Written by Sioby

7 Jun 2013

After I finished Uni I didn't manage to get the job id hoped and ended up moving back in with my mum till I could find a job that paid enough to get my own place. It took a bit of getting used after having 4 years away living with friends to going back to home life, but it was all good for the most part. While I was away at Uni my mum started dating Tony who was an army fitness instructor. He was a really nice guy, always having a laugh and easy going. Because of his job he only stayed over a couple of nights a week, that was probably good because the nights he did stay I didn't get much sleep, ex council house with thin walls and a bedroom nextdoor to theirs wasn't ideal, well downright disturbing if im honest. Tony was big black guy, tall, muscly, short hair, bit of a cheeky grin. unlike some of the women on here im sadly not a thin blonde with model looks, im just an average girl really, about 5'7 with brown hair green eyes and a size 12.

Anyway, my mum works as a nurse that means some times she has to do night shifts. One of the nights she was on a night, I was getting ready for bed at about 10.30pm when there was a knock at the door. It was Tony, he said, "sorry if I got you up but your mum said I could crash here tonight." I said it was alright, wasn't my house after all, turned out he thought my mum was off that night till he text her half way down the motorway, when it wasn't really worth turning round. I left him to it and went to go and brush my teeth and stuff before bed, after I came out Tony came out of my mums room and asked if I knew how to work her dvd player. My mums dvd is ancient and a complete nightmare so I went into her room to set it up for him. While I was doing that Tony was looking through her dvds and complaining that all her films were a bit rubbish. He asked if he could watch the film I was telling him about last time he was round, so I said it was no problem and went and got it from my room. When I came back Tony asked, "Are you straight off to bed or do you wanna watch this with me?" I wasn't that tiered really so thought why not, and we both got on the bed and put the movie on.

"This house is bloody freezing" Tony complained, (my mum did have an aversion to ever putting the heating on.) so he said we might as well get under the covers, I was wearing my pj's and no not some seductive ones, just snuggly lol. We were having a laugh at the film, and just chilling out watching it, when out of nowhere I felt Tony's hand on my leg. I said "Oi!" and give him a little slap over the covers. "what?" "Watch the film you." Was just a bit of banter really, but Tony didn't move his hand from just above my knee and we just carried on with the film. I thought it was a bit odd but didn't really know what to do or say. About 5 minutes later Tony started moving his hand very slowly up my leg. I glared at him, he said "What, im watching the film." with a big grin on his face. His hand kept moving very slowly with his fingers tracing the inside of my thigh. I've got to admit I hadn't had any for a while and was secretly enjoying the feeling. I looked over and Tony was staring at the screen while his hand reached the top of my thighs and his fingers were slowly running up and down my pussy through his pj bottoms. As he was still just looking at the TV I really didn't know what to do, and im embarrassed to say I didn't do anything I just let him carry on. This went on for a few minutes I guess, then he moved his hand further up till he found the waistband of my pjs and pushed his hand really slowly down inside my bottoms and knickers. I hadn't realised quite how wet id become until his fingers started tracing my pussy lips and gently flicking over my clit. I closed my eyes and sighed, when I opened my eyes again I saw that Tony was now looking straight at me. He rolled over on to his side towards me and kissed me while he carried on playing with my pussy. At that moment I totally blacked out of my head that this was my mums fella and totally wrong and just kind of gave in and kissed him back. He was a really good kisser, big lips and just the right amount of tongue. I reached over and put my hand down the front of his shorts and felt his hard cock for the first time. Now I don't know how big he was, I didn't exactly get a tape measure out lol but he was big! at a guess about 8 or 9 inches, and certainly the biggest cock I had ever felt. NOw I guess I know why there were so many noises! We kissed while I wanked him and he was rubbing my clit. He stopped for a moment while he pulled my pj bottoms and knickers down and off, and then his own shorts and boxers, so we were both naked from the waist down.

We carried on snogging and he rolled over so he was on top of me. As we kissed he started moving his hips so his cock was sliding up over my pussy and stomach. The he reached down between us and lined his cock up at the entrance of my pussy. Like I said he was the biggest I had ever had so it took a while of him slowly pushing it in a bit then stopping then a bit more before he finally got it in. And oh my god it felt amazing, it hurt a bit, but always gave me an amazing full feeling. He kissed me all the while and started slowly screwing me, it took all of about 2 minutes before I had a huge orgasm, the type were your whole body feels electric. After a bit longer he pulled out and pulled me up so he could take off my top, then said he wanted me on top. Think it was even more daunting straddling him and having the prospect of pushing myself down ontop of his big dick. I took it slowly though and soon managed to get it all the way in. Now my ex used to cum really quickly when I went on top, so I was never up there very long, but with tony it was amazing, I had this control to go fast or slow hard or soft to bring myself off and he didn't cum, so no lie I must of had 3 orgasm while I rode his hard cock and he played with my boobs. He finally lifted me off him and positioned me on the bed so he could fuck me from behind. I guess I had got used to his size because now he just went straight in. Tony held on to my hips and started fucking me hard but slow to start with and then getting faster and faster. Hard enough in fact that I lost my balance on my elbows and ended up with my face in the pillow while he had hold of my hips lifting up my bum while he fucked me and I was screaming with pleasure into the pillow. He then turned me round again so I was on my back again. I must of looked a right mess. I was exhausted if im honest, and just couldn't believe he was still going. He kissed me again then lifted up my knees and pushed his still hard cock back in my pussy. He was telling me I was so horny and that he was gonna cum so hard, I was just moaning, it felt amazing but I think I was too far gone to have any more orgasms. Finally he started making his own sexy noises and fucked me really fast before pulling his cock out just as he started to cum. honestly I ended up covered it went all the way up to my neck, I have never seen so much cum in my life. He kissed me and passed me a box of tissues to clean myself up.

We didn't really talk much after that, I guess it kind of hit home what we had done. I went back to my room to sleep, feeling insanely guilty, utterly satisfied, a bit sore, and totally exhausted.