Written by bettyblu

19 Jun 2012

This happened to my husband then boy friend a few years ago. We had got a couple of tickets for a music festival and being poor students decided to hitch there about two hundred miles. Our first few hitchs were short distances and laughingly said if this keeps up we will be in time for the last session. It was a warm day we were in shorts and t shirts with our back packs. Now I have very large nipples which in a t shirt are very prominent Bob said if we don`t get a lift in the next 5 minutes I am going to take you behind some bushes those nipples look just ready to be sucked on. Giggling I thought this was a good idea starting to feel that nice wet warmness between my legs at the thought of a quick fuck. Just then a very handsome jaguar car passed us we didn`t think he would stop but it did backing up to where we were, Glen the driver late 40s we told him were we were heading, said we were in luck he lived in a village just 20 miles from where the festival was. we couldn`t believe our luck. I climbed into the back Bob in the front and I dozed of the heat of the sun coming into the car.

I awoke realising the car had stopped, I looked out we were outside a cottage in the middle of a village. Bob said Glen has invited us in for a drink before we try for another hitch for the last bit of the journey. We were served a couple of cold beers and started to chat time passed and we started to gather our things to be on our way. Glen the driver said tell you what why don`t you stay the night and I will drive you the rest of the way tommorrow myself. again couldn`t believe our luck and we agreed. Another few beers and I asked Glen did he mind if I had a bath as we knew there wouldn`t be many facilities where we were going he nodded told me where to go and he and Bob wandered into the garden.

As I ran the bath stripping of my clothes I could hear them chatting in the garden, Glen was asking about us and the conversation got a little personal as I lay back in the bath washing myself I heard Glen say your girl is such a stunner I bet you wish you were in there soaping her body for her, Bob said yeh not just soaping her with a dirty laugh. And then to my astonishment Glen said how much would you charge me for leting me watch you soaping her body, I held my breath what would Bob say, silence for a few minutes then a rough chuckle at least £500 Glen called his bluff done I will go and get you your money. Bob came into the bathroom breathless about to tell me what had been said I said I heard you if he wants to watch me being soaped for £500, a lot of money for 2 students, let the fool be parted from his money.

A minute later Glen appeared with a wad of notes, okay I said but if I am naked so must you two be, their clothes were soon on the bathroom floor. I stood up in the bath facing them both handed the soap and flannel to Bob and he started slowely to soap my body. Bob of course was fully erect his cock brushing against my wet skin and out of the corner of my eye Glen standing against the door stroking his cock his eyes never leaving my body. I turned my back stooping slightly my butt out and Bob soaping between my legs, I parted my legs his soapy fingers now inside my cunt giving me such a finger fuck that a massive orgasm ripped through my body. Bob stepped into the bath and I started to soap his body of course concentrating on his cock and balls, I knelt down in the bath soaping his cock with vigorous strokes. I looked at Glen he was wanking hard and when I put Bobs cock in my mouth and started to suck he slid down the door wanking away as fast as his hand could go, Bob by now was at the point of no return and was fucking my mouth for all he was worth and with a last push was spunking down my throat, first time I let him do that, me choking on spunk and Glen sitting on the floor spunk pumping out of the end of his cock.

I stepped out of the bath soaking wet and rinsed my mouth out at the sink, I crouched down beside Glen my legs apart so he had a good look at my cunt all wet with my juices and soap. If you want anything else it will cost you I heard Bob say from behind me, that took me by surprise thought Bob would take the money and we would leave. The whole event really excited me my mind started to think what would happen next. I slowely dried myself and walked naked to the kitchen for a drink the guys following me, my cunt started to get nice and hot and wet with anticipation. I sat on the chair legs wide ,fingers running through my hairy bush and lightly pulling the lips to my cunt. Glen said another £500 if you let me watch you fuck her, I smiled at him which position would you like me to be fucked in? We decided doggy that seemed to excite Glen the most and so Bob positioned me over the table Glen watching and wanking, as he fingered me saying to Glen she is very wet, before slipping his cock in, Glen now on his knees face level watching Bobs cock pound my cunt I could hear Glen whisper harder Bob harder. Bob really pounded me my orgasms were coming hard and fast I was gripping the table to keep me steady as i was sure Bob was going to push me over with his thrusts. When Bob does me doggy he likes to spunk over my arse and as he pulled out, how it happened I do not know did Bob do it deliberately? but instead of spunking on my arse he spunked on Glens face. The look of shock or was it pleasure on Glens face as he spunked at the same time his belly covered with his own spunk his face with Bobs.

The next day Glen true to his word drove us to the festival we our pockets loaded with money my cunt well fucked. The end of the festival we are making our way out of the field such a week-end and who is waiting on the road but Glen and his very spacious Jaguar car and yes we earned a few more pounds from Glen I can continue if there is interest.