Written by chezjohn

24 Sep 2017

Hi and thanks to all who liked my true story , i have been asked to tell more , as i have already told you about the start of our evening of the Mrs getting ready and all that stuff i will carry on from there ,

on one of our drive abouts we noticed a truck parked up by itself with the driver sitting in it with the cab light on doing some paper work or something so i parked in front of him but not to close i put our interior light on and we started to mess about i had her tits out which was not hard sa she only had a low cut tight fitting top on that showed her tits and nipples to there full glory we could see the truck driver looking i was as hard as hell and i felt her pussy and she was wet as fuck i slipped a couple of fingers in her she but didnt need much playing with she was ready to be fucked by that truck driver so i got her out the car put the lights on her and sent her to the truck as she walked down in the headlights of our car she looked beaut and was a hot sexy older woman wanting to be fucked by a complete stranger i was as hard and she was wet when she got to the truck she went to the driver,s door and after a couple of seconds she beckoned me down as i walked down she was getting it the truck by the time i got there the driver was already sucking her tits and as i got in he stopped sucking her tits and looked at me as if to make sure it was all good ,by the way she can kiss you hard in seconds and as his mouth was of her tits she pulled his head up and snogged the face of him it didnt take long for him to find her wet pussy and he soon had her legs open and slipping her a finger or two she was getting into his shorts now as i said this is 100%true no BS so i wont lie this truck drive didnt hav a 8or 9 inch cock that was as fat as it was long in fact he was smaller than me but like me he was fucking hard and needed to fuck her and she needed it there and then i gave the driver a condom didnt say anything but that was the green light for him he soon lost his shorts ond covered his hard pre cum leaking cock now i have to tell you this my Mrs as got a beaut tight pussy but when she is ready to be fucked she can take a hard cock with ease and as you push into her its tight warm and wet cunt and she controls her cunt like you would never think possible its alway tight but never to tight to be painful to push into her so i knew this truck driver was about to get the best bit of pussy he could only dream of he moved her around so he could fuck her from behind there was not a lot of room in the cad but we managed to both get our cocks in her the driver was up her and i was sticking my cock her mouth again i could say it went on for hours but it didnt it only lasted a couple of minute,s the truck driver pumped her a couple of time then he screamed shot is load and he was done for now when you have my Mrs wanting to be fucked a couple of thrust is no good to her so i had to finish her off what the truck drive couldnt do but a quickie in a truck was not gonna be the end of the evening this was like the starter before the main meal we left a well fucked truck driver but we both needed more the night was still young and the bars was still open and guys who had not pulled would be walkinghome alone prime meat for more sexy fun and there was more that night .