Written by sexyamy069

20 Feb 2013

After my 1st photo shoot with Simon who was one of my boyfriends (Ben) clients at his studio at his home, i went away to await a call from Simon over the next couple of weeks to tell me the photos were ready to view. I was sat at work about 10 days later and the phone rang and i heard Simon telling me he had the photos ready now in a album for me to look at, we spoke about arranging for me to come over and look at them.

We settled on the coming Sunday as my Ben had to fly out to France early Sunday for a meeting on the Monday morning, as Ben kissed me and waved goodbye when his taxi turned up i had already showered and went to change into something ready for Simon. I had decided to put on a lace top which hugged my boobs as i left my bra off with a extra short mini skirt that was a wraparound skirt so could be easily removed along with some lace topped hold ups and a very skimpy g-string with my 5" heels. I looked in the mirror thinking i had achieved my slutty look and thought Simon would like it as well, i topped it off with a long leather coat i have to cover me up from the neighbours and made my way to Simon,s with a small bag of undies and toys.

I parked up at Simons house rang the bell to see Simon in a t-shirt and jeans, his cock was forming into a bulge as i looked at him as he invited me in he took my coat off my shoulders and as i stepped forward he said Wowee! you look hot in that! He hung my coat up i put down my bag and stepped up to kiss him he kissed me back our tongues entwining his hands running over my body my left hand found Simon,s cock and i gave it a squeeze, i could feel he was now hard and straining against his jeans.

We made it to his kitchen where he made us a coffee as he told me the studio was ready if i wanted to have some more photos taken of me, i nodded as i drank we chatted like long lost friends. When we finished our drinks he asked if i wanted to see the photo album he had made up for me he produced the album and let me open it up it started off with me in my business suit i bagan to compliment him on his photos as they were very professional i began to flick thru the pages to see me slowly revealing more and more of my body.

We both remarked on the photos as i told him how much i liked them and he being the photographer began to say little things werent right in the photos something i hadnt noticed that he wished he had done better. I flicked thru to see the photos of both Simon and i in action, i told him what a great body he had and a round of mutual compliments went around between us,i pointed out the ones i liked best while we had been looking at the album my hand had unzipped his jeans and i ad been holding his cock feeling pre-cum dribble down onto my fingers.

Simon had put his arm around me so my head was on his shoulder and his hand was feeling and lifting my left boob and his fingers would occasinally pull on my nipple making it even harder than it was.He asked me if i fancied posing for some more photos i said yes ok as long as you keep this out for me to see as i pulled on his cock, he said would you mind some video work i said no its ok with me and he dashed out of the room, a few moments later he was back said shall we go i carried my bag out to the studio with us this time.

He said ok when you are ready he had it set up a sofa a chair and table some sheepskin rugs and cushions on the floor, i stood there and moved to his demands for poses my top was pulled up and soon off my firm boobs, he would come over now and again to give them a suck not that they needed it he said just for his pleasure and mine of course.He got me to sit on the wooden chair and stand bending over so he could see straight up my skirt, i turned with my back to him just when the door came open and in walked a guy mid 20s i guess with a bag and carrying a video camera, i went to cover my boobs Simon told me this was the video work he had mentioned.

The guy Tom was introduced to me as he set up his equipment he came over kissed me said dont mind me, sorry i am late, i carried on posing but hadnt revealed anything more,Simon said to me you are not shy and Tom has come here to do some video work so dont stop now.I looked to see Tom was behind his camera and looked back at Simon who was saying please Wendy as he began giving me instructions to pose i began to get back into it and almost forgot Tom was there, occasionally he would be moving with the camera on his shoulder and adjusting the lens.

Under Simons demands i was soon out of my skirt and he got me to pull my hold ups down my legs almost hanging off them as i sat on that chair my legs spread or leant over the sofa my bum in the air and also on my back on the table ,rug and cushions my pussy on display with my g-string now tucked between my cunt lips and rubbing against my clit i was sure my legs must have been glistening uner the lights as my juice leaked from my wet cunt.

Simon asked me to find a toy from my bag and ease my string down my legs i sat on the sofa my bum on the edge and lifted my legs up in the air pulling my string up off my legs , i threw it to Simon who felt how wet they were and licked my juice from it. I parted my legs wide and i could hear the cameras click and whirr as they zoomed in on my open legs and pussy, i pulled out a 8" vibe i own and i bought it to life i ran it over my nipples and down my front along the insides of my legs around my wet pussy and wet ass where all my juices had gone.

I rubbed it around and over my pussy and clit, my mouth dry as i licked mty lips with my tongue,in a lust filled haze i looked over at Simon and Tom to see Tom,s jeans about to burst with his erection and Simon throwing his shirt off his cock standing up ready for business.I closed my eyes as the toy buzzed against my clit, then i felt a pair of hands move my hands wide and i looked to see Simon between my legs his tongue licking my clit and my spread cunt lips.

I saw Tom move in with his camera filming Simon licking me i had the toy in my hand still against my nipples my other hand in Simon,s hair pulling him into me, i was going crazy with all the attention and told Simon to stand up so i could suck his cock he stood up as Tom put the camera on a tripod to film us. My mouth went to town on Simon,s cock he said slow down i want it in you Wendy, glancing across at Tom he was now naked his cock erect not quite as big as Simon,s but looked lovely to me.

Then Simon told me to kneel along the sofa on all4,s he knelt up behind me nudging his hard cock against my wet cunt lips,as Tom moved his camera around and then came back to sit on the sofa arm one leg on the sofa the other on the floor, i guessed so it looked better for the camera. Then Simon pushed his cock into me pushing me forward till i had my face against Tom,s cock, Tom held his cock i looked up at him and opened my mouth and as Simon thrust forward this time my mouth was full with Tom,s cock, i could even smell the soap he had used as his cock pushed into the back of my throat.

It didnt seem possible but Simon felt bigger and harder than before as he fucked my wet cunt i was into my third cum at this stage, Tom was stopping me every now and then when i felt Simon begin to pump his cum into my cunt adding to my juices he gripped my hips hard making me scream with lust and a little pain as he gave his final thrust into me. He got up and Tom moved around behind me to take Simons place but as Simon took hold the video camera he told Tom to have me on the floor as he would be able to move me into different positions.

I lay on the floor my ass propped up on 3 cushions as Tom pushed his cock into me, my pussy on show for him as Simon moved around filming, Tom pulled and pushed me around my legs spread wide, my ass in the air, even in the spoons position with one leg of mine lifted to show his cock in my welcoming pussy.It wasnt long until Tom said he was about to cum and asked me where i wanted it, Simon said do it in her mouth to Tom, i lay there head up as Tom held his cock squeezing off spurts of his warm cum into my mouth some ending up on my nose and chin as the lens whirred back and forth on us both. We all got up and headed back indoors to the lounge as we had a drink and sat down on the sofa while Tom put the video they had just shot into the player, i sat on the sofa between them both, as it started it showed me in my skirt just minus my top at the time Tom turned up. On the film i could hear Simon asking me to carry on as before and i watched as i slowly began to strip on screen, my hands were stroking both of their cocks, Tom got up and came back with his camera and set it up again in the lounge as Simon was kissing me and feeling my boobs.

As we watched we both began to lose interest in the TV as i was now sucking Simons cock when we heard the sounds of the 3 of us on the film sucking and fucking, we turned to watch Simons cock grew harder as i sucked him and Tom was now pushing his fingers into me. I moved so i could straddle Simons cock as he sat there facing him i lowered my wet cunt onto his cock and rode him as he sucked and chewed on my boobs and nipples i soon had another cum as his teeth bit into my nipples and he wasnt far behind and was lifting me off him and dropping me onto his cock as he began to fill my cunt with his warm cum once again.

While we had been busy Tom had been filming, his cock hard leaking cum from its tip i stood up from Simon as Tom gave him the camera again sat on the sofa told me to turn around and sit on him. I lowered myself down with Tom,s help onto his hard cock he pulled my head back kissing my neck which makes me horny he bucked his legs under me lifting me up so i dropped back onto his cock , i helped him by putting my hands out on his thighs pushing up with my arms.

I could feel my ass wet with Simon,s cum dripping from me onto Tom,s thighs, i rode him for awhile then Tom bent me forward to see his cock sliding in and out of me, he wet a finger in my juice and probed my ass with it, i began to cum again as Tom,s wet and slippery finger entered my ass I was sure i was leaking even more of my juices onto him now as he did that.I leant my head back as Tom kissed and bit my neck his cock filling my cunt with another load of warm cum while his finger was moving inside my ass still making me cum and wet his thighs even more.

We did tidy ourselves up after that as Tom got up to leave us, i saw him to the door with his bag and camera we kissed as i thanked him for the filming and the fucking.He said nice to meet you and thanks as he walked away. I went back to Simon he asked did i like Tom i said he was very nice but not as nice as you!, we settled down had a glass of wine and some dinner along with a early and active night in his bed, i stayed the night getting up early to go home ready for work.

As i left to go Simon said he would be in touch and i would have to come back again to see the photos he had taken the day before on the Sunday, we carried on meeting every 2-3 weeks like that for quite sometime and i recently found the 1st album that Simon had made for me, i have occasionally met up with him since for old times sake as well as a reunion with Tom and Simon a few weeks ago.