Written by Serious Fucking

11 Feb 2017

I often think about what I love most about when my wife gets a good fucking from someone else? It hard to answer in one line so here is a few.

I love the build up. It’s knowing that she’s planning a night out. I love watching and helping her get ready. I make her drinks (extra stiff of course) compliment her outfit, especially if it’s new. She knows how to dress.

I both love and hate the agonizing wait while she’s gone. I constantly check my phone, adjust my aching dick in my pants, toss and turn in bed all night while I watch the clock slowly make its way towards a new day. By about 2:00 am I’ll start checking her location (she has GPS tracking) every five minutes to see if she’s left the club and has gone to a house or apartment. If she’s not home by 4:00 am I know for sure that she’s getting fucked.

Now I really can’t sleep. My guts are twisting like crazy, my dick is hard and I sit up in bed every time I hear a passing car wondering if it’s her. Finally, at some point after sun up, I hear the door.

She then saunters through our bedroom door and says something so erotic and dirty about where she was and why she’s just getting home now. Her hair is dishevelled, makeup a mess.

She strips down to her bra and panties and crawls into bed beside me.

I take her in my arms and the scent of alcohol, the bar and her infidelity makes my cock throb uncontrollably. I ask her questions as I kiss her dirty mouth, a mouth that recently probably had another man’s hard cock in it. I undo her bra and remove her (hopefully) cum-stained panties. Yes sometimes she has let them cum in her, not always but sometimes.

I love the sight of my wife’s pussy after it’s been fucked by another cock all night. I love how her pussy smells. I love how it tastes. It feels so unbelievably good to ease my raging cock into her amazing vagina as she tells me how good he fucked it. Its even better if he has cum in her. I love how amorous she is after being with him. She says some of the dirtiest things as I take my turn in her used pussy.

I love how she’ll urge me to add my cum to the inside of her pussy. Seriously, I’ve been with plenty of girls but none of them know how to make a guy cum as hard as my wife does.

But in the end, I think that the thing that I love most about all those times she gets fucked really good by someone else. It is how much trust it’s built between us. All of my friends and hers comment on our relationship and say that they are envious of it. Little do they know that it’s because I allow, no, I encourage her to go out and spread her amazing legs for other lucky guys.