Written by Dee

2 Jun 2017

Last year I got my confidence back (escaped an awful marriage, a man who would not have oral sex as it meant that I potentially had control over him - need I say any more!). So I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that most porn depicted crap blowjobs and was successful in putting it into practice and was amazed that they all said I gave the best BJ ever. So research pays off!

Where do I start! I am 51 and had never slept with a man who was older than me. I had recently introduced a lovely 21 year old to the art of a proper blowjob, I resisted for a while as being far too young, but he was a gentleman and very well mannered. He was fed up with "little girls" his own age who had no idea what they were doing! So, I thought why not, be a Mrs Robinson type! - Again, my BJ skills were above his expectations.

It got me to thinking if I can go 30 years younger, I really should try an older man. Well AquaLibra contacted me and I thought well may as well go from one extreme to another! (note I have had a few slightly older men after my first encounter with AquaLibra).

What he says is true in his stories about our encounters., It opened my eyes to the fact that age doesn't mean a thing. Wow, he certainly had stamina and had no problem staying erect,. Oh and his tongue! He licked and sucked my cunt for such a long time making me cum. He loved to satisfy me as I him.

I look forward to the next time and I am sure one of us will spill all with the details.