Written by V

19 Feb 2017

Under a year with my boyfriend

, he started quite innocently with me, a few months of straight sex.. then the wild side came into life. He knew that I was up for anything and that I'd go along.

First he asked me about my ex lovers during sex, and made me give him details ,next he got me a dildo and watched me fuck it while I sucked him. I knew where it was going and liked it so I played along.

A few weeks later he asked me to dress ultra slutty in crazy short skirts and flash people in the pubs,and clubs, this was all good for a while and I really enjoyed the attention. He then started posting pictures of me on sites and forums and showed me the comments. I knew this was going to a be fun relationship.

Finally while on holiday he asked to go to a swingers club and he watched me dance with other men. The next night we went back and I sucked him and another man off while others watched. The night after that he paid a stripper from the club to fuck me while he watched and then joined in.

After the holidays we decided to have an open relationship and he wanted me to fuck other men. We picked up guys from clubs for threesomes and had plenty of fun. I even got to hook up with a few ex's.

This went on for a while and he'd occasionally hint at watching me with two guys. I was fine with it so he then paid for two male escorts to fuck me in a hotel room while he watched and the he joined in too . It was the best fucking sex ever!

Things have gone great in just a short time! The next tick in the box for him is to watch me with an old college friend of his.Will write more soon about that and what ever else we get up to.