Written by Susan

16 Jun 2011

Over the last year or so, after finding this site, I have read, many stories with intrest and had many a laugh as well. I have noticed a few stories about women's experiences in foriegn countries and one in particular struck me for I've had a similar experience, I thought some readers might like to hear about it.

My name is Sue, at the time I was thirty years old and divorced, I couldn't have babies so I have kept my figure and, since my divorce have enjoyed a few sexual experiences. However, the one thing I didn't like was that so many of the men wanted more than I wanted to give, I just wanted no commitment sex. Then I had a conversation with a couple of women who work in the department that I manage for the company I work for. They were both married and we had been talking about sex when it came out that they enjoyed foreign holidays purely for sex! It appeared that they had first heard about women doing this from other friends, neither of them had good sex at home so decided they would have a go and see what happened. According to them it was the perfect answer for no strings sex with little chance of their husbands ever learning about it, I thought maybe this is for me?

Now I also have a widowed mother, who was forty-nine at the time, we'd lost Dad some five years before and Mum wasn't the sort to go looking for something she sorely missed. She and Dad, I knew because I had grown up listening to their noisy sex at night, had had a great sex-life and I knew that Mum had been frustrated for years. I knew that because we are very close and she'd told me how hard she found it after she lost Dad. It occurred to me that such a holiday might well be at least a partial solution to her needs.

Without reference to Mum I went to a travel agent and booked a fortnight's hilday for the two of us. It was to a town in Turkey called Fethiye which I had been advised was a good place for what I wanted. I told Mum what I had done and why, she was extremely dubious about going at all, so I told her that I wasn't going to waste the money and, if she didn't want to take the opportunity to have sex she didn't have to and could just enjoy a normal holiday. Now Mum had also retained her figure, she'd had me quite young and had taken care of herself because she wanted to please Dad. We were both blonde with, in my case green eyes and Mum blue ones, we looked more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Without going into all the stuff of arranging everything I will just go straight into our arrival at Fethiye at half-one in the morning. Our accommodation was room only and we were very pleased to find a nice big room with two large single beds with a bathroom en-suite, really I should say it was a shower-room and a wet-room at that, the first time I had known such a thing. We went straight to bed on arrival. I woke at about half ten that morning, it was already warm, I went and had a shower. When I came out Mum was awake and she took her nightie off and went for a shower too. I should explain thast we were very close and ever since I was a child there was no false modesty and had seen her naked as a matter of course, Dad too for that matter. The male organ was not a secret to me when I was growing up and it's probably true that sexual curiosity was responsible for my early interest in sex and the loss of my virginity. Therafter sex was a part of my life, when I married, my husband was very good at it, unfortunately he was also violent, hence my divorce.

I'd been told that Turkish men did not like hairy fannies so I'd shaved mine, not that neither Mum nor I had much body hair at all. When Mum saw that I'd shaved my fanny she asked why, I told her she said, 'Well I'm not shaving mine!' Afterwards we dressed in light summer frocks with just bra and pants under and sallied out to find breakfast. We strolled along the quay with all the tour boats moored there, attracting the interest of the Turkish men. We found a quayside restaurant easily enough and after strolled around the old town. Fethiye is probably not many people's idea of a resort, in fact it was a real Turkish working town with beaches available not far away. We had a snack lunch then returned to our hotel, put on our swimwear, a bikini for me and a one-piece for Mum, summer dresses over and, taking a bag with sun-cream, books, towels etc., we went to find a water-taxi to Calis Beach. Half an hour later we were sitting on the beach. A lad came along and we hired two sun-beds and a parasol and settled down.

There was a constant movement of men walking back and forth, they appeared to be assessing the talent available for they certainly gave us a bit more than a casual once-over! However, no problems, as it was our first day we returned to our hotel about four o'clock. We showered and lay naked on our beds during the heat. We both dozed off and woke at about half seven when we showered again and dressed for an evening out. I'd been well advised by my friends at work, we wandered round being constantly badgered by the men outside carpet shops, leather shops and jewellers. As it was our first day we managed to fend off any invitations, they weren't too persistent anyway. Then we found another nice restaurant, there were plenty of them. After that we wandered around again for a bit before finding the 'Blues Bar' which I had been told was a good place to meet men and have a dance etc.

This was certainly true, we had hardly sat down with our drinks before two lads approached and asked us to dance, Mum was a bit reluctant but went anyway. Returning to our table Mum was practically in hysterics, 'God!' she gasped, 'Are they all like that?' 'Like what?' I asked, innocently. 'You know perfectly well, Susan, I bet your boy had an erection too, mine was pressing it against me all the time!' I laughed, 'I know, Mum, I ought to have warned you because the girls at work told me that's what I had to expect!' 'You might have told me,' Mum grumbled. 'Get on,' I laughed, 'I bet you enjoyed it!' 'I haven't felt a cock against me for years,' Mum replied, 'of course I enjoyed it!' As a boy came over and asked her to dance, she added, 'And I shall now enjoy more!' For the next couple of hours we both danced with boys, all of whom appeared to be in their late teens or early twenties, all of them sported strong erections. By the end Mum had her arms round a lad hauling him into to close contact.

There were a couple of lads who appeared to be together that we liked particularly, mine was called Cem (pronounced Chem) and Mum's was Hakaan. When I got up to go and spend a penny he followed me in the little passageway e grabbed me, 'I fuck you!' he said, kissing me. 'Yes,' I replied, 'but not here.' As I answered he had his hand up my dress and cupped my fanny, my knickers were instantly wet, 'I said, not here,' I told him, 'wait here.' I went in the ladies and peed. He was waiting when I came out, 'Come on,' I said and led him back into the bar. I was considerably excited, I said to Mum, 'Grab your bloke and let's go!' We took them back to the hotel, there was no trouble taking them to our room.

In the room I said to Cem, 'You and Hakaan go shower,' and gave them towels. Ten minutes later they emerged with towels round them, it didn't disguise their erections. Mum and I then showered and came out showing the boys all we had, they looked excited, 'We fuck now?' Cem asked. I led him to my bed and we stood kissing, he dropped his towel. I took hold of the biggest cock I'd ever seen, it was about seven and a half inches long and quite thick, my fanny twitched. While we kissed some more he cupped my fanny again and began to gently caress the lips. I took a quick look at Mum, wondering if she was going to have sex, I needn't have worried she was vigorously wanking Hakaan's cock. Cem and I got on my bed and I parted my legs to let him continue feeling me, he was good, very gentle and proceeding carefully.

I didn't need much playing around with, my fanny had responded instantly, lips swelling and parting, as he touched me he caressed my inner lips, finger fucked me and finally teased my clit, all in about ten minutes. The thrills rolled through me, 'Fuck me,' I gasped, spreading my legs wide, once Cem was between them I lifted my knees and felt his cock pressing between my cunt-lips, I was streaming wet. I gloried in the feel of his cock stretching me as he entered and slid up inside my throbbing cunt. I grabbed his bum and pulled him in tight then, as he pulled back and slid in again I started pulling him hard, 'Come on!' I gasped, 'Fuck me hard!' He finally got the idea and started ramming his lovely cock hard and fast up me, I kissed his neck and in moments I was gone, my mind full of the images of sex, rampant cocks, wide open glistening cunts and lovely spunk shooting everywhere.

Of course it didn't last long, only about two or three minutes, but then I felt him shooting his cum deep inside my demanding cunt. Then he flopped on me, I was kissing his face and neck, holdin, him tight, 'You like?' he asked, 'I like very much,' I replied. He went to pull his soft, floppy cock out, but I stopped him, 'No, you fuck again in a minute,' I told him. I glance over at Mum, now on her back,knees up and spread with Hakaan's bum rising and falling as he fucked her. Soon they were at rest too, 'Alright?' I asked her, 'Oh yes, what a relief, the first time for years. God,Sue, this was a good idea of yours!'

Everything was quiet for a while then I began squeezing Cem's limp cock which was big enough to have stayed inside me, building up a rhythm I soon felt it stir, then as it began to grow, hands on bum, I pulled at him again, he got the iedea and tried fucking which didn't work at first he was too soft but he was soon there fucking hard. 'No, no,' I told him, 'slow now, slow and long!' I don't think he understood me but soon got the idea and I just lay back and let him fuck me gently, full strokes in my spunk filled cunt. It began to get messy as the mixture of my love-juice and his spunk started oozing out round his cock, not that I minded I quite liked 'messy'! Once more I was gone my mind filled again with those glorious images, every fuck I'd ever had streamed like a film show through my brain until I realised that I was bucking against his thrusts and he was beginning to pant. I slowed down and he stopped for a moment, I kissed him, 'Fuck me some more,' I said.

I don't know how long it was, it was certainly quite period of time before he gasped, 'I cum, I cum!' and proceededto ejaculate filling me with his lovely spunk once more. I had found out early in my marriage that I was unable to have babies so had enjoyed the men I had fucked being able to spunk up me, there was nothing I liked better. I looked across at Mum, Hakaan I knew had been fucking her again, now they looked as if they had dozed off, we followed suit.

I was woken by Cem getting up and going to the bathroom, I rolled onto my back and dozed again but was soon woken by him getting between my legs with a hard cock. At least that's what I thought it was, but I quickly realised that it wasn't the same cock. Nevertheless I let Hakaan, for it could only be him, push his cock into me and start fucking. He maintained a good steady rhythm and I much enjoyed my third one, his thrust were quite firm, but not paricularly fast, and it lasted a long time before he finally came. Nothing was said and I dozed off with him on top of me. Some time later I was woken and found myself in foetal position with a cock hudging at my cunt, I lifted my top leg, put my hand down and entered it into my very sloppy cunt, then I fucked it lazily, half asleep. God knows how long that went on for but Hakaan did cum, still had plenty of spunk by the feel of it, once he'd finished I dozed off again.

Cem woke me at about five o'clock, he said, 'I fuck you now, then we go!' I glanced across at Mum, she was already being fucked again.As he fucked me in the mnissionary position Cem said, 'You like Hakaan's yarak?' I guessed that this was the Turkish word for cock and said that I did, 'Good,' he said, 'I fuck you many times more, yes?' 'Yes,' I replied and dozed off as he fucked me gently. I presume he came up me again although I didn't know it and I woke at about nine that morning and the boys had gone.

Mum woke and we looked across at each other, 'Well?' I asked. 'I think it was five times,' she replied, 'even your father never fucked me that number of times!' 'You enjoyed it then?' 'Of course I did, do you know that I'd never had sex at all since your father died, now I've been fucked five times, I think, in one night, I can't believe it!' I laughed, 'And plenty more to come!' Mum said, 'I can't wait, he had a big cock too.... well both of them had, hadn't they?' I nodded, 'Certainly the biggest I've ever had, and I've had a few!' 'I know,' Mum said, 'I always thought that you were cock-happy after that first bloke, relieved you of your virginity!' I said, 'I didn't realise that you knew, after all I was pretty young.' Mum shrugged.

We spent our days on the beach after that, getting a nice tan, and the evenings followed more or less the same pattern. One evening after dinner we were looking in a jewellery shop window when a man came out, he was a rather tall, very good-looking, man, he asked us what we were looking for, I explained that we'd only been in the town a couple of days, we did want to buy a piece of jewellery each before we went home and were just looking. He said, 'Please, come in, I can show you anything you like, no obligation,' his English was perfect. We followed him into the shop where he sat us down and ordered his assistant to bring apple tea, something all the traders did. Then he asked us how long we were in town for, where we came from and asked where our husbands were. He seemed to like the answers, we were there some time and I found the man very attractive. He asked us how we liked Turkish food and we had to confess that we had eaten only English-style meals, he laughed then said, 'You really must try Turkish, I am sure that you would like it, perhaps you would permit me to offer you dinner tomorrow

evening?' I looked at Mum, 'That is very good of you, I'm sure we would both like to accept, wouldn't we Mum?' Mum looked doubtful but agreed, so we arranged a time.

We went on to the Blues Bar and met our escorts of the previous evening and ended up in bed with them again. This time it was all a bit more adventurous, after showering we were both indulged with oral sex which Mum had never experienced before. Seeing a man on his knees before Mum, who was lying at the very end of the bed with her legs over his shoulders, licking and sucking her cunt was a sight worth seeing, Cem and I hadn't got down to it and I stood by Mum's bed and watched as Hakaan sucked her clit sending her into convuslive orgasms the like of which she'd never had. She was soon begging him to fuck her and he hauled her up the bed and we watched as he held his body over her and inserted his cock into her gaping cunt, I could see her love-juice running down her cleft over her bottom. She was gasping with pleasure, I'd never watched anyone in the throes of having sex before and thrilled at the sight of my Mum enjoying the most thrilling sex she'd ever had in her life.

Cem was standing behind me and parted my legs and slipped his cock underneath rubbing it on my slippery cunt lips, I was thoroughly aroused and put my hand down and started frigging my clit. I came quickly, he whispered in my ear, 'I fuck your beautiful cunt!' I moved away and lay on my bed legs outspread, I have the sort of cunt that stays closed until I get penetrated, it even closes immediately after a mans cock is removed, which tends to keep more of his spunk inside for longer. Now Cem mounted me and pushed his cock in and began fucking vigorously, this time even though he was fucking hard and fast, he lasted longer. I said to him, 'I want to see you cum, Cem, do you understand me? I want you to take your yarak out when you are going to cum and let it go all over me, alright?' 'Yes, yes, I understand,' he panted fucking hard. Two minutes later he gasped, 'I cum, I cum!', and pulling his cock out grabbed hold of it, pumped it a couple of times and started shooting. He wasn't the hardest shooter I'd ever had but it was still spectacular, the first couple of spurts landed on my face, the rest tailing off over my neck, breasts and belly. Some actually went in my mouth as I had it open at the time, his spunk tasted good.

I flopped at my side and, after I'd licked away the spunk around my mouth, I kissed him, 'That was lovely, Cem, I like to see a man shooting his spunk!' He grinned, 'You get my yarak hard and I fuck you good!' I smiled, slid down the bed and sucked his limp cock into my mouth, I'd sucked plenty of cock in my time and did him proud, after only a couple of minutes I felt it beginning to stir and soon had him hard. I loved the taste of my cunt juice and his spunk on it and went on until he was literally fucking my mouth. When I realised that his breath was beginning to shorten I pulled it out and kissed him, 'You like?' I asked. 'He smiled, 'Yes, I fuck you now!' and did. This was again a long fuck and was thoroughly enjoyable, I have very rarely had an orgasm while fucking and didn't now, but once he'd shot his load up me and rolled off, I masturbated, my clit was as hard as I had ever known it and it only took seconds before I was convulsed by a lovely cum.

Cem was an interested spectator he had never seen a woman masturbate and told me that Turkish men regarded such activity as insulting they thought it was mens prerogative to make a woman climax. I told him that very few women actually came when being fucked, but I don't think he believed me. That night followed more or less the same as the one before, except that Cem didn't fuck me a second time then, we changed partners. Mum then sucked Cem's cock to get him hard again and I did the same to Hakaan. It felt strange sucking Hakaan's cock and tasting my mother's cunt-juice and his spunk, but enjoyable nevertheless. We were then fucked by the other's partner, Hakaan's cock was slightly bigger than Cems and, of course, every man fucks differently. After we had enjoyed that we swapped again and sucked our partner's hard again, I asked Cem if he had ever sucked a woman's cunt like Hakaan had done, after we'd had sex, he was horrified but I told him next time we were all together he was going to have to suck mine or he wouldn't get any sex from me, he didn't like it, I shrugged and thought that there were plenty more fish in the sea, I liked being given oral, it was all part and parcel of having enjoyable sex.

Once again we had sex a five or six times, I thought Hakaan more experienced than Cem and Mum felt the same. She was thoroughly enjoying all the sex she was getting, it was my feeling that once we got home she would be looking for sex there too. We woke in the morning, well fucked and happy, the boys long gone. Mum said that she rather fancied having someone with more experience than our current lovers and I agreed, it came to pass much quicker than we thought possible.

That evening we met Asmir, the jeweller as arranged. We went to a restaurant we never knew existed it was on the roof of one of thefive storey buildings that fronted the main street behind the gardens that separated the quay from the town. He was greeted by the proprietor as an obviously valued customer, we were immediately introduced, brought our preferred drinks and shown the lovely view over the bay in the moonlight. The menu was chosen by our host, we didn't particularly like the 'meses' but the main course was fantastic, some sort of lamb stew and it was wonderful, the pudding was 'Turkish' fresh fruit salad. We had wine with the meal too, it wa a lovely evening and at the end Asmir askedus if we would like to visit his apartment, to which we agreed, we had gradually come to find him more and more attractive. He paid the bill and then walked us to his apartment, it was entered rather oddly through a door between two buildings leading to a very scruffy yard then through another door and up five flights of stairs, he apologised for the necessity of climbing the stairs.

Asmir took us straight out onto a balcony, this was very wide and deep, deep enough in fact to accommodate a large double bed with ease, 'I sleep out here when the weather is very hot,' he explained. We stood at the rail lokking out over the silvery sea while Asmir made drinks and brought them out. He stood behind Mum pointing out places of interest, when I saw her resting back against him I realised that, in all probablility he had an erection. When I joined them at the rail he put an arm round me as well, 'I cannot remember,' he said, 'being in the company of two such attractive women!' Mum gave a little giggle and said, 'I can feel how attractive you find us Asmir!' He kissed her neck and the next moment the hand of the arm he had round me was supporting my left breast. His thumb brushed my nipple which rose immediately, then he kissed my neck too. As Mum turned to face him I could see that she was aroused by the fact that her nipples showed plainly through the thin summer dress.

'You're being a very good host,' Mum said and kissed him, 'I do hope that we are going to become more intimate.' Asmir seemed not affected in any way, then a moment later he returned her kiss, 'I think,' he said,'that as the senior of you two lovely ladies you should receive the very best of my attention, therefore I shall make love to Susan first, like most men I always last longer a second time. But don't be concerned, dear lady,' to me, 'I have fantastic powers of recovery and stamina.' He took my drink from my hand, led me indoors and showed me his shower room, also a wet-room, 'Please don't be too long, darling,' he kissed me and closed the door on me. I stripped quickly, very excited, and showered, drying myself in a beautifully fluffy Turkish bath towel. This I wrapped round me as I left the bathroom, almost instantly Asmir left what was obviously a bedroom also dressed in a towel, 'I have an en-suite to my bedroom,' he explained and conducted me to the bed on the balcony.

He kissed me and while doing so removed our towels, 'I knew you would be just as beautiful naked,' he said standing back and surveying my body. 'I could say the same about you,' I told him, looking at by far the biggest cock I had ever seen. He smiled as he lay me on the bed, he joined me with a passionate kiss, 'Don't be alarmed by the size of my penis, I appreciate that not many men are given the blessing of such a member and that you have probably not experienced such size before, I assure you that I shall proceed very carefully.' His cock surely was very large, I estimated somewhere around eight and half to nine inches in length and as thick as a French baton. I wondered how it would ever find it's way up my cunt.

He left nothing to chance, after several passionate kisses he pulled me down to the end of the bed, knelt in front of me and applied his mouth to my cunt. He was an oral artist, I came for the first time in about fifteen seconds flat then went on cumming as he continued kiss, licking, tongue fucking and sucking my clit. Orgasm after orgasm roared through me and I was completely out of control of myself, I was thrusting my sloppy cunt into his face as he aroused me to an extent that I had never been aroused before. In fact I was barely aware that he had manoeuvred back up the bed and was between my legs, pressurising my opening with the big blunt head of his cock. He kissed my neck and murmured in my ear, 'Just relax, darling, and I shall enter your beautiful..,' he then used a word which I realised must have been a Turkish word for cunt. I consciously relaxed and felt him stretch me, he gradually pressed forward, very gently, and I must have stretched and stretched for I soon felt that huge glans was in me. He kissed me, 'Now, darling, my wonderful yarak is going to ravish your beautiful.....,' using that word again. I was amazed at how his cock filled me, riding my clit all the way.

Mum had brought a chair and sat alongside watching, Asmir I realised was holding himself up off my body so that Mum could see. Soon I felt his huge balls trapped against my bum, I kissed him passionately, 'Now Asmir, now!' I pleaded. He drew back and gently pushed in again, when it was obvious that he wasn't reaching my depth he began to move faster and with less circumspection, my mind swam, thrill after thrill coursed through me and I knew that this was one time that I would be cumming through being fucked, the way his cock rode my clit made sure of that. Nevertheless, he coped well, although he must have felt how my body was reacting. Finally though, after I had just about the most body shattering orgasm he suddenly groaned and came.

His ejaculation was like a firehose inside me, fierce spurt after fierce spurt followed and an enormous amount of spunk filled me to overflowing as Asmir flopped. He was a big man and heavy, but all I wanted to do was hug him as tightly as possible. When he had recovered, he said softly, 'Dear lady, how wonderful, you are experienced obviously but, to use your language, what a wonderful, what a fantastic cunt, I am honoured to have possessed you,' and he kissed me passionately. 'Not for the last time I hope,' I replied, 'that was the most accomplished and satisfying fucking I have ever experienced, I am exhausted,' and I returned his kiss.

After few moments he rolled off and I got up and went to clean myself up. When I returned Mum was licking all the juice off Asmir's cock and sucking just the knob, as she said afterwards, 'There was no hope that I could get that great thing in my mouth!' However, Asmir soon became hard and Mum got on the bed, asked him for oral which he willingly carried out until, like me, she begged to be fucked. It was an education watching them, Mum easily accommodated that monster cock and smiled as she did so. It was interesting that her cunt lips formed an almost perfect circle round his shaft, he fucked her easily and gently giving her the sort of thrills he had given me. Obviously I had never actually seen Mum have an orgasm now I watched her cum continually and it wasn't long before I realised that it was becoming too much for her and that she was becoming exhausted. Asmir soon realised this and, giving her three or four hard thrusts, came. It was an education watching him from some distance instead of him being on top when he did it, he controlled his hard thrusts as well as he could before he was shooting his spunk. Mum cried out, 'Oh yes, darling! Oh yes! That feels so wonderful!'

He flopped on her as he had me, gasping for breath, 'Oh, dear Lady, now I know where your delicious daughter gets her wonderful cunt from!' I use the English word because, somehow, I never could quite get the hang of the Turkish equivalent. He went on, 'How incredible to find English ladies with cunts like Turkish ones!' After that they both went to clean up. Mum came back first. 'Glad you came, Mum?' I asked, 'You know I am, Susan, and I'm sure you've never had sex like it either!' 'You're right,' I replied.

We had another drink when Asmir came back and discussed our activities. 'I would love for you to stay the night,' Asmir said, 'I know I can do you both again, and maybe more than that, would you like to stay?' We did we assured him. The bed was a king-sized one and all three of us could use it at the same time. It was novel to play with Asmir's huge cock while he played with Mum's cunt and, unlike the lad the night before, he thoroughly enjoyed watching us masturbate ourselves. There was no doubt that it turned him on. That night he fucked us both twice more lasting longer each time. The other thing he did which I found totally unexpected, was that he gave us oral sex even though we were both full of our juice mixed with his cum, it was extraordinarily sexy.

So we had a third ecstatic night of extremely satisfying sex, we used our time on the beach and our siestas to recuperate as this sort of thing went on all the time. We did sleep with Asmir several times, ditched our original young lovers and experienced others of varying ages and expertise. Asmir even asked if he could invite a friend of his, similarly if not quite as largely endowed, to help carry the load, 'After all,' he said, 'everyone knows that women can enjoy more fucking than men!' We could and our couple of nights with the two of them turned into a real fuck-fest being fucked something like six times apiece.

We might have got as much rest as we possibly could but I don't think there is any doubt that we left more tired than we had when we arrived! But, hey, who cared? It was the most complete sex holiday anyone could possibly have wished for and it's true that Mum was never the same afterwards. She changed completely and searched on the internet for sex partners in between our sex holidays in that lovely country.

If any woman doubts what I have written here, let them find others who have done the same, or take a chance and try it for themselves, I assure them that all I have written is true.