12 Jan 2017

I am delighted about the response to the story, Olga and I have met regularly since and things are going well. i do need to explain though that i am a frequent user of this site and have played in the past and intend to in the future.

However i am sure you will agree that it is not necessarily apt to dive straight in with a new relationship and start prattling on about threesomes and gangbangs or dogging. I know these subjects along with cuckolding, flashing and exhibitionism are all things i am keen to explore and have had fun with in the past but with a new lady, it is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut and obviously in my eyes a great start has been made and i feel i might be ready to suggest having fun fairly soon, probably before we don our skis in Poland, only a few weeks away.

So please be patient and bear with me because I would love nothing more than enjoy sex with her and another guy but feel she will respond to a softly softly approach, trust must be built up and i would like the relationship to blossom as it appears to be doing but Rome, as they say was not built in a day.

A small start was made when we were caught naked in my car by a dog walker in a remote car park at a reservoir near Northampton but though he must have seen Olga naked, he moved on quickly and did not return, we looked at each other and laughed so I think the possibilities are there and we have a building block to establish my so far secret desires for us.

I do expect our friendship to get the chance to develop more fully when we have a whole week together away from work, but we will see. We are staying at her parents' place for a couple of days but the rest of the time we will be miles away in a hotel. She is a special lady and is quite a funster too, just the kind of lass to be with, just need to see whether she cooks or not, but that is no worry, I can and have been married before so life evolves, will catch up with any fun stories for you as soon as they occur.