Written by Andrew T

1 Jun 2018

Hi. I’m Andrew, I’m 56 and single but having the best sex of my life and it started with a simple request.

I live next to a couple of girls. At first, I thought they were both lesbian as they had one of these same sex weddings. That’s all fine as they say, each to their own. They are a great couple and deserve to be happy like anyone else. Over the last 2 years since I moved in next door we have become good friends and I was invited to the wedding. Truth be told, I used to get a hard on just thinking of them and what they did. I expect you will be thinking that I’m just a dirty old man but I dare any hot blooded male not to think the same.

Clair is 26 and (excuse my language) Fucking hot as hell. She is around 5’5”, slim, pretty with bobbed and very girly with black hair and an infectious laugh. Her body is amazing, she is a gym fanatic, she runs before going to work and on top of that she goes to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. She has amazing toned arms and legs and her tits are small and firm. Her ‘wife’ is 35 and about 6’. She is def the dominating one in the relationship. Blond crew cut hair, muscular with big-ish and soft tits but has the same infectious laugh but whereas Clair is girly Anna has a deeper rougher voice.

They come round to me for coffee sometimes and I go there, they don’t have a great may friends and neither do I so maybe that’s why we bonded so well. But around 4 weeks after they married Anna sends me a text asking me if I was free for a chat. I said I was and the two of them came round.

Clair was very nervous but Anna was quite ‘matter of fact’ and started the conversation.

She said that I was their best friend sand trusted that I would be discreet and that I wouldn’t share what they were going to say with anyone else. I assured her that I wouldn’t. Claire was almost rocking in the chair looking stressed. Anna started by telling me how happy they were together but that they both felt that they were missing out on something. I asked her what she felt that they were missing out on and Anna just came out with it as though she had rehearsed it.

‘I’m not into men in any way but my wife (Clair) is BI. I accept that and I want her to be happy and have more ‘experiences’. We have talked about it and I’m happy for her to have a male fuck buddy but not just anyone and we were wondering if you would be her FB.’

‘Claire likes cock now and again and you have one and we both like you so how about it?’

At first I thought they were having a joke with me and I asked them if that was the case, I looked at Claire and thought she was going to pass out she was so stressed but Anna just said ‘ we are serious’ and stared at me.

I’m not sure if my answer was appropriate but I was in shock and nervous as well so I said, ‘ your hot and I am a guy, of course I would like to fuck you’ looking at Clair. Anna made it clear that she was going to be there when it happened which I thought was weird because I had never experienced anything like this before. We agreed that I should come round the next evening & see how it went.

I arrived at 7 as agreed, so stressed that I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it up. Anna was in jeans, but Clair was in a really nice, thin summery dress. We talked for a while before Anna asked if I was ‘up for it’.

I followed them to the bedroom feeling like this was so unnatural, like it was me following through on some sort of weird contract or something. I stood there, Anna Stood behind Clair, stretched her arms round and undid the buttons on Clair’s dress. It was obvious that Clair wasn’t wearing a bra and seconds later it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing anything under the dress as it fell to the floor.

My concerns that I couldn’t get it up disappeared instantly and I was hard in seconds. We sat on the bed and all laughed nervously. Clair took my hand and placed in on her breast. It was softer than I imagined, and I squeezed it gently. We kissed for a little while, her lips were warm and soft. She whispered in my ear telling me to take my clothes off. I had always been concourse of my dick, its an ok size and all that but my bell end has always been much bigger that normal, not abnormal or anything just much bigger than any of my mates who would comment in the changing rooms when I played rugby or changed in the gym in school. Word got round and I was surprised how easy it was to get laid in school with girls ( I found out afterwards) recommending me because I was ‘big at the end’ which fascinated them.

I undressed and as soon as Clair saw my cock she looked surprised and just said ‘ ok’ . She lay on her back and asked me to fuck her, in fact she simply said ‘come on, climb on and fuck me’.

For a long time I had imagined her tits in my mouth and now I had them for real. I sucked her breasts gently and explored her pusy with my fingers. She gets aroused very quickly and was writhing and thrusting her hips into my hand. I ran my tongue down her tummy to her pussy and explored it with my mouth. Her pussy was sweet and I have to admit to gong over board and almost licking her alive.

Clair pulled me up by my hair telling me to put my cock in her and fuck her so I did as I was told. As first it was difficult. I usually had problems entering a woman if she has a tight pussy and Clair was tight. She opened her pussy slips with fingers and helped me and I slid in.

I hadn’t noticed Anna and to be honest had forgotten she was there but she had undressed and came to sit next to Clair on the bed. She was slimmer that I had expected but still much bigger than Clair and her tits were bug and soft, hanging there.

She lay next to Clair as I fucked her. I had gotten into my rhythm now under instruction from the two of them to take my time and be gentle.

I stretched my arms out and fucked Clair’s pussy with my extremely hard cock. I ran my tongue over her mouth, she sucked my tongue and I sucked hers whilst I kept my slow fucking rhythm and it was amazing. I managed to keep shafting her pussy and suck her tits and the same time. I loved how they ‘wobbled’ as I fucked her. Anna was pressing herself against Clair and by default, me. I had to supress the urge to pull out of Clair and fuck Anna hard. In fact I took one of her big breast in my hand and gave it a quick suck but she pushed my hand away with a stern ‘no’.

I continued to gently fuck Clair but the two of them kissed and swapped spit and sucked tonges before Anna went down and sucked Clair’s tit hard. The two of them moaning and groaning and Clair announcing that this was ‘fucking amazing’.

I had upped the pace without realising it, Clair was panting and groaning as was Anna who was rubbing Clair’s pussy with my cock well and truly inside. I had to think of work, all the bill I had to pay and the fact that I had to have work done on my car that would cost over £500 and my ex-wife who I fucking hate and the ugly as fuck boy half her age who I punched when I found out he was shafting my wife in our bed when I was in work and had in fact got her pregnant. All this to stop myself from cumming before Clair did.

Anna and clair started to announce the fact that they were Cumming. I hadn’t asked if I shoudk cum inside Clair but it was as though Anna was reading my mind and started barking out orders ‘ don’t fucking cum in my wife’ & ‘ cum on her tummy’.

I was fucking her hard now, it was as though I wasn’t there. I was fucking her hard and the two of them were moaning and thrashing around but even though y cock was inside Clair and was pounding her pussy her and Anna were grabbing each other hard, gripping and sucking tit in between sucking tongues. It was all too much for me and I was about to explode cum in her pussy so pulled out just in time. I pretty much missed her tummy and cum sprayed over her tits and face and as it did that two of them froze and let out howls as they climaxed.

I always cum a lot but this was more than usual. The two of them laughed as they examined the state of Clair. She was covered in my cum, so much so that Anna had to wipe it from Clair’s eyes so she could see. I slid out of her and asked if I should get a towel. Anna laughed and said there would be no need and proceeded to devour the cum, licking and slurping it from her fact, breasts and tummy. I slid off the bed and watched as they fucked, Anna’s pussy where my cock had just been.

I left them to it and cleaned myself up but it wasn’t long before they called me back in. I lay next to them, all three of us wet and stick and laughing at what we had just done.

We did it again the next day and the evening after that except that time I didn’t; pull out in time and came inside Clair which wasn’t approved of. Clair laughed but Anna was horrified.

Now Clair is on the pill and I cum in her whenever we fuck. Their thing now is for me to bend Clair over the end of the settee and fuck her doggy whilst Clair sits and Lets Clair suck her big soft tits or fuck her mouth with her tongue or lays down and whilst I pound Clair’s pussy, Clair pounds Anna’s with her mouth and fingers. Whichever way we do it we all have an amazing time and have the deepest orgasms ever.

AN old man gets to fuck a beautiful young woman whilst watching her fuck another woman, it’s a win win I guess.