17 Apr 2017

This is an account of the beginnings of an seven year affair with my first wife's mum. It started six months before the wedding, and lasted right through to when my first wife left me, not because of the affair with her mum, she did not discover that. Her mum was 43 years old, divorced, lived alone, did not work as she did not need to. She had been a fashion model and had kept herself in shape, she had an amazing body, and I discovered was very much into sex, more than her daughter, very dirty and kinky. I lived alone and my future wife lived with her sister. I was in quite good shape then; very sporty and quite arrogant, and as you can see from my profile I have a large cock.

Anyway, Shirl, the future mother in law, always flirted and had the odd grope during slow dances at parties, I noticed she often stroked my cock when she thought no one was looking. I knew she had had a reputation as being a slut from a few guys who I drank with, but never thought anything would happen between us. On this particular day I was phoned by Shirl and asked if I would bring some stuff round as she was having a lazy day. I agreed and went round just after lunch. She answered the door in just a short red silk gown, she said that she had a late bath and was having some wine and asked me to join her. I sat on the settee and pour some wine, we flirted as usual, and I told she looked amazing in the silk, she uncrossed her legs and the gown fell open a bit showing a lot of her leg, I took my chance and stroked her leg, and slid my hand further up and she opened her legs further and soon I was fingering a very wet and smooth cute. A smooth cunt was rare then. She pulled my face to her and we had a very passionate French kiss, she then started to feel my cock, and I cook her gown off, pushed her back, kissing her neck, then her tits, biting and pulling on her nipple, then down to her cunt I pushed her legs up and then started to lick and suck on her cunt then rimmed her arse and then her cunt, with one hand pulling on her nipple, she was very loud, telling me to make her cum, which I did a couple of times. I then stood up and took my clothes off and she sat up and took. Y cock in her hands, she looked at me and told me that she had wanted to fuck me since the moment we met and that she. Had dreamt of my cock after having felt me when we danced. Then I took hold of her hair and she took my cock in her mouth or as much as she could, then I started to fuck her face, deeper and deeper, even kept going when she started to gag, I told her to make me cum down her throating and that I always knew she was a slut. After about ten minutes I came inside her throating, she almost choked but I would not let her move her head until I had finished.

I pulled out and she took me to her bedroom, and took out a huge dildo and proceeded to fuck her self whilst I wanked myself hard then I pulled her to the edge of the bed and put her legs up over my shoulders and just rammed my full length into her, she screamed and we then fucked like animals she was loud and crude and I was rough and crude, I called her every name slut, slag, trash, cunt whore she had two orgasms during our first fuck. The second fuck was her in doggy position and I fucked her holding her hair tight so as I got deeper into her, I fingered her arse and pulled out of her cunt and started to enter her arse, she said you will be too big, and I said tough you slut you are mine now, and I proceeded to fuck her arse and rub her clit she really got into it, and this became one of her favourite fucks during the affair.

We fuck about three more times that day and I stayed the night fucking her again in the morning. We talked and she told me she really had wanted me since we first met, and I said I felt the same. She admitted to being a sub and enjoying BDSM and I told her that I was a Dom and liked older slags. She asked about her daughter and I told her, truthfully, that she was not that keen on sex and certainly not the sex I enjoyed. So we agreed to see each other regularly and that I would slut train her. We used to fuck four plus times a week, more than I fucked her daughter. My best man and I fucked her the night before the wedding and in the morning as we stayed over, and I fucked her during the evening wedding reception.

We did some very hard core stuff, I shared her with five of my mates over the years and took her away on business trips, and we used a magazine that put us in touch with sex clubs and parties. I even bought her a hooker for her birthday in our second year and she found that she loved lesbian and that became part of our play.

She was one of the dirtiest fucks I had, and I learnt a huge amount, but she experienced some level of slut that surprised her. Unfortunately, my wife caught me ducking the local barmaid in our bed and never saw her or her mum again.