18 Jul 2015

So, time moved on and I was fortunate to find a local picnic area where a variety of activities, mostly MM, seemed to occur on an almost daily basis. I became something of a regular visitor and would wander through the scrubby wooded areas and sometimes come across gentlemen playing with each other, mostly manually but very occasionally orally.

Although I do confess that I was interested to join it, it soon became apparent that there are protocols to be followed and one must respect these of course. I did not receive invitations to join but was tolerated watching from a discrete distance on occasion, all of which I enjoyed very much.

This changed one day as I was wandering aimlessly through the woods one damp afternoon in late autumn. The car park had been completely empty when I arrived but I had decided that a short walk would be pleasant so I had set off.

On my way back to my car I came across a guy just standing against a tree. I thought it a little odd I suppose but carried on anyway. However, I soon realised that he was watching me and indeed following.

Now I am sure that many people will realise that one has to be careful these days, in all sorts of ways, so I was suspicious and kept walking.

As I stopped, so did he. I could hear him moving behind me through the autumn leaves.

Finally I decided to just let him go on so I stopped next to a thick hedge and waited.

Clearly the gentleman decided that he was going to make a move. He just walked up to me and without a word (why is it people often don’t talk at all in these circumstances?) rubbed his hand up the front of my trousers and started to squeeze my, by now rapidly hardening , cock.

I thought it only good manners to return the complement and did the same to him. He was not in the least hard and actually backed away a little at this point, which was a little disappointing to be honest.

Then, to my complete surprise however, he dropped to his knees in front of me, unzipped my trousers and quickly fished my now fully erect cock out into the open air in front of his face.

Of course I am watching this with growing excitement. He didn’t look up at me, smile or say a word but simply eased back my foreskin and licked my glistening knob a few times before slowly sucking my entire length into his mouth.

Maybe I should explain at this point that my wife has never licked or sucked me. Nor have I had the pleasure of going down on her either. She doesn’t like the idea one little bit so to have someone more than willing to take my aching member in their mouth was just heavenly.

This gentleman clearly had some experience in the gentle art of sucking cock however and he pleasured me for at least ten minutes, gently sucking and wanking, before I knew I was about to cum and told him so, it only seemed polite. He didn’t stop or even slow down so I filled his mouth with my spunk.

While I was still gasping, he licked my knob clean, stood up and just walked away. Leaving me to recover my breath and rehouse my softening cock in my trousers.

Needless to say, I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and as the years went on it was thankfully not my last.