27 Jul 2016

Hi this is another spin off from Keighley market toilets . I was a van driver delivering to certain places in the Liverpool / Manchester area , travelling back along the M62 on day the sign for the services came into view , as it was only 3pm i thought i would try it out to see if there was any cock action going , as i entered the urinals were on the right , turning left there was a row of 5 or 6 cubicles on my left and 1 cubicle and what i thought was a disabled toilet on my right ( it was in fact a larger cubicle with wash basin and shower in ) both on my right were occupied , i entered the middle cubicle on the left , closed and locked the door and my pants were round my ankles in seconds , i looked to both left and right for the wanking shadow , no action so i leant forward and looked under , nothing happening to my right and the cubicle after that was empty , no action to my left but the cubicle after that there was a wanking shadow, i re-arranged myself and knelt on the floor looked back under to my left and the guy far left was still trying to get some action , just then something caught my eye across at the 2 other cubicles , as i looked across a guy in the larger cubicle was knelt on the floor like me beckoning me to go across into the now empty cubicle to his left , i was over there in seconds , locked the door and as i pulled my pants down i could see his knees against the cubicle wall , i knelt down straight away and looked under (nice ) a big pair of balls leading up to a nice 8 inch purple headed cock , my hand grasp his shaft and started to wank his cock , then he wanted to wank me so we changed places , after a while i wanted to suck him and beckoned him to the gap at the wall , he watched as i stripped all my clothes off , my cock as hard as fuck , i knelt to the gap and asked him to do the same then slide his legs under and i would suck him off , he was naked in no time and i was drooling as first his legs then his cock came into view under the cubicle wall , i sucked and slurped on that wonderful 8 inch cock for all i was worth , all the while he was thrusting his cock into my mouth , soon his spunk was hitting the back of my throat , what a load , but i swallowed the lot , he returned the favour and sucked my cock like an expert , i remember looking under at the other cubicle as he was sucking me but still no action. That was my first time at these toilets and over the weeks , months , years since i had a weekly shoot and swallow at these toilets. Once i had got there and the larger toilet and the 1 next to it was empty , i shot in and locked the door behind me , checked around the cubicle , sink across to the right of the bog then shower cubicle next to that , i checked behind the sink and found 2 dirty mags , i was naked and on the floor in seconds with the mags opened , tossing at my cock , i was also always checking under the cubicle wall and door for some cock action and soon enough it came not 1 nor 2 but 3 cocks wanted some action , it started with the cubicle next to mine , the guy eventually looked under the wall and saw me sat there tossing my cock at the mags , got my attention and beckoned me over and asked to suck my cock , sure i replied , i noticed as i talked to him that 2 more guys across at the other cubicles had been also watching me and both were trying to get my attention , i sent the nearest of the 2 a note saying i was going to slide my body under the wall and the guy next to me was going to suck my cock and that while i was getting sucked off would he like to come and stick his cock in my mouth and i would suck him off and to pass the note to the guy next to him so he could follow after . i edged to the wall and slid my feet under and slowly inched my way under till my cock sprang up after clearing the wall , straight away i felt the warmth of his mouth as it engulfed around my cock and then heard the slurping of him bobbing up and down on my cock , and was laid on my back now and looked under my door ( which i had already unlocked in antipitation ) just in time to see the guy nearest across passing my note to the other guy then coming across to my cubicle , he entered and without saying a word got his 7 inch cock out and knelt at the side of me , i got up a bit and sucked his cock into my mouth i was bobbing up and down on it when the cubicle door opened and the other guy walked in , his cock was out in no time wow 9 or 10 inches the first guy shot his load into my mouth as i was tossing the other guy once i had swallowed all his spunk my mouth then clamped around the big guys cock , i had not realised but the guy sucking my cock was now bouncing up and down on it he had stuffed my cock up his arse and from the sounds was loving it, i laid back down and told guy 2 to lay across me and stuff his cock down my throat , i deep throated him long and hard , soon we both came together him down my throat me up the other guys arse . Another time i had again got in the larger cubicle and the guy next door was already naked , i made contact and straight away his cock was under the wall , i too was naked and was on it in seconds i sucked his cock for awhile then he moved back and strangely put his head under the cubicle wall and asked me to feed him my cock which i did, after 10 mins he asked me if i would fuck his arse , sure i said i would slide under the cubicle wall so he could bounce up and down on my cock, no he said wait there and moved back from the cubicle wall , in seconds he was climbing over the top and into my cubicle , hi he said and then just stuck his tongue down my throat , soon he told me how he had always missed me but had heard from others that i was a good catch and now he had caught me that my cock was going into his arse , and what an arse he had , he got on all fours and i slid my 7 inch cock into his magnificent arse it just slid in with ease , i fucked him for a good 20 minutes , when i was ready to come i sat back on the bog and got him to bounce up and down on my cock as he was doing so i was tossing his rock hard cock , i tried to catch his spunk as the first couple of spurts flew over his shoulder , i got the rest which he had emptied onto his chest and stomach after i had shot my load into his arse, we met quite a few time after all great sessions , great times were had at these toilets , sadly ive been in recently but there not the same. Anyway i hope you enjoy reading my true stories , look out for another one soon.