Written by just Bob

16 Aug 2010

A camping and mountian biking trip was planned with friends Scott and Anne. I have know Scott since school and Anne for about 4 months. They are both fitness freaks, allways involved in sports of any kind. Myself a bit husky but a rider with legs good for the long haul.

We got to the camp gound pitched our tents and unpack. I went to get the trial maps while A & S changed into their riding gear. Upon return A was stunning with her tight shorts showing a great legs. S loaded the gear on our bikes while I changed. We were taking route good for four or five hours of riding along the bluffs of the lakeshore. The halfway point we all broke for lunch. A scenic turnout with tables was our stop. A sat cross from me. Her Nipples were hard and quite visible through her top. S Had to point them out and A responded by saying watching your tight asses for miles has gotten to her. After lunch break I led out. About thirty minutes later A&S had dropped off the pace and soon were not in sight. I slowed my pace and still no sign of them. I turned back to see if there was a problem. A few hundred yards back their bikes were parked at a foottrail to an overlook. I park my bike and headed down the trail in search of the two.

As I approched the overlook I saw them on a blanket. S had his short around his ankel and A was topless on her knees sucking and stroking S. I stood there watching them against a tree hoping I wouldn't bee seen. Soon S pull A up and lowered her shorts, grabbed her firm cheeks and pressed his face into her pussy. She put her foot on his shoulder allowing better access her pert breast jiggled. I had my cock out and was stroking it as they carried on not knowing I was there. Soon A was ready and laid down on the blanket knees up and spread. I saw her pussy trimmed neatly, wet swollen lips just begging to be fucked. S got between her legs and entered her. She moaned out and her started bitting her nipples. A spoke up give it to me from behind. S made the position change and A was facing towards me. S pushed in again with slow stokes as she reached under to play with her clit or his balls I could not see. About to cum, I made too much niose and was spotted by A. Bob!, how long have you been there? A asked. Too long saw most of everthing. A said well come here and let me see you cock. S smiled and told me it was OK. A took hold and started wanking me. S went back to pumping her from behind. A took me into her mouth. I did not last long, gave A warning and started to pull out. She grabbed my ass and held me tight as I shot my load into her mouth. She came next and the S filled her from behind. A few minutes later we were dressed and riding again.