Written by dirtyweasel

24 Aug 2008

A few years ago now I was in the canteen at work.Many colleagues often brought their wives in for lunch or a sandwich and this Sunday was no different.

I got talking to this colleagues wife and we had a laugh and got on well and even flirted a little but that was as far as things went.

A couple of days later the colleague told me his wife had the hots for me,a real surprise coming from the husband I thought and wondered why he had told me.\"She likes men with shaved heads\" he said.

The next time she came in to the canteen I passed her my mobile number as her husband was getting her a sandwich and we chatted as though nothing was going on.

less than an hour later I got a text from her saying she was now at home wanking and thinking about me and what was I going to do about it?

I was instantly hard and told her I would love to be there watching her wank and wanking myself for her.

She said she got so horny being watched so we made a date to go for it.

I turned up at her house and she answered the door in a nice short dress with bare legs and bare feet, she ushered me in closing the door behind her.I turned to face her and she came to me and put her hand straight onto my semi erect cock and rubbed me through my jeans and kissed me passionately on the lips, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I ran my hand up the back of her thigh and onto her firm round arse to find she was without panties so I immediately went for her wet open cunt.

We stopped kissing and she opened my zip and released my rock hard cock and we stood ther wanking each other in the doorway.

She let my jeans drop to the floor and my boxers and unbuttoned her dress and took it off as I removed my T shirt and we were both naked and very aroused.

We went in to the living room then and I got the surprise of my life when I saw her husband sitting there, also very naked and very hard, we looked at each other and he said \"welcome to our love nest mate\" to which I said \"Fuck me,i didn\'t expect you to be here\" and he just smiled.

I sat on the sofa with him and she sat in a chair opposite and started to wank herself slowly for us, rubbing her clit and inserting one, two then three fingers in her soaking cunt as she built up to a massive orgasm. The two of us watched and wanked as we did. When she had cum twice she asked me if I wanted to lick her to another orgasm. I looked at her hubby and he just nodde for me to go ahead. I got between her legs and tasted her womanly juices for th first time and then finger fucked her as i licked inside and around her hole until she flooded my mouth and chin with her next lot of cum.

Your turn now she said to us both and beckoned us to stand either side of her. She took a cock in each hand and started to wank both our hard cocks. It wasn\'t long before I was going to cum and asked her where she wanted it? \"In my mouth and over my face\" she said. She stopped wanking her hubby and gave her full attention to my cock and as she got me nearer to her mouth I took over the wanking and shot my load all over her face and in her mouth with some of it in her hair as well. This was too much for her hubby and he added his cum to mine all over her face and in her mouth and even onto my cock.

She then finished off by licking both our cocks clean with both of us in her mouth at the same time once for a while.

We remained naked and had a drink while she sat between us on the sofa and started playing with each other some more. . . . . but that\'s for another time!