Written by Slider1

25 May 2014

My wife Shamiya is 32, Bangladeshi asian, but born in the UK. She is absolutely gorgeous, fantastic breasts and a smile to die for. We’ve been married for over 13 years and I feel like the luckiest man alive. I’ve just turned 40, and I’m white British, we often get strange looks due to this, as it’s not very common for asian girls to be married to white men. This is the story of what happened on my 40th birthday.

Building up to my 40th birthday my wife Shamiya had been asking me for a while what I would like. There was nothing that sprung to mind, and I’d jokingly said on a few occasions, “a nice used pussy to sink my cock into would be great”.

It had been a good while since Sham had played, and truth be told we were both missing it. For around a year Sham had taken a close friend of both of us to be her lover. God how I loved helping her get ready, shaving her pussy, buying her new sexy outfits for her to meet her lover. Then sat at home in eager anticipation for her to return, receiving the odd text message from her on how her night is going.

However around 6 months ago, Pete her long term lover had found himself a relationship and the fun had stopped. We would still see him frequently but sex for Sham was off the menu. Still we had the memories and we often recounted these every time we made love.

On the night of my 40th we’d booked a restaurant and had a wonderful meal with friends and family, including Pete. After the meal we said our goodbyes, and it was just Sham, Pete and myself leftover. We decided to hit a local club, and Sham would take turns in dancing with both of us, I’d often go to the bar and return to see Sham and Pete sat in the corner showing touches of affection to each other and in deep conversation. This is not out of the normal so I didn’t really think too much about it. Although even the slimmest chance that something might actually happen tends to give me a hard on.

In the taxi ride home I sat in the front with Sham and Pete in the back, during the ride home they seemed very playful, and were constantly whispering to each other. I couldn’t tell what was being said, so I found myself making small talk with the driver. Sham then leaned forward and said in my ear, “when we get home, can you go into the kitchen and close the door, I have one more present I need to wrap, I didn’t get time earlier”.

We arrived at our house and got inside; I made my way to the kitchen and asked if Pete fancied joining me for a beer. Sham quickly said, “no, I need his help to wrap it, it’s quite big, we’ll shout you when it’s ready.” So I sat myself down in the kitchen with a beer, and I could hear them talk and giggle, but couldn’t tell what was being said. After around 15 minutes and enquired if she was ready yet, but the answer was no, so I opened up another beer and waited some more.

Around 30 minutes had passed, before I suddenly got the shout from Pete that I could come back in. The sight that met me was a joy to behold. Pete was sat on the sofa in the seat nearest the door, with Sham stripped down to her underwear on all fours, with Pete’s cock in her mouth. Her beautiful breasts still trapped in her bra, just waiting to be set free. Pete turned around and just simply said, “happy birthday mate”. It was the sexiest sight I’d ever witnessed, and my cock was definitely enjoying the sight. Sham took a brief pause in her blow job, to wish me happy birthday, she said, “I hope you like your present, now take a seat, enjoy the show, I’ll call you when I’m ready for you.” This was a whole new side to Sham, never before had she been so confident and commanding and I was loving every moment.

Pete soon started unclipping her bra strap to allow her breasts to swing free, whilst Sham carried on sucking and stroking his cock. Pete then pulled her panties to one side and started to finger fuck her, you could see the pleasure on her face and hear the squelching of her juices. He removed his fingers from her pussy, and offered them to her greedy mouth, Sham didn’t need a second invitation and sucked on his fingers like a woman possessed, never before had I witnessed this side to her. This was becoming too much for me, so I walked behind Sham and started lapping at her pussy with my tongue, she was so wet, so I slipped in a couple of fingers, whilst I carried on eating her pussy, it tasted amazing.

Pete soon got up, and walked round, to where I was, I moved over slightly, to give him access to her cunt. He inserted a couple of fingers and said, “the bitch is ready for fucking.” I’d never seen this side to either of them as even though I’d heard accounts of their love making this is the first time I’d ever witnessed it. His confidence and the way he spoke to her was in complete contrast to how he is in everyday life. He slowly eased his 8” cock into her willing cunt, and slowly started to fuck her. I moved around to the front and offered my cock to her mouth, she greedily accepted, and whist she sucked, I too spoke to her in a way I’d never really done before, (after all she seemed to like it). “Come on bitch suck my cock, you like having another man’s cock buried in your pussy don’t you?” Sham just nodded in agreement and carried on lubricating my cock with her saliva.

Pete then demanded that Sham ride his cock, so he sat down and Sham lowered herself down impaling herself on his weapon. I moved round to the side and began to suck on her breasts. There rhythm grew faster and I could sense Sham was well on her way to her first orgasm of the night. The positions changed a couple more times, until Sham was lied down on the rug and Pete was fucking her missionary position. Her legs in the air wrapped around his back pulling him into her. I once more offered up my cock to her mouth. I was impressed with Pete’s staying power, and beads of sweat were dripping off both of them. Pete soon began to increase his rhythm and I could sense he was almost ready to cum. Sham started to grasp his ass and pull him into her as the pace increased. She just kept demanding he fuck her harder. Pete started to twitch and shot his cum deep inside her. They stayed locked in an embrace for a couple of minutes before he eventually got up and said, “She’s all yours, I hear you like to fuck a used pussy”. I soon took my place between Sham’s legs and tried to steady my pace as much as possible, I really wanted this to last. However Sham had other ideas and soon began to beg me to fuck her harder. She kept demanding that I fuck her slutty pussy, and asking is this what I wanted a slut of a wife. The way she spoke just turned me on even more and I could no longer hold out and just like Pete before me I emptied myself into her willing cunt. We kissed and embraced, before I lifted myself off her. The sight of her lying there on the rug with cum flooding out of her pussy was a sight that I will never forget.

We all made our way into the kitchen, to have a drink all still naked, me and Pete raising a laugh whilst watching Sham reaching for the tissues to clean her pussy as the juices were running down her leg. After the drink we made our way upstairs to bed, Sham went to the bathroom whilst Pete made his way into the spare room. I got into bed, around 5 minutes later Sham came into the bedroom, (still naked) she leaned over the bed and gave me a kiss and asked if I enjoyed my birthday present, which I said “best one ever”. She then started to walk to the door, I asked where she was going, she said “I’m spending the night with Pete, I’ll see you in the morning and then blew me a kiss. I spent most of the night listening to them fuck. When I eventually woke in the morning Pete had gone home, and Sham was still in bed. When I went into the room the smell of sex was still there. I climbed into bed, and eased myself into Sham. However this time she asked for me to go easy as she was feeling quite sore. It didn’t take long before I came in pussy; we then cuddles whilst we drifted back off to sleep. Hopefully I won’t have to wait for a next milestone birthday for a repeat performance. I hope you enjoyed this story, please leave comments. Thanks