Written by socrates1965

5 Jan 2009

I must admit i backed down saying i wasnt ready for it but she was very randy and told me i had to do it. With that she got ready and dressed in a short black skirt with no knickers as usual, a thin black top which showed her nipples protruding and her favourite black leather boots with buckles-her best bit of bondage kit. As we waited i went over to her and started sucking her nipples and fingering her soaked pussy. I then turned her onto all fours and fucked her harder than i had ever done before and came straight away. She then sat down and fingered herself while spreading my spunk over her pussy and stomach. She adjusted herself and sat there smoking a cigarette while waiting for him to turn up and screw her.

A car pulled up and she ushered me into the bedroom and locked the door. I listened as she went to the front door and let him in. She was very bright and breezy and made a point of saying how good it was to see him after so long. She got him a beer and they chatted about what they were both doing at the moment. Helens living room had one sofa and one seat but i couldnt tell how they were sitting. What i did know was that my heart was pumping like never before and i knew that helen would be crossing and uncrossing her legs as she talked to give him a good view.

'so are you seeing anyone at the moment' she asked

'no-one in particular'he replied and asked her the same. She said she was but it wasnt serious. They had another drink and more chit chat and more laughter and then there was a pause. helen later said that was when he reached over and fondled her tits...