28 Jul 2016

This tale goes back to the late 1980s, when I was 21 years old. My mum had a friend who was 12 or 13 years older than me. She was single with 3 kids and had been married a couple of times. Not bad looking, blondish hair, decent figure and I guess all along I had my eye on her. There were often the odd lines exchanged if she phoned up or called in to see my Mum but nothing you could class as serious.

One evening, my mum went out with this friend and one other. I had planned to visit a mate and the pub was on my drive home, so I offered to save them the price of a taxi and pick them up. At the agreed time, I pulled up onto the car park and waited for them to come out. First out was Lynne, who told me they were just finishing drinks and would be out. But the other 2 want to go on to a club, but I don't feel in the mood tonight. I offered to drop them at the club then take her home, with a hope that something may happen. So they all come out to the car, Lynne sits in the front and the other 2 in the back. Where to ladies I ask? We are going to the club so you can drop us there. Lynne protests, but is talked into joining the other 2. Damn, that's my chances dashed for tonight. Or so I thought. As I pulled up to drop them off, the 2 get out of the back, Lynne opens the front door, turns to me and says 15 minutes, round the corner, see you there.

So I drive round the block, park up and wonder whether she will show. Sure enough, 15 minutes later, she appears and climbs in the car. I set off to 'drop her off home' and she asks if I have any beers at home. Sure, so I stop off, grab a couple of cans and then drive back to hers. I am not going to be able to drink both beers, so you will have to come in and share one with me.

After 10 minutes of chatting and drinking beer, she goes into the kitchen. I follow to continue our chat and she makes a comment about being unlucky in love. Here is my chance, so I embrace her and make a comment about the right bloke being out there for her. She responds by looking up and kissing me full on the lips. Here we go! So back into the lounge, and I am soon stripping her naked and exploring her older body. As the kids were in bed, we had to stay in the lounge, so I am on the floor, playing with her ample tits, and I slide a finger into her pussy, which is lovely and wet. She leans across and starts to suck my cock, which is stood to attention. She stops, looks up and says what would you Mum say if she knew what was going on? I smiled and pushed her onto the floor and slid my cock into her. We fucked for what seemed like ages until I shot my load on her stomach.

We move onto the sofa, finish the beer and she asks if I am ready for round 2. This time I turn her over and fuck her hard doggy style on the sofa, slapping her arse as I pounded her. This time I finish off inside her, such was the intensity. After a short time, I get dressed and head for home, while she goes to check on her kids upstairs.

The following morning, I wake up and have the mother of all carpet burns on my knees, so bad I had to wear tracksuit bottoms as my jeans were too painful. I sit downstairs with a coffee and ask my Mum if she had a good night after I dropped them off. It was very good, but I don't know what happened to Lynne. She disappeared after about 15 minutes. Maybe she found herself a bloke and left with him. I raised a knowing smile, but said nothing. I dont think to this day she found out what happened that evening, but there was a follow up performance that led to me being caught by my brother and his girlfriend, but that is another story....

All the above is 100% true.