Written by Jean

7 Sep 2011

Hi I’m Jean; I’m 18 living at home with Mum and Dad. My Dad has a very successful business, which requires him to spend lots of time away from home.

Prior to one of his lengthy business trips away: Dad asked Steve my sister’s husband a carpenter/cabinet maker; if he would re-fit our kitchen.

Steve said; not a problem he would make the all the cabinets and shelving himself.

At the back of house we have got a really big work shed fitted out with just about everything.

Two weeks ago Steve arrived to start work; the materials having arrived the week before.

Because of the hot weather and the saw dust etc; the big shed windows were fully open.

To cut a long story short: I thought Mum had gone shopping so I went to ask Steve if he wanted a cup of tea.

Steve is about 6ft, athletic body and wears only shorts and boots in the summer - no top showing his athletic body.

When I approached the shed, I heard giggling and was gobsmacked when I peered through the window to see Steve snogging my Mother; in fact it was more like heavy petting.

At first I was annoyed that my Mother was cheating not only on Dad but also my Sister. But the more I looked on the itchier and wetter my fanny became.

My Mum is 43, but don’t look it, and keeps herself trim, Steve is 26 handsome and a bit of a hulk.

I could hear every word that was being said; as well of having a bird’s eye view.

Steve started pecking my mother’s neck saying how much he thought and wanked about fucking her. One of his hand then pulled down the top of her frock and exposed her braless breasts and erect nipples, whilst the other started moving up the hem of her dress.

His pecking and nibbling moved from her neck to her erect nipples, Mum’s eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. I heard a loud oooh, presumably signalling that Steve had found his goal, whether she had cum or not I don’t know but she said: It felt good!!!

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would have to give my own honey some attention, so when Mum started to rub Steve’s rod on the outside of his shorts, I began to rub myself through the outside of my jeans.

I could see Steve’s hand working on my Mother’s pussy under her dress and he then removed her pink panties keeping hold of them.

She responded by pulling his short down and WOW what a massive, impressive rock hard, uncut cock. It must be at least 8 inches and shaped like a banana: You are a proper man and she started pulling his foreskin back and forth.

She continued to pull on his shaft, his bulbous knob started to get redder and redder it looked as if he was already leaking pre-cum.

Mum must have been impressed because she told him that he had a lovely sized and handsomely shaped todger and commented on how heavy and big his balls felt; adding that she would bet money that they were holding plenty of semen.

After about a minute of wanking him off, she went down on to her knees. She pulled his skin right back and firstly kissed then started licking under and around his angry looking bell-end; before taking the huge knob into her mouth.

She started to suck him off, gently rubbing up and down on his shaft with one hand, while the other was busily caressing his virile balls.

Steve mean while: The dirty sod was sniffing, the presumably wet and well soiled gusset of her pink knickers.

Steve told her, that she sucked cock better than her daughter and it wouldn’t be long to take his nuts to crack and unload cum.

She increased the speed of her wanking. This combined with the sucking and the obvious smell of her panties must have been too much and he shouted I’m cumming, To my surprise and to add to the excitement. My Mother pulled Steve’s foreskin right back, gripping the base of his shaft and

with her mouth wide open and tonguing on the underside of his helmet.

Steve let out loud groan and his dick started to powerfully eject rope after rope (at least 8 huge spurts) of thick white semen from her son-in-law into her wanting mouth; whilst she looked him straight into the eyes whilst fondling and milking the most from his balls.

OMG she said; that was impressive, I’ve never had so much spunk and it tastes absolutely gorgeous. She then squeezed tightly at the base of his cock and pulled up to clean out what sperm was left in his vein and she licked the remains of his cum from the eye of his dick.

Steve said that was pleasure of essence and that it was now pay back time: He lifted her onto the work bench that he was seconds a go he leaning against, saying I hope your cunt tastes as good as your knickers smell.

He opened her legs wide, went onto his knees and buried his head into her hairy fanny ; stopping for a few seconds from eating her out to tell mum how good her ripe cunt tasted She started moaning telling him what a good pussy licker he was and asked if he could taste her cum from the earlier fingering has she could still taste his sweet, salty spunk.

My own fingers were now inside my soaking panties stroking my very wet quim and swollen clit with my eyes still glued on the lovers.

Steve started to finger fuck her has he continued to tongue her musky slit. Mum’s head was now fully back; she was groaning and her stomach muscles where contracting. Her legs were opening and closing as a tell tale orgasm approached.

She placed her hand on the back of his head and she started thrusting her hips up and down and grinding her muff to the rhythm of his fingering and licking.

She cried out – you going to make me cum again you dirty bastard. A second or 2 later she screamed aaaaah as she creamed and squirted into his mouth.

Both now, had been satisfied orally. This sparked my own cum to rip through my body and I added more wetness t my already soaking panties.

Steve stood up his cock still erect; in fact it looked bigger and fatter than before.

My Mum took hold of his manhood saying; I wish my husband had a prick of this size and thickness; and hastened to add that: Susan (my sister) is a very lucky girl. Now please fuck me with your monster cock.

She slipped off the bench and went on all fours and positioned herself to be shagged doggy style. Steve got on his knees behind; open the crack of her arse to expose her wanting love hole. He rubbed his cock up and down her wet and ripe crack 3 or 4 times before putting his knob at the entrance of her pleasure.

He nudged at the opening with his fat bent dick, then it disappeared easily inside. Mother gasped Jesus! It’s massive as he hit his hilt. All I could see now were his balls hanging below her crutch so he was clearly balls deep and Mum had taken all. How I wished it was me that he was inside!

As Steve started his lust and slide in and out with long slow strokes he kept telling Mum how tight she was and that he going fuck her lots more and called her a fucking slut.

He then stuck his index finger into her bum hole. She mumbled YES -YES – why can’t my husband pleasure me like this, please finger my arse. Shortly after; she moaned loudly. Crying you bastard; and then she coated his prick with her cum juice seconds before Steve shot his second load of seed deep inside of her womb.

This I thought; that the two have now been satisfied both sexually and orally, but I was wrong.

Steve withdrew his dick from her gapping pussy. Which I may add was followed by a gush of white cream pie from my Mum’s gapping hole.

Steve removed his finger from her bum and then started to sweep the spent cream dripping from her love hole with the head of his still rampant cock towards her arsehole. I thought NO he’s not - is he?

But yes he was.

He used the combined mixture of semen and pussy cum as lubrication for anal sex and then he forced the knob of his huge manhood into her arse. She screamed: Obviously must have been taking it up her bum for the first time.

The screams soon changed to pleasure moans, and as ordered by Steve, she started to frig her clitoris. It wasn’t long before she shouted that she about to have her first anal orgasm and then let out a really long sustained groan/moan. That was good she said: Steve I’ve never cum so strong.

This got me going again; I needed another cum, which happened very quickly.

I then heard Steve give a grunt has he filled my mother’s virgin arse with his third load of spunk. I left then - in fear of getting caught of spying on my Mother and Brother-in-Law cheating.

I masturbated 3 times during that day and night thinking about Steve’s large cock and how well he used it and how well he’d licked pussy. I think I’m going to use him.