Written by Paddy

29 Mar 2008

Woke up with a boner this morning remembering this naughty encounter with my mum\'s best mate, Amy.

When I was 16/17 Amy and her Hubby used to visit our house for meals and drinks. She was always very glam and has taken good care of her apperance. I used so scurry of to my bedroom lay on my back naked on the bed to wank furiously imagining and hoping that Amy would walk in on me and catch me with any luck joining in my fingering herself. She never did of course. My spunk never ending up anywhere more exciting than on my hand and over my belly.

Having recently moved back to the same part of town, I\'ve bumped in to the now divorced Amy a few times in the local pub and while out shopping. On one occation we were chatting and I asked If I could borrow her Renault Espace to move some furniture in to the new flat. This wasn\'t a problem and she told me to pop round her house the following Saturday.

As arranged I called at Amy\'s and she gave me the keys. She had just had a bath and was waring her dressing gown. I told her that I\'d be a couple of hours. Thanked her and disapeared.

When I returned I ramg te bell and Amy opened the door. She was dressed ready to go out and looked very sexy. She had a small summer dress on, and strappy sandles. Her tanned body was shown off to its best.

I think Amy could sense my approval of her apperance. \'What do you think?\' shae asked knowingly. \'Very nice. Er, very nice indeed\' I replied. Then I just said it. \'When you used to visit mum and dad when I was living with them I used to masterbate thinking about you Amy. I used to want to walk in on me and catch me at it.\' There was an tense pause. I was feeling rather stupid. \'You wanted me to watch you cum?\' She asked. \'Er, Yes.\' Would you like to wank now? I wouldn\'t mind watching you.\' Amy said. Go upstairs. My bedroom is on the left.

I srtipped and lay on Amy\'s bed. My right hand gently stroking my hardening cock and my left hand cupping my balls. Then I heard Amy\'s soft footseps as she climbed the stairs and crossed the landing. Then they stopped. I looked to see her peeping at me through the gap in the open door. By now my cock was fully erect.

She walked across to the bed and sat down as I wanked away slowly. I wanted to last as long as possible. \'Can I join you\' Amy asked. \'Yes please.\' I replied. I expected Amy to wank me, but she kicked of her shoes and leaned over to her bedside draw to pulled out a Rabbit vibrator.

She lay back lifeted her bum to hitch up her dress and roll off her panites. She parted her thighs to reveal her tanned bald fanny. she swiched the twitching ears of the rabbit on and teased them against her pussy lips to wetten up. Then she moved the buzzing rabbit ears up to massage her clit, the shaft rubbing along her parting pink labia.

Then Amy trned the dildo around so that it\'s head was entering her pussy. I moved close my face inches away from the action to see her ease the pink plastic shaft in to her cunt. She slowly fucked her self with it for a few minuits bfore pushing it tight into her cunt. She turned on the buzzing ears and positioned them so that they cradled her hard clit. She then turned in the shaft. The white balls rolled around between her soft fleshy cunt lips.

Amy started to bite her bottom lip and flush. The reddness spread from the top of her tits across her face. She arched her back, clenched her toes and bucked against the Rabbit. She moaned and panted as the orgasm rippled through her.

She opened her eyes to see me kneeling over her rubbing my stiff dick. \'Amy, I\'m going to cum\' I told her. She moved her head towards me opened her mouth and put out her tounge inviting me to cum in her mouth. This tipped me over the edge and my balls tightened as ribbons of white-hot spunk erupted from my cock. I aimed it in to Amy\'s mouth. but was still wanking hard and some missed her gapping mouth spraying across her face, hair and pillow as well. Amy\'s mouth was stil open. Her cupped tougue was full of my sperm. I rolled my hand along my cock from the base to the bell-end to deliver the last of my cum into her mouth. Amy closed her eyes and gulpped it down.

This was one of the most intense sexual experiences I\'ve ever had and we didn\'t touch each other once. Just being watched wanking and seeing Amy drilling her self to orgasm was just fantastic. I\'ve ofen thought of asking Amy if she\'d like to fuck, maybe I should.