got up from the chair and joined me on the settee, sitting close to me, and putting her arm around me. "I have heard you at night fucking Jane, I don't get much sex now, but I still need it at my age". She put her hand on my leg and proceeded to move it up to the groin. Cuddling closer, she moved in and kissed me, a deep tongue kiss as she groped me and felt for my cock. Within minutes she had my cock out and stroking it with such force I thought it was coming off. It was not long before both of us were naked and kissing and cuddling each other….she dipped her head and gave me the most awesome blow job, something her daughter would not perform on me….and never did. We lay on the carpet and I entered her….OMG …she was so tight, and the best fuck I had had for a long time, it was not long before she had an orgasm, and I followed not long after. She held me tight as I shot my load up her pussy.

We laid in each others arms on the floor for some time, before she kissed me and got up, "I had better go and clean up before sorting out supped ter." That was just the first of many occasions we would share having sex, she would want it any time any where, even when my girlfriend was in the house. The house had a downstairs cloakroom, I was sat watching a film with my girlfriend, her mother was in the kitchen. I got up to go to the toiled, and on entering the cloakroom, her mother was already in there, her skirt up around her waist, and she was playing with her pussy. I closed the door and she got my cock out, and gave me a blow job, I came in her mouth,, we kissed and I went back to my girlfriend, she never knew just what a whore her mother was. This went on for the next couple of years, on a regular basis, sometimes she would even offer to take me into town for shopping and stop off somewhere so we could have sex, any kind of sex either full intercourse or just a fumble. Over the coming years she seemed to get younger looking, and certainly changed her looks dress wise. She would go shopping with my girlfriend and instead of her normal "mums" underwear, she would buy sexy lingerie just to excite me when we could have our sexual encounters.

And so it was the relationship with my girlfriend progressed, we got a flat together, and eventually decided to get married. She had to go and live with her parents for a time to be able to get married at the local church, leaving me alone in our flat. This was the most time I had had with her mother, with no fear of being caught. We had quite a few sessions before out wedding, by now her mother had persuaded me to teach her all sorts of kinky things, she had never had anal sex but now she insisted on it nearly every time we had sex. She would happily let me cum in her mouth, she became the ultimate whore.

After 20 years of marriage, my wife and I split up. I had engaged on a number of affairs since getting married, and was found out on one. But through all those 20 years I continued to have sex with her mother. In some of the most bizarre places and situations. Despite her age and very posh upbringing, she was a real down to earth fucker. She had never seen any porn films, so when I showed her one about a similar situation…..she got herself a laptop, on the guise it was for just sending letters and looking at the internet….but if you knew where to look, she had downoaded loads of porn wheich she would watch either while masterbating or with me either fucking or just fondling each other.

Sadly, since my divorce, I do not get to have regular contact with her mum, but I only have to phone on some lame excuse to see her, and she will dress to kill in stockings, suspenders and the full monty, knowing that she is going to get a good fucking. We have since then done the most bizarre of places, one that comes to mind was the Natural History Museum in Bristol, a vast museum, and not that busy, especially midweek. We fucked in amongst the gorillas and apes section. Another time it was the changing room in Debenhams in the town centre…OMG when she was on heat…she was insatiable.