Written by z

14 Feb 2008

We had been driving for a couple of hours when we stopped at the service station for a brew and a toilet break.My wife was still in her stockings & suspenders from the wedding we had been too the night before.We had our coffee and eat then went to the loo. While i was in the toilets i noticed a couple of blokes that were a bit merry with drink. I didn\\\\\\\'t think anymore until we were getting in our car and they were in the car park getting into a van near to us, along with another man who was the driver. They looked over at us and whistled at my wife as she walker accross the car park in her high heels and short skirt.She smiled as she past them and said Hi. When she got to the car ( I was already in at this time ) they watched as she opened the door and sat in, but as she did so her skirt rode up to show her stocking tops, she told me later that this was done on purpose.We set off and it wasn\\\\\\\'t long before the van was travelling behind us, and as it overtook us, the 2 drunken lads were at the window smiling and one actually dropped his pants to show us his dick.My wife laughed at this so i overtook them & pulled slowly along side, she then lifted her skirt to reveal her stockings & suspenders to the men. One of them was at the window and was wanking furiously as he looked down at her legs, she then lifted her arse & took off her knickers, put one leg onto the dashboard and started rubbing herself off. There we were travelling along the motorway, my wife fingering herself with her stockings & suspenders on, legs apart while 3 men watched and one wanked.I was in heaven by now, we had done some flashing before,while driving but nothing like this.The next service station was about 5 miles away so I told her we were going to pull in and have some fun.I pulled into the far corner of the car park and the van pulled alongside. In a flash the men were out and had our door open, hands were all over her, they had her tits out and one had his hand between her legs. They pulled her out and by now she was really up for it, in the back of the van was a couple of cushions, the 2 men had her on her back in the van skirt & top off, just stockings, suspenders and high heels. Her legs wre lifted high in the air and i watched as a 6inch cock entered her and with long hard strokes pounded away at her, the other lad sat accross her and put his cock to her mouth and started to fuck her face. The driver was watching and wanking himself, and i thought I might aswell watch & wank,as i started to wank my rock hard cock i noticed the driver was watching me then he came over and just took my hand away from my cock and placed his head in my lap. I was now sat having a blowjob off a man while watching 2 men fuck the arse off my wife.They used and abused her body for about 10 minutes then both emptied their cum into her mouth and pussy.I exploded mine as i watched them and realised i was still in the mouth of the driver.My wide then said she had enjoyed watching me have my cock suckedoff a man and proceded to give the driver a really slow long blowjob. He sat as she took his length into her mouth and as her head bobbed up and down i could see that one of the others were getting hard again and he then entered her from behind. As she sucked one man and was being fucked by the other i watched and took some pictures on my phone.As i did so i noticed a man watching from nearby and waved him over. His phone cam out and he took some photos himself while wanking himself off. he shot his load all over her arse just as the 2 men shot their loads.We said our goodbye and went into the service area and cleaned ourslves up. The journey home was full of her flashing at other van / truck drivers asking for us to do it again but i said another time.