Written by Angel69

11 Jul 2009

This happened one summer Sunday back in 2007. The couple we had meet two times previously were on holiday with their family for the weekend only 30 minutes from where we live....me and her had spent Saturday texting and as usual they began to get very flirty so it came as no suprise when I recieved a text on Sunday morning asking if they could come down for 'coffee and a chat'. I assumed they were bringing their kids with them but as it turned out they were leaving them with relatives. At first I was a bit unsure of what was expected of me, my hubby R was at work and it would be just me doing the entertaining but when I text him to explain what was happening, he was well up for the idea and was very excited about the thought of me having threesome fun whilst he was stuck at work!

I was nervous as I waited for K and M to arrive but all that disappeared when they go to our house, was like we had been friends for years instead of months and I feel so comfortable in their company. We had coffee and M had a lager whilst he watched the footie and after a bit of idle chit-chat we decided to take things upstairs to the bedroom. It was a very surreal moment as I was led up my own stairs by this couple and I text R to let him know things were moving on, god knows how he managed to concentrate on his job!! Once in the bedroom M sat on the chair and got busy with the camera as K and I stood kissing each other, stripping off each others clothes.....she felt and smelt so familiar and we both instinctively knew how each other liked to be touched. We fell on to the bed still kissing each other hungrily, dragging our hands through each others hair, our soft breasts pressing together, K slid down my body and removed my thong and I knew I was gonna enjoy what was about to happen.....I looked over at M who had stripped off and was stroking his big, hard cock as he watched his wife go down between my legs and start to lick my dripping wet pussy...oh it felt so good! As I was being tongued, M came over and sat on the bed next to me and I reached out to play with his cock, enjoying how good his wife's tongue felt inside me as I did this. I decided it was time to repay the favour and pulled K up my body, we kissed and caressed before I rolled her onto her back. Gently I placed kisses over her breasts as I made my way down her soft,slim body...when I reached my goal I teased her by kissing the inside of her thighs, going so close to her pussy lips but then moving away but it was'nt long before I dipped my tongue into her juicy hole, I just love the taste of pussy.....her fingers were pulling on my hair and that just spurred me on, I slide two fingers into her and pumped them in and out like a mini cock as I sucked on her clit, I thought of R and wished he could see me now, head buried between a womans legs! We switched ourselves into a lovely 69 which was heaven, licking and being licked..yum! All this girl on girl was too much for M and he decided to join in, well he joined in with me, K took a break and took over camera duties! I took M's throbbing dick into my mouth and began to suck, I knew I couldnt get it all in because of his length but I really tried! K took a photo of this event on her phone and text it to poor R who was still stuck grafting, he couldnt wait to get home and was working away with a hard-on! I was soon sat astride M's cock, bouncing up and down and it was'nt long before he had me flipped on my hands and knees, he knew this is my favourite position, and after rolling on a condom, was furiously pumping into me, it felt so good and must have been for him too as it was'nt long before he come. M decided to take a breather and returned downstairs to watch the footie so me and K snuggled up in each others arms on the bed, chatting, kissing and softly stroking each others skin before getting down to the more serious business of nipple sucking, back scratching and love bites! It was'nt long before curiousity got the better of M and he returned upstairs, this is when I decided to open up my box of tricks and produced my huge,thick black dildo. I lay on my back next to K and played with her clit whilst her hubby slid that massive toy dong into me, it made me feel really full and I was soon groaning with pleasure. M decided to be really clever and fuck me with the dildo while he finger fucked his wife, me and her trying to swap kisses as he did this! We had ourselves a rest and this is when we heard a knock at the door, unsure of who it was I sneaked down and could see R standing outside the locked door, he had finished work an hour early and was desperate to join in the fun! Whilst R jumped in the shower, M retreated back downstairs to watch footie and K and I once again got to spend some time just relaxing in each others arms, our soft skin responding to each others delicate touch, nipples stiffening on contact. R came into the bedroom, drying himself off with a towel and K asked if he would like to join us....he climbed on to the bed and him and K began kissing and it was'nt long before her and I were sucking on his cock together, what man would'nt enjoy having two lovely ladies sucking on him?! I had fucked K's husband so now it was her turn to fuck mine, I was so excited to watch this! She got on her hands and knees on the bed and R, standing on the floor, positioned himself behind her and it was'nt long before they got into rhythm. I wriggled myself underneath K and was able to kiss and play with her tits as she moved above me...R soon shot his load which was'nt suprising as he had been turned on for hours knowing what was going on but unable to see it!! As if by magic M came back into the room just as R finished up, as K and R got themselves dressed and left the room, M stripped off his jeans and boxers and once again presented me with his hard cock, well what could I do but suck and lick on that tool until he come...was a fitting thank you for bringing himself and his wife to visit on what would have been an otherwise boring Sunday afternoon!